Tablescrap mocs - Venti and 'companions'

#Venti - The Madman of Karzahni

Kanohi: Powerless Miru

Element: Wind

Gender: Male

Race: Matoran

Personality: Manic, crazed, easily angered, unstable, and out of control. All the factors that make Venti the absolute madman of a Matoran that he is. Fervent in his beliefs and sermons to a point of fanaticism that can outstretch many others of similar disposition. He’s easily set off, willing to attack any who argue with him, and it’s only his bodyguards that prevent him from attempting to massacre most of the villages he stops in, even if they can’t fully restrain him once it comes to talk of his… 'lost’ friend.

Notable titles: Leader, and founder of the 'Organisation’ of Karzahni’s Truth.

Weapon/s: Venti’s weapons are all ones 'gifted’ by Karzhani. First are his two power claws, gauntlets with the ability to gain speed, and thus power for every consecutive hit they land, unfortunately the moment an attack misses their speed resets, along with this is the unfortunate repercussions of extreme exhaustion the moment the attack is either halted or consciously finished, the claws providing enough power to the user to ignore the drain until it’s over, and the possibility of extreme injury should they push their physical limits to a very high extent.

Along with this he owns an element staff, a bladed walking stick in basic, but a weapon that allows beings with no access to their elemental abilities to channel them through it, albeit in an uncontrolled blast with a high chance of fully draining them. While this is a weapon with many obvious benefits for a Matoran Venti refuses to use it, and he will do anything to assure no one else but those he allows to touch it, much less use it.

Bio: Venti was originally sent to Karzahni due to mild mental instability and a spine based irregularity in the form of an unnaturally hunched build. He was twitchy, easily lead to outbursts of anger and mild destruction when irritated, which was disadvantageous, and, well, just outright odd for a Le-Matoran. So he was sent to Karzahni for repairs, the truth of the island not yet known at the time.

While Karzahni did attempt to 'fix’ his mind, he didn’t exactly have the tech or understanding to make any physical attempts, instead keeping them psychological based and focusing mainly on his back, a problem he could fix. One he did by forcibly disconnecting and 'straightening’ Venti’s back, rebuilding and adding to his lower torso and spine as needed. Leading to his off color pieces and visibly irregular neck, partially disconnected spine, and 'broken’ torso. Along with the usual Karzahni Matoran diminishments of course.

While on Karzahni he met and befriended Gehemi, a Ga-matoran sent to Karzahni due to a previously unchecked and worsened breathing condition that 'required’ Karzhani forcibly rebuilding and adding to the majority of her torso and neck.

The two later planned an escape from the island, attempting and nearly succeeding before Gehemi died, gifting him her elemental staff when an unnoticed problem in her breathing condition fully emerged and caused her to fall before they could escape. This was what broke Venti into the crazed being he is today. His broken mind came to the conclusion that this was all in truth Mata-Nui’s will, that he had been purposely making 'flawed’ Matoran and sending them to Karzahni, a land of torture falsely perceived as one of benefit, as a sign that they had been neglecting their worship and belief to him, and now that it had yet to show results he had freed Venti so he could spread this message to all the Matoran within the realm.

Of course, there were some conflicting issues with his beliefs. He despises Karzahni, believing him to be a flaw in Mata-Nui’s plan, a being who misunderstood or purposely changed his position in fate so he could attempt to be seen as an all powerful god. Venti wants Karzahni dead, no matter the cost, and believes someone else will just be put in his place as replacment.
Along with this is Gehemi, despite his fanaticism Venti cannot convince himself that Gehemi was meant to die. He perceives her as perfect, quite literally comparing all Ga-matoran and Toa he meets to her and flying into a spiteful rage whenever they do not match up in a close enough format. He can’t even convince himself that it happened as punishment for his own failings, making it the one thing he will ever state Mata-Nui made a mistake on.
He also has a very, very high tendency to refer to Gehemi as his.

