Sukiyami Gundam

after I received my first The End I just really liked the suit so I ordered another to make this custom. Equipped with custom shoulder cannons, wings, pistols, and its chest mouth. I’m exspecially proud of how the custom chestpeice turned out.

And becuase I love them I just couldn’t get rid of the opening hand mouths or the chest face


Wow, this is awesome!

I really need to get back to painting mine

This is pretty good!

Looks pretty clean. I can’t tell, is the dark green edge highlighted or is that just light?

Most of the parts were black so I applied a thin coat of green polish before spraying so it has the dark effect look to it.

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Could you try taking a closer, well lit shot of just one of the green armor plates? I’m having some trouble figuring out how clean it looks in person.

Some are cleaner then others.

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I like the black, but I feel like the green polish is a bit awkward

It was too hard to see the green paint on pure black.

why didn’t you use a white primer first, instead of painting directly onto the colored plastic?

The first thing I thought was, “Kyogre!”

good job!

I’m looking at a mech with big face-hands on its shoulders, with excellent paintwork…and the only question that comes to my mind is…does it come with those revolvers?

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You mean the base model? Yeah though right now I’m replacing the hands and adding a new weapon.

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