Super Mario Brothers

This is the discussion topic about my all-time favorite gamer series: Super Mario Brothers. We don’t have to only talk about the first game, You can talk about any Super Mario game!

But first, you must watch this video to get you started on your quest:


We’re the Mario Brothers, and plumbing’s our game
We’re not like the others who get all the fame
If your sink is in trouble, you can call us on the double
We’re faster than the others, you’ll be hooked on the Brothers Unh!
H-hooked on the Brothers
Gimme gimme, gimme gimme
Yo, you’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat
Get ready for adventure and remarkable feats
You’ll meet Koopas, the Troopas, the Princess, and the others
Hangin’ with the plumbers, you’ll be hooked on the brothers, to the brink!
Unh! Unh!
I say a h-h-h-h-hooked on the brothers!
The brothers!
The brothers!

It’s the Mario Brothers and plumbin’s their game
Found the secret warp zone while working on the drain
Lend the princess a hand in the Mushroom Land.
Join the action with the plumbers, you’ll be hooked on the brothers!
Nooooooooow, evil Koopa and his Troopas are up to misbehavin’
They kidnapped the princess; Mushroom Land needs savin’
Abusin’ and confusin’ everybody he discovers
They can’t help but be hooked on the brothers! Unh!


You have made me happier than a Muaka that has time traveled.

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If someone makes that ran into the ground joke about Mario on shrooms, banish them from this topic forever

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Mario sunshine was fun.

it was, but some things like the camera were wierd, oh and the parts without the fludd inspired mario galaxy, my currently favorite 3d mario game

Get hype for Mario Maker! =D


Galaxy definitely took the best aspects of 64 and sunshine, and perfected all their problems. Only Nintendo could make the revolution that is 3-d gaming in revolutionize it again.

Check out this orchestrated Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld themes video!

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I remember this animated T.V. series very well from my childhood, as it brings back wonderful childhood memories!!! I really liked (and still do really like) it; therefore, I have the entire animated T.V. series of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show (as well as the entire animated T.V. series of both The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Adventures of Super Mario World) on DVD!!!

The figurative hype train of Mario Maker has being really chugging along there since the recent E3!!!

Remember,Bowser Jr.'s Mother is Captain Maple Syrup.

You have no evidence for this…

You have no evidence against this…

The evidence is that the paint Bowser Jr uses in Sunshine is actually maple syrup. That’s why it’s so hard to clean up and you need a fancy watergun jetpack to do it.

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I want a fancy water gun jetpack…minus that spike…I only want it to annoy my friends

I had one once. If you do get the one with the spike, don’t bend your head too far back. I was hooked up to a life support until New Super Mario Brothers Advanced HD 3 was released. I got better.

this made me cri erytim

Super Mario Brothers was fun

nuff said

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Just wanted to share this with the world.