System in Play: The LEGO Roleplay (Instructions)

They succeeded. The Network was established, everything was connected. Yet in the height of their power, they were betrayed. Every world, every realm, every side, every universe, every reality, every timeline were all merged into one. The System was whole again, as the builders of LEGO intended.

But is that what you wanted?

Come, tell me who you are now.

Table of Contents

Entity Travail

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not looking. If you need help rediscovering yourself, I left some materials in there. To lose oneself is quite a terrible fate.

Identification Form
Tools and Abilities


Hm? The world? Haven’t introduced yourself and already asking questions. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you don’t remember. Should be an abridged copy with a map over there. Do go on, I’ll wait.

Basic Era (32 BBS--600 ABS)
Castle Era (600 ABS--1500 ABS)
Adventure Era (1650 ABS--1960 ABS)
Town Era (1955 ABS--2003 ABS)
Space Era (1964 ABS--2016 ABS)
City Era (2003 ABS--Present)

Terms & Conditions Apply

What? Rules? A strange thing to ask so soon. Thought you liked creative freedom, why would you want to know that? Better off writing your own if you need any. But I suppose there’s a booklet with some around here somewhere.

Historic Figures

Already wanting to know others before yourself! You shouldn’t worry about measuring up to them you know, it only breeds contempt. But if you insist, I might have heard a rumor or two.


The visual dictionary looks confusing, perhaps none are claimed yet. It will make sense once you meet them again.


Teleportal: The enigmatic supervillain from Ultra Agents, responsible for the creation of The Network and Darknet. Most have some awareness that he’s responsible for evil ruling the universe but not sure how. Hasn’t been seen since reality has merged.


Ah, I see. Nice to know you again. Any questions or are you ready to go?

…Hey. So, hate to break any illusions, but I ran out of character space. I have moved all the information into this Word doc, which you should be able to navigate using the headers. The Table of Contents listed here is roughly the same as what’s in the doc, so just follow that around. It will be updated more later to correct errors and info that got lost in the move.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

Update 1/30/2022: Doc linked above has been updated. Under Macrocosm, Society and Locations have received additional content. Document overall has received edits to remove errors and bring additional clarity.


Well, I do have one.


Time to get to business.


what’s this?

Name: Olivia Veraz

Clique: Vigilante

Figurine (Build & Scale): Minifig

Role: Cowboy, gunslinger, lone wanderer, you get the drill.

Appearance: Tanned skin with plain features and black hair; wears a dusty jacket and hat, and a green bandana-like mask that can cover her lower face.

Tools and Abilities: Just a trusty revolver and a grappling hook.

Bio: Olivia can be a bit aloof and distant, but nevertheless is good-natured and friendly at heart. Despite her presentation as an old-fashioned gunslinger, Olivia hails from a more recent time period, though she refuses to specify which. Still, she travels the world like the cowpokes of old, finding work and solving problems as they come to her.


@Ghid I have been put through many tests to discover that answer. Unfortunately, it has not been discovered.

@rainsong Character is approved.


what is this?

Bringing this account back from the dead to say this is really cool


i’ve got an idea just need to get home and build it first


To my understanding, it’s a sandbox roleplay that combines all of the non-licensed Lego themes into one world. Most of the details are in the google doc linked at the bottom of the first post.


maybe I’ll come up with something




Formerly Zotaxia

Figurine (Build & Scale)



Avenger, Purveyor of Violence, Fused Malevolent


A figure with a grey UFO helmet and a suit of light military armor. The armor is silver and segmented, with a noticeable “core” section that glows with blue light.

A ragged half-cape, formerly a red flight uniform, is draped around their neck and right shoulder.
A half-finished machine-gauntlet is affixed around the right hand. It sparks frequently.

Tools and Abilities

A simple knife, given as part of Khimon’s service in the Zotaxian Navy. It can be charged with psionic power to increase its cutting power and durability, albeit briefly.

A small Space Blaster, tucked away by Khimon’s hip. If the knife can’t reach.