Sometime after his escape Venti somehow came across a large supply of widgets, enough to easily make him quite a rich Matoran, and most of which he’s using to pay Yami and Marlon.


#Yami - The One Armed Warrior

Kanohi: Sanok, great mask of charisma shaped

Element: Fire

Gender: Female

Race: Toa

Personality: Yami’s not exactly quite but she’s one who doesn’t usually start a conversation. A bit depressed but otherwise fairly average. She’d blend in well with the crowd if it wasn’t for her missing limb.

Notable Titles: Venti protection/bodyguard squad leader, ‘member’ of the 'organisation’ of Karzahni’s Truth

Weapon/s: Yami’s only weapon, besides her elemental abilities, is an elemental bazooka, which is basically a weapon that allows a Toa to channel their energy through to form and fire a condensed mass of elemental power. Which then also explodes on contact. It’s speed and power are determined by the amount of energy input but it can explode if overcharged.
Along with this the cannon has a laser sight bayonet attachment, adding for even greater aiming capability (not that she really needs it with her mask), and allows her to use her bazooka as a slashing based, close range weapon.

Due to her lack of an arm if Yami doesn’t take the time to lock her positioning the blast from launching the device will either knock her over, or at least cause her to stumble and need to recover.

Bio: As a Matoran Yami always differed from the others in her village, while she worked just as hard, if not harder than them she stood out due to her oddity, one that would’ve gotten her sent to Karzahni if it wasn’t for the lack of viable means there and her lack of problems, her missing arm.

Since her 'awakening’ Yami has always been missing a limb. The connection itself rounded off and natural as if one was never planned to go there in the first place. While her village was friendly enough, and Yami suffered no notable discrimination, she became very disconnected with the world. Life became a sort of pain to her. Days and weeks blurring together while she preformed a repetitive loop of her assigned tasks. No longer communicating with the village as she repeated her cycle of work and rest.

This went on for years, leaving a massive gap in her memory, before she was broken out of it during one of her usual item deliveries.

She’d been heading towards her destination, one of the other villages, before she came across a fight between what appeared to be a gigantic Toa and some other being.To this day, describes what happened as an awakening. For some odd reason the Toa-esque being somehow intrigued her, breaking her out of her hazy cycle of life and restarting her memories.

Afterwards she abandoned her village, feeling no connection to it, and went searching for the being. She was, and still is mainly compelled through a fear of eventually returning to that impassioned, blurred and repetitive state. While she has learned little on the being she has learned his name is Trinuma, and that he’s apparently not a Toa. Otherwise she’s learned little else of any use, but did manage to somehow gain access to the necessary materials to become a Toa, a route which she took in the false hopes of somehow impressing him, certain Trinuma knew she’d been looking for him, a one armed Matoran did stand out a fair bit, and the true belief that it would greatly benefit her later.

Since then she’s been hired by Venti, agreeing to his job due to a need for widgets, the amount of travelling Venti did, and the fact he carried no discrimination about her lack of arm.


#Marlon - The Great

Kanohi: Mask of growth, Kakama Nuva shaped

Element: Stone

Gender: Male

Race: Toa

Personality: Marlon’s a friendly fellow, in no way naive or mistrusting but just… friendly. One who’s willing to greet near anyone with some level of cheer, but equally so willing to greet those who do manage to get on his bad side, a difficult feat for many, with a matching level of aggression.

Notable titles: Member of Venti’s protection/bodyguard squad, 'member’ of the 'organization’ of Karzahni’s truth

Weapon/s: Ripper hook, protosteel club, elemental induced strength.

Unique Abilities: Marlon has no idea how to use his Kanohi, he hasn’t even realized what its power is but he somehow has a subconscious control of it that causes it to work in a very similar way to a Kraawa’s own powers.

