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I’m going to start this off by quoting myself

Now that that’s out of the way I’ll say I’m more than happy with byleth. FE 3houses is a good game and you’re only kidding yourself if you thought it would be anyone else. I have no problems with more FE or sword characters. I find it funny that the same people who want Sora are also complaining about too many sword characters.

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That being said, Byleth has every one of those weapons, so…

There goes my hopes for Phoenix Wright.


Ya got six more shots, bud. It’s like a game of Russian Roulette where the bullet is made of fanboy tears.


In SB, or FE:3H?

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Man, I really thought it would be Dante but whatever. Six more shots.
Cuphead rep is nice tho, and the Assassins Creed costume was a surprise.

God Sakurai is such a troll i love it. How the hell does someone even learn binary counting?

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By taking an IT class. I can count in Binary.

Sakurai is certainly a troll though. Again, Nintendo, the kings if Left Field.

In Smash Bros.

I haven’t actually watched the full Direct, so I don’t actually know how Byleth plays, but the way I understand it right now is that basically you have four different move sets depending on the weapon.

I don’t know if they are each tied to a special move like Link or if you can use each one at will, or if they rotate like Robin. But a major aspect of the character is having all of the weapons from FE:3H.

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I’ve seen the reveal for Byleth, not the full thing, and from what I saw, showed just the sword (which bent for some reason) but, i could be forgetting. If it is, that’ll be interesting, but I was kinda hoping for a character with a lance primary weapon.

They show it off when they introduce the female version.

The intro was just a set up for a “too many swordsmen” joke.

For the people who haven’t watched the whole video yet basically byleths weapons are just cosmetic stuff. Side moves like forward smash and side special use a Lance. Up moves like up air and up smash use the sword. Down moves like down special use an axe. And neutral moves like neutral special use a bow. Something to note is that normals A.K.A. tilts and jab use the sword. I don’t remember seeing any throws so those are unknown. [quote=“ProfSrlojohn, post:214, topic:45206”]
(which bent for some reason)

In the game it can extend and work like a whip.

Sigh, still no Captain Toad.

“Joining Smash consumes even the darkness itself!”

I guess Waluigi is the darkness. Every time he tries to join Smash, he just gets consumed.


Did anybody else watch glitch 8 last night?

no, but

issa meme, mario


I would cry if this was possible.

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Something that skip from everyone mind (including me) is every DLC that was chosen was picked by Nintendo, not Sakurai himself.

Since 2 of the DLC represent an advertisement of a recent/upcoming games (Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem) it make me wonder if they’re willing to add another Pokemon rep from the upcoming DLC for Sword & Shield.

That’s a pretty good guess. As much as I would like to see decidueye or Blaziken I probably won’t. I suppose I’ll have to hope for a Kirby game or something. I’m still holding out for Bandana Dee.

Professor Oak?

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“Professor Oak, is ready send 10-year-olds on their own into the wilderness!”

He could just use infant Pokémon like Trainer and his skins would just be the other professors