System in Play: The LEGO Roleplay (Playset)

The spider promptly follows, “Hey, hey none of that! No leaving without some sort of better explanation!” she laughed gleefully, “No need to get all shy!”

The pilot glances back, once, to try and see what the strange ghostly figures are doing to the craft.

Olivia cranes her neck, trying to see what’s happening. Bjerk, however, seems to understand, pushing Olivia and Khimon bodily away from the clearing.

The robot continues to float away backwards in silence.


The craft shutters, swaying to and fro as metal bends and screeches as it pulls itself out of the ground. Ghoulish fangs stretch out of its rear end, the rocket funnels bending around and back, pouring out a mane of flames. Eyes pop into existence above the green dripping fangs and haunted wings tear out the sides while metal breaks into limbs attached by phantoms.

With the hellish screeching roar of the ■■■■■■, it chases after the three.

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The spider lass chittered a bit as she followed at a deft pace, “Well, now you’re just being rude. You can’t just start talking about the universe’s grand design and then clam up when I start asking questions! Completely rude! Very!” she said with a giddy laugh, “Floating away ominously into the grand vastness of space is not exactly the best way to start off first impressions!”

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me-” Olivia groans, cutting off as Bjerk scoops her up. He tries to scoop up Khimon too, then breaks into a run, his exo-suit bounding through the trees.

Olivia tries to steady her arms over Bjerks shoulder, and manages to squeeze off a couple of shaky shots through the trees.

Khimon doesn’t resist being scooped up, too busy staring at the…giant fanged, flame-maned, winged, dragon…spaceship. That is behind them. Chasing them.

This wasn’t in any of the academy training videos, or exercises. The situation’s rapid deformation is increasing so fast it’s all Khimon can do to keep up.

Not really knowing what to do, the pilot glowers at the fanged flame-maned dragon winged spaceships and tries to focus. A moment later a beam of invisible psychic power cuts through the air and strikes at the dragon’s right limb.


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“Well I never considered that anomalies would be fine with this! What do you expect me to do? This was never supposed to be, we were never supposed to know each other. I just want to restore things back to their separate lines as the man intended. . . Somehow.” The Diver finally answered.


Oliva gets several shots on the possessed ship, knocking of a few random pieces, but it doesn’t slow down. However, Khimon’s attack seems to affect it more as an entire leg is ripped off, causing it to stumble. It topples over and rolls into a pathetic lump, given them plenty of time to flee while it tries to get back up.

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“Thanks,” Olivia calls over to Khimon, her face scrunching in focus. With the target unmoving, she takes her time this time, carefully selecting a target. Maybe an exposed joint, maybe the heart of the thing, she finds whatever point looks both vital and exposed. She takes a deep breath, times the bouncing, and fires.

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