Summer Sets You've Gotten So Far?

I walked into a toys r us and saw one of the new sets, skull scorpio. i was about to turn around and walk away in dissapointment when skull grinder vs mask maker caught my eyes. so i grabed them today. i was really hoping to find skull warrior and skull basher, oh well got the set i wanted third most.

Also, don't be asking people about the area they live in if they so happen to have a set in their area that you're looking for, thats a bad idea, and i wish i didn't have to state that.

edit Well this is great, i'm trying to put the set together and i'm missing a long blue pin. This is twice i've bought a 2015 set and was missing pieces, the first time was gali master of water where i was missing the two thigh shell pieces. In all the years since 01' that i've been collecting bionicles, i've never gotten sets that were missing pieces. This is pretty frustrating to have it happen twice in one year. i'd take it back, but the store i bought it in is an hour and a half away. oh well, good thing i have a bunch of spare parts laying around my apartment.

edit2 i just picked up skull basher at a local target when hanging out with a friend, not gonna lie, i was really iffy on his function, but i'm really liking it, just wish there was a way for it to not wobble around as much. now i just gotta hunt down skull warrior. for your basic foot soldier, he's been pretty elusive for me.

edit3 So earlier i got the idea of "Man, i bet skull grinder would AMAZING if you put tahu's transparent orange mask of fire on him!"

So i went to go get mine, and i tried to put it on and.... IT DOESN'T FIT.
You seriously have to remove the horns and change the axel piece in the brain stalk to a smaller one to get it to fit, but when you do it looks awesome. Him and Tahu look fantastic staring down each other with grinder in the orange hau and tahu in the red one.

edit4 I got skull warrior at work today(i work at the post office). i got home and put him together during my lunch break, and i love him, his asymmetricality is done perfectly, and the trans-orange contrast the trans-blue perfectly. i just wish his bow had trans blue studs, and that his hand could hold the front of the bow better, unfortunately, its a bit wobbly. you can kinda counter it by turning his staff to the side a bit and using it to lock the bow in place.

edit5 I got skull scorpio in the mail today. Guess what, missing a piece again. This time its a small red axle, This is pretty agitating. ANYWAYS, i have him put together now. And he seems alright. The only issue is, his tail just looks too much like a prototype and isn't finished

Now to disassemble him and put the combiner together, which looks amazing.


none but i have seen all of them in person

But they're probabvly coming out soon and i'll have the money,so i'll steal buy Ekimu and Kulta pretty soon

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I have Sg and Sw.

I have Skull Scorpio

I have 0 of them.


[crying intensifies]


I just got Skull Grinder vs Mask maker(my first summer set) today!

Edit: Yesterday I got Skull Slicer, and I love him <3

Got Ekimu Vs. Kulta. Ordered Skull Basher and Skull Warrior from Amazon today (it says they're supposed to be here by Friday, but I seriously doubt they'll come that late), I'm going to pick up the rest at Walmart in a couple of days.

I got Ekimu vs. Kulta and Skrub Scorpio today. Gotta earn a little more money before I hunt down the remaining "Spooky Skeletons".

Also, Target is the worst! Their excuse for not having the sets on shelves today was, "It would take too much effort to go get them from the storage room in the attic." I mean I'm a customer willing to PAY you for these sets; the least you can do is go get them for me when I ask customer service politely. It doesn't even make sense to not have them on shelves the day of release. I mean overheard a kid and his mom in the lego aisle talking about something not being there, and how they were going to check other stores.

I got my sets at Toys R Us, and stuck out like a soar thumb.

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So far I've got all of the cheaper sets, ie: Not Skullgrinder.

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I have Skull Grinder vs Mask Maker and Skull Warrior. I am planning to buy one more in a few days, but I am not sure what set I would exactly buy. It would be easier to buy them all at once, but not fun though.

I have SGvMM, and my mom, in her own words "might have ordered the new sets".

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Summer sets?


I wish....


And now, presenting Oniwah's BIONICLE 2015 summer sets....


I like the pink ones at the bottom

I don't have any yet, but all I'm going for is the big one because... mask of creation.


Going out to buy the entire wave now......

Actually, maybe I should only buy one now. Because after 5 sets, that's all for 2015.....

So yeah, I'm going out to get MMvsSG now. stuck_out_tongue


For my birthday, I will hopefully be getting Mask Maker Vs Skull Grinder and Skull Basher, and for Chiristmas, or whatever money I get, I will get the rest of the wave. I am hoping for the later, because I would like to get the winter wave for Christmas.

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All of thems...

Both my local Toys r Us and Lego Store had them starting around 4/5 days ago.

None. stuck_out_tongue

Edited title for clarity -legomaster

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That's perfect and sad at the same time...

I've got Ekimu, Kulta, and Basher.