Khimon’s brain swells with psychic power. With the help of the UFO helmet its power can be channeled into energy beams that can destroy and rebuild objects they hit.

As a psychic, Khimon can telepathically talk to others and hear thoughts sent back. This talent is ill-suited to deeper probing, unless the subject is willing to share.
Chamons from other worlds used to be able to easily share, before the fusing.

This power can enable Khimon to telekinetically manipulate objects around them, and to briefly levitate themselves or others.


Bio: Khimon was once a simple Zotaxian, known for little besides timidity and a profound inability to be noticed. A wannabe pilot, always two days away from washing out and being demoted to janitor duty.

But one day Khimon heard a voice. A voice like a Zotaxians’, but familiar and knowledgeable about who they were. A voice that was willing to help teach the young Zotaxian about how to be noticed, how to learn all those skills that seemed to elude them, and most of all-
-how to fly.

Years later, Khimon had become one of the top pilots of the Zotaxian Navy. Good enough to pilot for the Officer and the Overlord himself, and veteran of many skirmishes. The voices stayed faithfully all the while, alternate Chamons teaching how to not just scrape by in life but excel.

It was a good life. It was Khimon’s dream, made real.

A new voice, a Chamon that called himself the Scientist, began to speak then. Talking about creating a machine to leap between worlds, to finally meet everyone who had helped Khimon succeed. To be able to thank them all in person.

But then the Darknet Machine turned on.

And Khimon’s dream became a nightmare.

The voices that had helped, guided, advised?
All silenced.

The nation Khimon had served faithfully, poured heart and soul into?
Plunged into chaos as they grappled with a new world.

And the Zotaxian?
Fractured. Fused with all their guides and cognizant of none, mind flowing with new thoughts and new powers and new fears.

The world was shattered and Khimon was lost.
But even lost, they know something horrible has happened. Someone has done something they should not have.

Someone can fix things and turn them back to how they should be.

They’ll fix it.
No matter.

I don’t have a complete minifigure yet, but when I do I’ll post them.


Name: Blacktron 6



Figurine (Build & Scale)



Blacktron Emperor


Tools and Abilities

Jetpack, blaster, space suit, Blacktron robots, Grid Trekkor, Tri-Wheeled Tyrax, Spectral Starguider, Sub Orbital Guardian, Galactic Scout, Double Scout, Rocket Detector, Meteor Monitor, Aerial Intruder, Allied Avenger, Super Nova II, Blacktron Super Vehicle, Invader, Battrax, Alienator, Renegade, Message Intercept Base, Alpha Centauri Outpost – he controls Blacktron’s every asset and citizen.


Blacktron suffered a humiliating defeat in 2010 against the United Galaxies coalition. Forced to retreat into their own territories, the Blacktron Empire returned to hiding and preparing a renewed invasion in light of the information gleaned during their foray into LEGO World’s space. The Blacktron Emperor at the time promised an emboldened assault on the minifigures who betrayed them and the Hero Factory that helped to undo Blacktron’s gains. However, the Emperor’s credibility had already been shattered by the failure of his invasion. His people had been promised an easy war against complacent traitors; the hardened Blacktron astronauts who had survived and conquered their own slice of the universe were supposed to be better than the peace-loving Futurons. A new leader was needed, and one rose to the occasion: a minifigure with an unknown name and unknown past led a coup to overthrow the previous emperor, instilling himself as ruler of Spyrius with the callsign Blacktron 6. Blacktron 6 has since begun upscaling his Empire’s military capabilities based on what they faced in the 2000s, putting funding toward new and advanced robots, supporting criminal organizations to harass the Space Police, and even using propaganda in online forums to generate sympathy for (and even “fans” of) Blacktron on LEGO World. He has spent just over a decade preparing for the next war, and this time, he intends to win.

Name: Papa Pietro Pizzarello


Papa Pietro’s Pizzeria

Figurine (Build & Scale)





Tools and Abilities

Pizzeria with all the requisite equipment; expert pizza and Italian food preparation abilities.


