System in Play: The LEGO Roleplay (Instructions)

The scales are more rough suggestions for placement, so you can just put it in where you think best fits. If it’s just a bit bigger than that robot, it probably qualifies for the Big Fig area. I’ve put Mixels roughly in the Big Fig size category, for additional comparison.

1/10: Announcement – I will be opening the game this Saturday (1/15). You don’t need to rush, getting in a character isn’t time sensitive, depending on what you want to do. So plenty of time, even after the start, to create your characters, discuss plans, etc.

Still updating the doc with supplementary material, expect an update soon. Let me know if you spot any errors or something worded strangely, that would be very helpful in making it more readable.
1/15: Well, I was hoping to have the doc fully updated with more content before starting the game, but it’s taking me longer than expected. So! The game is now open!

I’ll be updating this main topic with the approved profiles for easier searching later today.


Name: Bjerk

Clique: Vigilante

Figurine (Build & Scale): Martian

Role: Inventor

Appearance: Bjerk is your standard green Martian by appearance, at least until you consider what he surrounds himself with. His suit is ramshackle, having an unfinished aesthetic replete with exposed pistons and gears, colored with browns, greys, and metallic shades. The suit is bipedal, standing an extra head above minifigs with bulky arms and legs.

Tools and Abilities: Quite well-versed in imagination, Bjerk has created an exo-suit for himself to wear. The suit is quite durable and strong, making Bjerk a perfect bruiser and muscle in any situation. Bjerk has also been known to carry around a plethora of mechanic’s tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. More unique, however, is his vocalizer. Despite being able to understand and write in English, Bjerk is unable to speak it, needing his vocalizer to bridge that gap. The device is bulky and requires set-up however, meaning that most of the time he simply relies on his friends to understand hand gestures and grunts.

Bio: No one is sure why Bjerk is on Earth and not Mars. It’s a bit hard to ask, given the language barrier, and he seems in no rush to explain. The Martian travels from place to place, finding work where he can and using his exo-suit to punch people on more than one occasion. It’s a simple life, but he seems happy.

Bjerk is generally cheerful and friendly, and surprisingly emotive given his inability to speak. He’s a good listener, being more than happy to let others share while he does his work. Recently he’s taken to travelling with Olivia Veraz, as strange a duo as they seem.


Character is approved.

1/30 Update: The game document linked at the topic’s start has been updated. Society and Location sections have been expanded, all sections have received error proofing. Please let me know if you catch any other errors or unclear wording so that it may be corrected.

@GoodGuy2006 @Eilrach

Any luck on your builds yet?


On the contrary, I’ve got the build but not the character
Also I read the game doc and I couldn’t really see how antimatter makes the universe worse, it seemed like everyone was living in peace, did I miss something?

What do you mean by antimatter in this instance? I’m assuming the substance antimatter and not the villain AntiMatter. It turns people evil and what was used to create the Overlord’s Stone Army. In Ultra Agents, that is what turned people into villains.

Did you mean how did Teleportal and/or Darknet made things worse? Well the villains are currently ruling pretty much the entire universe. They took over before the present day. That’s stated in the last paragraph of The Story and the last paragraph in Present Day. You can also see an early portion of how the villains conquered the world in the RP topic.

I suppose to explain further, pretty much everything in Lego happened here. The idea is that, despite having a timeline in the doc, it can be reasonably assumed that the events in every theme happened as each person knows it. While rewriting the timeline so that the villains won every time would be fascinating, that would take a lot more work in trying to figure out how everything fits together. So the villains have only recently come back and were successful this time.


Yes filler

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Okay, so I’ll add this portion just as insurance, because things weren’t peaceful before Teleportal’s actions. I suppose I should also clarify, just in case, that the timeline is the new, merged timeline. That’s not how things used to be, given everything were in their own multiverse, realm, whatever you prefer to call it. In the new, merged timeline, Teleportal and the Network’s part in history has seemingly been erased.

But also Teleportal’s means of building connections between these different worlds weren’t by good deeds. It is stated he used local evils and for now, that’s all I’ll say on what he did to make these connections. Though if you want a good parallel, Nehmaar Reem from Hidden Side sure did find out the consequences of meddling with other sides.


Name: He must have a real name, but people only know him as…the Shadow!
Clique: No One
Figurine (Build & Scale): Minifig-sized minifig
Role: Some may consider him a ninja, others a criminal, or perhaps a wizard! Yet none of these are the complete truth.


Black torso pinstripe suit jacket and white tie pattern; black arms; yellow hands; yellow head w/ black eyebrows and cheek lines; black hips and legs; black very wide brim hat; black cloth coattails; and a red bandana/scarf piece around his mouth.

Tools and Abilities

The Shadow’s main powers are related to telepathy and hypnotism: while not strong enough to control people like some serpentine, the Shadow is able to make people see things that aren’t there, or not see things that are. With this power the Shadow is able to achieve a sort of invisibility by making people think they can’t see him. When that fails, the Shadow can rely on his martial arts skills and novice Spinjitzu training to carry the day.


The mysterious vigilante known as “the Shadow” has spent a decade traveling around LEGOLAND and learning a variety of skills from the cultures he’s encountered. His time in the Orient and Ninjago have allowed him to combine unique powers and become a crime-fighter. The Shadow pursues some of the worst villains LEGOLAND has to offer, but is beholden to no agency or government; in fact, he suspects there’s something fishy going on with LEGO City’s crime rate and police force, and he intends to investigate it…

Name: Rin Hoarfrost
Clique: No one!
Figurine: Minifigure
Role: Combination of pirate, space explorer, inventor and bounty hunter. More on that later.


Light grey scuba suit torso w/ pouches; sand blue hips and legs with a dark brown belt and bag; sand blue arms, black hands; mid-length tousled blond hair with a center part. On top of this Rin wears a light grey jetpack armor vest with a stud connector on the front (kinda like classic space). There is a flat, circular light blue transparent stud on the front of the vest. On the back is, naturally, a compact jetpack with extendable wings. Rin also wears black and white pauldrons on both shoulders. In flight or in space Rin tends to wear a helmet resembling Jayko’s from Galidor, except white.

Tools and Abilities

The most obvious tool at Rin’s disposal is his jetpack, which allows him to fly on most plants and in space. With his helmet and suit on, Rin is able to survive in the vacuum of space for awhile. In terms of weapons, Rin carries a sort of energy sword (a lightsaber hilt with a light blue version of Piece 23860, to help visualize) and a silver space ray gun (like the Series 1 Spaceman minifig). What really sets Rin apart is his inventiveness. He’s great with technology and coming up with new gadgets; in fact, he built his jetpack and most of his other gear too.


Barely an adult but clever enough to hold his own, Rin Hoarfrost first showed up on the map as the captain of a gang of space pirates, who traveled the stars on their vessel the Tri-Comet. While Rin has many stories of amazing exploits, he seems to have been blindsided by a mutiny that has left him fending for himself. Rin badly wants his ship back, but for now he has to do odd jobs ranging from repair jobs to mercenary work, all while hoping he isn’t recognized by any space police. Where and when does Rin come from? What adventures will he find himself thrust into? We’ll have to see!

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As fun as it would be, I am unfortunately going to have to reject The Shadow. Due to him being the character of the same name and they are not yet in public domain. There are not enough differences for me to justify allowing such a copy.

Rin Hoarfrost looks fine and is approved. However, I believe you meant Knights’ Kingdom II for Jayko and not Galidor.

Ah Karz, I thought I’d checked the source. Shadow’s understandable