Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Topic

I agree, if it has to exist they at least should have saved it for the credits rather than the trailer.

Anyone else stoked about the return of Galleom?

The instrumental Is for the whole game. The lyrical version is only for the story mode.

It’s a bonus. Not the primary.


Preordering soon. I’m getting the DLC pass too

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Our first payed DLC character was just announced. :black_joker:

Been playing the game for 2 hours (haven’t started WoL yet), mechanic take time to get used too since your more vulnerable in the air.

Unlocking character is pretty quick, but lack any real challenge due to bad AI are set. Classic mode is short, but have it’s own merit for each individual fighter.


I preordered it on amazon so I won’t get to play till it’s here

Game feels good.

I love it. Been playing it during homeroom with some pals.

Edit: ICs can wavedash btw for some reason. It’s great. Timing is weird and inconsistent though.

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I’m so jealous; it’s gonna be a while before I can even get my hands on a Switch.

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Yeah. Imma go pop over by a friends for a while tomorrow too to play more Ultimate.

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I’m hoping to go get it today, but I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance.

I just realized something.

Has anyone else noticed how the lasers from Galeam in the World of Light trailer kinda look like the explosion blasts from when a character falls of a stage?

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Imo I’d say the resemblance is pretty thin but I can see where you’re coming from.

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Just got back from getting it and the fighters’ pass. I’m waiting for it to update now.

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This game is great. Kirby is better than ever. Especially with the better controls

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Went to the store to see how the selection was, the day after it launched-

They hadn’t sold more than two copies the entire morning

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So. Smash Ultimate has got me back on the Switch pretty well, especially some of the references and stuff

one of my favorites being that Snake will sometimes plant a Butterfly Shaped C3 explosive, in reference to MGS3 Snake Eater

Don’t be too doom and gloom.

That’s likely because a lot of the copies of Smash might have been digitally downloaded.

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Digital copies were also able to used to pirate the game as well I’m pretty sure.

Ganondorf is fun now. He doesn’t feel too slow of a tank.

A lot late


Super Smash did a DC crossover? I wish they would have done Flash instead of Joker…


Yeah, we have Robin in too. What has Smash been doing.

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