Papa Pietro Pizzarello grew up with the lifelong dream of inheriting and managing the family pizzeria. After years of culinary training, the day finally came for Papa Pietro to take over the family business. Now a master of the Italian culinary tradition, Papa Pietro still puts a little personal touch and a lot of love into every dish served at his restaurant. Too afraid to make the trip across town because a mad scientist is in the way, or maybe the newest ghost outbreak haunted your car and it ran away from home? Order by phone or online!

Name: Rosetta Shale

Clique: Hero Factory
Figurine (Build & Scale): CCBS buildable figure
Role: Space Police Hero


Tools and Abilities

Geode Blaster, Diamond Spike, G3-OD3. The Geode Blaster, mounted to Rosetta’s right arm, operates similarly to a Meteor Blaster used by many heroes and villains, although it is also designed to be usable as both a high-powered saw and a blunt instrument if necessary. The Diamond Spike both acts as additional armor and an incredibly tough penetrating device, able to easily skewer through an armored door’s locks or punch into a villain’s armor. Rosetta has often used her Diamond Spike to remain attached to a fleeing villain’s vehicle during a high-speed chase.

G3-OD3 (pronounced “geode”) is capable of flight, performing advanced skills such as vehicle operations and hacking, and assisting Rosetta in the course of her duties. While G3 is not incredibly tough, he is resilient enough to operate in most environments in which Heroes may find themselves. When not in use, G3 can fold into a compact form and store himself on Rosetta’s back.

Rosetta Shale is as athletic and swift as any Hero, and stronger than most. Although she is not the most clever Hero in the force, her wits are made up for by her personal assistant G3-OD3 and her extreme toughness, allowing her to charge through whatever she can’t find a way around.


The result of years of up-armor and toughness R&D at the Hero Factory, Rosetta Shale is built to last. This geode-theme Hero was designed from the start to be nearly indestructible and was built using exotic materials and resources from all around the universe such as exsidian and Stone Army rock. Upon completion, Rosetta was sent to the front lines of the war against Blacktron. She performed more than admirably against the minifigure armies of the Blacktron Empire, often tanking an entire assault on her own while other Galaxy Squad forces encircled the Blacktronians and forced them to surrender. After the war ended, Rosetta continued to accompany Star Justice in patrolling the farthest-flung reaches of the galaxy, exploiting her sturdy design to enforce law and order in places too hazardous for minifigs or even other Heroes. Partly because of her near-indestructibility and partly because she has never returned to the Makuhero Belt since her activation, Rosetta has never had her hardware or firmware upgraded past HF 2.0.


@Rukah Apologies for not replying to you! It was late, my tired eyes missed your post. But rainsong’s description is correct, it’s a mashup of all the non-licensed Lego products in one universe. The premise and some bare essential info is in the dropdowns as well for quicker reading.

@Holi Thanks!

@GoodGuy2006 Looking forward to it.

@Kirathel Character is approved.

@Keplers Characters are approved.

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Name: Ib the Blackout

Clique: Crime Syndicate

Figurine: Minifigure

Role: Ninja

Appearance: Ib has cyan blue skin, black bobbed hair, and solid white eyes. She often dresses in blues of the same color as her skin, or darker. Her ninja uniform consists of a cyan blue top with a white diamond logo, darker blue tights, black gloves and boots, and a dark blue scarf/hood.

Tools/Abilities: Ib uses a single katana. Ib’s ability is to absorb, store, and redirect energy. She cannot create energy from her own being.

Bio: Project Eve was an attempt to replicate the Green Ninja’s Energy ability. Instead, it had the opposite effect and drained energy instead. A lowly ninja’s botched attempt to steal Project Eve’s secrets lead to her transformation into what is basically an energy vampire.

Reborn as Ib, the ninja worked mostly as a mercenary and thief. Doing whatever she was paid for to stay alive. Before the Merging, she kept a low profile, until someone paid her to do her duty as an anti-Green Ninja weapon. The Merging threw that plan out the window however, so it was back to mercenary work.

