Summer Camp

The boards in general. Def a throwback lol.

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I suppose at this point I could say I’ve worked at a special needs summer camp for three summers now.

@MataNuiNuva haha well welcome back

@Hawkflight wow that’s really cool. Do you work directly with the kids?

When I was 15, my parents signed me up for a summer camp without my consent. I wasn’t too happy, since I had been on about a million vacations already that summer and I was getting tired of it. But then I actually went, and I ended up enjoying it.

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yep, I was a cabin counselor.

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That’s cool

I’ve been to a couple of camps, Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, SC and Ambassador Camp in Lake Waccamaw, NC.

I personally liked LUL better, simply because there was time to stop and rest, read a book or something. Oh, and they made trading cards for a couple years, and I thought they were the coolest things.