Summer Camp

I play clarinet, saxophone, piano, drums, and bass clarinet.

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Well I'm volunteering at a camp that my friend's mother runs, as well as going to a church-hosted camp for college age kids that includes music creation.

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Uh... Piano and electric drums? Cheese?

Wow, I need to learn more instruments.

The chocolate bar is named after the place...

And how was I supposed to know that?
The only time I had heard that word had been in relation to a chocolate bar, that I have never even seen a picture of...

I, too, play the cheese.

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June 19th, Scout camp at Trevor Rees Jones. For one entire week, I get to swat mosquitoes and slowly roast to death under the unshaded sky.

RIP. Mine starts on the fourth, but I won't be there till the sixth.

Hah. I start doing that tomorrow.

Does anyone else wonder why they make us play sports at these camps? I mean, come on, most kids aren't even athletic or coordinated enough. And sports in general aren't very entertaining. They're nothing compared to stuff like art or music or video games. I wonder who decided that playing sports was cool... if I ever meet them, we are going to have a long, long talk.

I used to go to this camp at my local nature park when I was in elementary school. On Wednesdays, we would go to a pool which was run by the parks and recreation service that ran the nature park. I never really understood why they did this, because it doesn't really relate to nature

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I have played a few sports, but they were all whacky fun sports.

(And I guess they do it to teach them coordination and stuff)

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What, are electric drums. Are they those thin ones? Cheese? I'm allergic to cheese.

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Yes, the thin ones, okay.

Just got back from summer camp. I am beat.

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At my youth camp we have something called Bible study

It’s leader regulated wrestling

Leaders even participate

was the wrestling co-ed?

No hahah, though the girls did started Bible study among themselves. It ended up being not good, because this specific group didn’t know how to fight safely or not take it personally :joy:

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Hahahaha Duckie! I forgot this place even existed, I got an email when you responded. Man it’s crazy looking back at all this!

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Haha, you mean TTVor the summer camp thread?