Ib was always a quiet person, some thinking her mute, but really she only talks to people she trusts. Though dedicated, she was never a competent ninja before her transformation. Afterward, her competence stabilized enough for her to perform her lessons well.

Ib’s a lot better at taking things apart than putting them together, always watching brick builders with amazement and a hint of envy.


Everything looks alright here, your character is approved.


Ooo this looks interesting I’ll have to get onto making a character


Name: Anachria “Chia”

Gender: Female

Personality: She’s fairly clingy and tends to have social errors for a lot of races. Her very nature as a spider is something that most don’t like to begin with, and while she has made attempts to be more “friendly” she practically refuses to give up her original design.

Clique: X-podian

Figurine (Build & Scale): A combination of Minifigure and Creationary.

Role: Space Explorer


Alt-Modes: Unlike most X-podians she doesn’t particularly rebuild herself much, instead choosing to use her pod to store special parts and other things of interest. The last alt-mode she had was a scorpion-styled design, and chances are she’ll eventually reuse it.

Tools and Abilities:
Core Abilities: She possesses Speed and the ability to generate web bricks and string elements from her mandibles.
Tools: Most of her tools are assembled when they are needed. However, she typically carries power cells, and Minifigure tools in her pod along with a plethora of space-themed bricks among the more standard Creator fare.

Bio: Anachria’s spark emerged a bit later than most of the Creationaries. She emerged around a time when the UFOs were fighting the Black Empire. Right around this time period, a shot from a UFO buggy imploded a round of gas canisters and accidentally trigger a spark creation. Around this time a mechanical mess of parts was left to smolder and grow on an abandoned war-torn moon.

Eventually, X-podians came into fruition and she joined the group as an outskirt. There were no issues with her being accepted, even though she really didn’t fulfill the traditional role with more of a standalone nature at the time. Her role was mostly as a scavenger, of which she happily provided a plethora of parts and was quite acceptable for the job she did.

As time went on her fascination with Minifigures began, seeing as it was incredibly strange to be confined to a “body” as she thought. Using some bits from her creation, that she’d kept as a memento like most unique parts she crafted an upper body to attach to her body to communicate more clearly to them.

Said success was small, as she didn’t quite fit with a lot of the more city types, however she did have successful communication with the space types developing a trading system with some of them.

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With clarifications offsite, character is approved.

Since it has become apparent, I need to give greater clarification on how the Figurine section of the profiles work. To do that, I will use the Trolls as an example.

Figurine (Build & Scale): Troll (Minifig) ~= The regular troll Minifigs from 2007 Castle

Figurine (Build & Scale): Troll (Microfigure) ~= Heroica Goblin

Figurine (Build & Scale): Troll (Big Fig) ~= The Giant/Forest/Big Fig Trolls from 2007 Castle

Figurine (Build & Scale): Troll (Brick-Built, Big Fig) ~= Basically a Brickheadz Troll, within the size range of a Big Fig.

You put your chosen race and then the build and scale. Unless the information would be redundant. For example, if your character is a Minifig, it would be redundant to do Minifig (Minifig & Minifig). And if scale or build makes the answer obvious enough, one of them can be left out, as shown in the examples above. As another example, here’s how a nonstandard Minifig might appear:

Figurine (Build & Scale): Minifig (Unchanging) ~= 4+/Jack Stone figure. It could be other things, so the scale on something like that could be helpful.

I have approved several characters that do not follow this properly, due to discussions elsewhere. Kirathel’s character is a Zotaxian and not a Minifig, their build and scale is Minifig. Keplers’s Rossetta Shale is a Hero, etc. The rest of their profile should make it obvious enough to not cause confusion (hopefully).

But hopefully that part of the system makes sense in how it operates from here on out.


Question: I was thinking about entering a character whose scale is just a bit larger than the x-pods robo pods main build


This one

So what scale would I put it in?