Summoning Fire [Story] [Pitch] [Characters]

The drums.
It was all Narmoto could hear. The drums boomed, pounding their resonance through his body. Along with the drums was the chanting. Every inhabitant of the fire village had gathered at the great amaja pit at the Turaga’s command and now they droned out words in the old Mata tongue which the village Tohunga, Kapura, taught them. The words carried no meaning for Narmoto, he was a simple blacksmith, but according to the Tohunga, they were the ancient language of the island. Kapura had assembled the villagers in a semi-circle behind Narmoto. Before him loomed the two great stones signifying Tahu, the guardian spirit, champion of the fire god. Braziers burned around them, the smoke wafting upwards into the night sky. That, combined with the chanting and drums, made Narmoto nervous.
Finally, the Turaga Vakama stepped out of his hut, carrying with him a red mask. He strode up to a platform between the great stones and raised a hand for silence.
“When times are dark and all hope seems lost,” he began.
“Those who call upon the spirits of the elements,” the crowd echoed.
“If they be worthy, shall possess the power of the Toa,” Vakama finished. “The time has come. Darkness has fallen and only Tahu can combat it. The other Turaga are in agreement and are even now summoning the avatars of the gods. I have gazed into the sacred fire pit and it has revealed Narmoto, the smith, as the next herald of Mangai, the next Toa of fire. Who he was will no longer matter as he becomes Tahu. Kapura, let us begin the incantation.” The Tohunga nodded and instructed the crowd on what to chant.
The words resounded throughout the village once more along with the banging drums. Guided by Kapura, the Matoran raised the intensity of their voices. Now, Turaga Vakama joined, his voice rising above the others. Clouds gathered and, if Narmoto hadn’t known better, he would have thought they gathered directly over him. Thunder rumbled in time with Vakama’s stressed syllables. The drums beat faster. The Matoran chanted louder. And above it all was the commanding words of the Turaga. The clouds above boiled red a boomed. Narmoto looked up in time to see a ball of fire fall. Unable to run in time, he raised his arms before the flames engulfed him!
There was no pain, only darkness. Narmoto instantly became aware of several red lights floating about him, whispering.
“Hardly an impressive host.”
“You were nothing to look at.”
“But at least I was taller.”
“Quiet you two. This is no way to behave before the newest offering.”
Narmoto had no idea if he was going mad or if the ceremony had worked. Was this how he would become Tahu? He had no idea. The legends never said.
“He will be tactical. I see into his mind.”
“But he will also be headstrong. I see into his spirit.”
“I see into his heart. He will learn to work with others.”
“I see into his strength. He will be resolute.”
“Are we in agreement?”
“Aye,” the voices resounded. At this moment a red a gold form distinguished itself from the lights. It slowly morphed into a Turaga.
“I am Lhikan. Like you, I stood the test of the elders and was judged worthy.” Narmoto blinked as a light grew behind Lhikan. He tried to speak, but no words came from his mouth. Lhikan smiled reassuringly before dissipating. The light turned crimson and Tahu’s sacred mask, the Hau, took shape.
“I am Tahu!” the mask roared. “You have been chosen to bear my power in this time of need.” Narmoto feared he would go deaf. “Your strength will burn away the enemy!” He felt a fire grow within his chest. “You will battle great evil! It is your destiny to claim my mantle and become the master of fire!” The words roared out and Narmoto felt fire rush out his limbs, burning fire. His doubts, his fears, his regrets, all of it was removed as he felt a hammering force beat his body. New strength flowed into his limbs. He felt stronger, faster, more powerful. As he would beat the impurities from a sword, so Narmoto was beaten and forged anew. He heard the chanting again. He could understand it…
Tahu dropped from the sky, wreathed in smoke and flame. Vakama finished the chant and the crowd gasped in awe. The Turaga approached the new Toa, bowed, and reverently held up his mask. The Master of Fire accepted it and placed it over his head. He had been gone from this world for too long. He looked to his right hand and a sword of fire materialized. Raising it into the air, Tahu roared.
“Makuta! Your hour of reckoning is at hand!”

This is something I had to write after listening to episode 239 and hearing Var’s pitch for the Toa. There are several concepts I thought would work, most notably the thought that the current the Toa could communicate with those who previously held the mantle to gain wisdom. Also, I figured the names of the Protectors from G2 could work for throwaway names for the Toa. It would be better than using names of more-established characters like Jaller. I also thought the concept of a healer/priest might be interesting. Tohunga seemed like the best word to use since it refers to a well-respected doctor. And who better to carry that title than Kapura.

Tell me what you think? Am I out of my mind?


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