Superheroes battles (poll)

Choose the superhero\villain you think would win the battle!

  • Captain America
  • Superman

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  • Iron Man
  • Cyborg

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  • Thor
  • Wonder Woman

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  • Deadpool
  • Deadstroke

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  • Magneto
  • Joker

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  • Thanos
  • Darkseid

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  • Doctor Strange
  • Green Lantern

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  • Marvel characters
  • DC characters

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Why do you think they would win?

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Sups because Cap could get ultimately beat up by him.

Iron Man because Cyborg get owned by him, and more good choose for Tony is Batman.

Wonder Woman due by that one time she was have Thor’s hammer.

Deadpool by making the fourth wall breaks that ultimately get Deathstroke ran away.

Magneto the Mutant Malcom X with his powers of magnetism, The Joker would have no time for him.

Darkseid no question asked, because also that one time were he did beat up Thanos and wore the Infinity Gauntlet.

Green Lantern because Doctor Strange rather fight with Doctor Fate then face some Crops that might be a good match for the Nova Crop.

Marvel Characters because that got Spidey.

Dude, what do you mean when you said about Wonder Woman with the hammer and Darkseid with the Infinity Gauntlet? Also, Strange would beat up the Green Lantern.

I don’t know a whole lot about superheroes, but here’s what I think:

Captain America doesn’t stand a chance against Superman. The Man of Steel has a plethora of superpowers to choose from, while the First Avenger has strength and patriotism. Your patriotism can’t save you this time, Cap.

My knowledge of Cyborg is admittedly limited, but I’m going with the fact that Tony has a wide variety of suits while Cyborg has a set group of powers. Iron Man would likely be able to develop a suit specifically able to counter Cyborg.

Don’t know enough about Thor or Wonder Woman, so going to skip this one.

Definitely Deadpool. I don’t know if Deathstroke also has a healing factor, but I know that Deadpool is all but invincible, so my vote goes to him.

Like the first one, no contest. The Joker has no superpowers, and Magneto has no easily exploitable weaknesses. It would be over rather quickly.

Goin’ with Thanos because of the Infinity Gauntlet. I just figure with all of the Infinity Stones being controlled by one person, that person is going to be nearly unstoppable.

I actually think the Green Lantern would win this fight. I’m just remembering Strange’s reluctance to kill or even harm enemies, which I think could cost him the fight. Then again, he’s definitely clever enough to work something else out, so I could see this going either way.

Yeah, not going to vote on this last one. Both universes hold vast rosters of characters, and the fight could go any which way depending on the specifics of the battle. Just too open a question for a simple y/n answer.

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He have.


Rather weak in comparison.

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So two things, one Deathbatyke already did Deadpool and Deathstroke, spoiler Deadpool wins, also Darkside can’t be killed the day way twice, so it would be a standoff of Wolverine and Deapool against him if both universes fought.

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Are you talking about Jane Foster Thor?

Thanos doesnt always have the infinty gauntlet with him, and hes rather weak naturally, as Captain Marvel has defeated him. While Darkseid is always OP

DC characters are OP so they would beat Marvel characters easily.

Battle #1: Cap vs. Supes
Captain America is merely an enhanced human, while Superman is pretty much a god.
Winner: Superman.

Battle #2: Stark vs. Cyborg
Tony has a bunch of different suits, but Cyborg can hack himself into machines and absorb technology now, I believe. Assuming neither combatant has any time to prepare, I think it’s pretty clear as to who the victor would be.
Winner: Cyborg

Battle #3: Thor vs. Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman can lift half of infinity… which is infinity. Thor can’t even defeat Hulk.
Winner: Wonder Woman

Battle #4: Wilson vs. Wilson
Wade can regenerate after being disintegrated down to virtually nothing. Slade has yet to regrow that eye.
Winner: Deadpool.

Battle #4: Magneto vs. Joker
Magneto could simply rip the iron straight out of Joker’s bloodstream.
Winner: Magneto

Battle #5: Thanos vs. Darkseid
Given that Thanos is even showing up at all, I’m assuming he assembled the Infinity Gauntlet.
Winner: Thanos

Battle #6: Strange vs. Lantern
Strange could simply separate the ring from Scott/Jordan/Gardner/Stewart/Rayner/whoever by transporting it to another dimension, thus rendering its user powerless.
Winner: Strange

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Marvel characters stronger than DC…yeah sure if its April 1st.

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Marvel has Combo man tho…

But Marvel does have the infinity gauntlet, but I bet both universes have some horrible OP thing.

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I’m just going to go ahead and say that I’m seeing some serious Marvel favoritism here. Superman seems to be the only one immune, which is probably because the Marvel universe doesn’t have kryptonite. But seriously, every other Marvel character is winning.

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But the matchups aren’t all exactly fair either.

Also, DC movies are generally seen as inferior to Marvel movies, and I bet most people refer to the movies for reference.


Oh, definitely. Though I do think that Cyborg v Iron Man is a better match-up than Batman v Iron Man, which people tend to go to for some reason.

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Batman and Tony Stark are both billionaires who use technology to fight, and are willing to prep for battle. I think it’s more of those parallels than how they the actually fight.

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Oh, okay. I’ve always focused on the power sets that they have, where the Iron Man suits are more similar to what Cyborg can do than Batman’s plethora of tech. Oh, well.


Depends who we’re talking about.

If we’re talking OP heroes, DC would probably win. On the OP villains, Marvel wins.

If we’re talking normal heroes, I feel Marvel wins. They also win on villains in my book.


What is OP?


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I stand by the fact that Deathstroke could beat everyone from both universes, with a single bullet…

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