Summer Camp

When ya goin, what ya goin to, and for how long?

For me, I'm going to Galileans (aka guys church camp) camp next week for a week.

I have a camp with my cross country team in mid-july. Unfortunately, I can't remember where it is this year

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Camp Deer lake in Haw River NC in August. It's a church camp I go to ever year.

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Instrumental jazz camp. Jazz academy of music. 3 weeks. Concert at the end. Lots of fun.

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Summer camp.




Cool! I'm going to a piano camp later in July.

:musical_note: "Oh the nurses at Camp Big-Springs,
they say they're mighty fine.
My friend got a splinter,
his funeral's at 9.

"Oh gee, I wanna go to Camp Big-Springs.
Hey gee Mom I wanta go.
Where do you wanta go.
Gee Mom I wanta go to Camp Big-Springs." :musical_note:

Wow, I haven't gone to summer camp since elementary, although I guess Scout camp counts :rolling_eyes:

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It's the middle of winter though.

Well, the start of winter...

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Polar dipping for you then.

Klondike maybe.....

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If this was directed at me, it flew straight over my head.

But otherwize, I'll be freezin' my soul off in the ocean...

Oh there are a few winter camps. They're called Klondikes where I'm from.

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I guess the name has something to do with a chocolate that doesn't exist where I'm from.

But over here, there also aren't many camps, summer or winter, well, at least that I'm aware of...

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I have never been on a summer camp ever, I don't like having to share rooms with people I don't know.


Well since Chocolate is very prevalent in cold places like Switzerland, I'm not surprised.

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Is it?

Is chocolate a cold place thing?


Yep, my Brian agrees with you...


Yeah i heard they have to put stuff in chocolate here (australia) so it doesn't melt as easy while they dont put that stuff in the chocolate in cold places

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That is interesting, but also makes a whole bucket load of sense.

It still melts though...

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When I was younger I went to Indian Hills Camp in San Diego, which is a church camp.
I really enjoyed it, though they had this ridiculously crappy stairway thing to the awesome treehouse slide they built. The way up was this caged ramp made up of a slippery board with the occasional inch-thick board to act as a foothold. It never seemed all that safe to me when I was younger.
Course, now, I'm thinking I was just being over-dramatic, but I just remember this vividly for some reason.
But besides that, it was very fun. I wish I had gone more, but younger me didn't appreciate those kinds of things. Stupid younger me! :rage:

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I go to scout camp.

This year it starts on the fourth of july.


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