When Marlon takes any form of physical impact, from such as a punch to just a fall from some steps, he subconsciously activates his mask and grows to a size equivalent to the force he’d received. This effect stacks, causing him to grow larger the more physical 'damage’ he receives before his mask either runs out of energy, or until he 'calms’ down/unfocuses enough to allow the masks effects to deactivate.

Due to his element he has a matching base strength to Pohatu.

Bio: Marlon is a Toa of unknown background, mainly to himself seeing as how he has barely any remembrance of his past, much less his old looks, and only remembers his village/island consisted of only Ga and Po Matoran. So it makes finding any information on him next to impossible.

Along with this is the problem that he somehow believes that he’s actually a Toa of water despite the numerous factors that point out his obvious stone alignment, and he’s so far into the delusion (and most definite mental damage) that even when outside forces help highlight these facts he still remains convinced he’s disconnected or attempts to explain it in some inane fashion! He’s so far into it that he’s literally rebuilt his body to match his perceived memories, only causing further confusion once it’s realized he’s not actually an oddly colored Toa of water but in fact an insane Toa of stone. Which lead to his current employment as one of Venti’s bodyguards, quite literally taking the job just for the money (and also his Toa mindset) so he could continue to pay for his 'repairs.

Weakness’s: He’s an absolute idiot who has definitely been hit on the head more than a few times, and is unbelievably convinced that he’s actually a Toa of water, so he has absolutely no idea how to use his elemental abilities besides instinctive, uncontrolled reactions he still has yet to connect the facts, despite outside 'help’ that he’s the one causing it. He also has no idea how to use his mask in a conscious manner.


#Gehemi - The Damaged Healer

Kanohi: Powerless Ruru

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Race: Matoran

Personality: Kind, caring, patient, and understanding are the best terms to use in association with Venti. It’s near impossible to make her truly hate a being, to feel no sympathy whatsoever, even upon her arrival to Karzahni (and her subsequent failed repair), and her following enslavement she never truly hated him. She instead felt sympathy for him upon discovering how terrible he was at his assigned task, and her own belief on how maddening such a fate must have been for him.

Of course she also carried a great dislike of him, and the way he went about releasing what she perceived as his own pain.

Weapon/s: Gehemi owns (well, more owned) a element staff. Which, in the physical sense, can basically be considered a bladed walking stick in basic, but it also carries the ability to allows beings with no ‘natural’ access to their elemental alignment (should they have such) to channel its power through it, albeit in an uncontrolled blast with a high chance of fully draining their energy to a point of unconsciousness.

Bio: Gehemi was originally a perfectly healthy Ga-Matoran, or so it appeared. Gehemi was well known within her village for her hobby, and skill in mechanical repair and tinkering, particularly in the bio-organic field of mechanics as she later learned and was partially taught by the villages healer. Due to this, and her villages particular tendencies, she was assigned the task of resident pet/tamed-rahi caretaker/healer (and emergency medic).

Unfortunately her health was later discovered to be less 'perfect’ than even she had known.

While Gehemi’s main task was as the resident vet it was a job that, unless she was dealing with a more serious case, left her with quite a large amount of 'free-time’. Much of which she spent preforming small tasks, and lending a hand with larger, around the village. During one, a mixture of both her official job and her own offer of help, she was injured while attempting to heal a recently captured, untamed rahi after it broke its restraints. While the injury was fairly severe, it was one she should’ve come back from with ease. Unfortunately for her, her injury was just enough to reveal, and set off a previously unknown problem her inner systems suffered from an improper build.

Her lungs were improperly designed, leaving both their connections to other systems, and functionality under high levels of stress. The injury was just the needed amount of additional stress to the system to finally break it.Her lungs suffered catastrophic failure, connections breaking, systems frying, and even their supports warping, near fully disconnecting her lungs from the lack of a fully stable positioning.

One can easily figure what followed once her defective systems were discovered, for there was only being, one land known for its task in repairing all Matoran that suffered a defect. Karzahni, the land of lies and suffering, all ruled under the hold of a madman who perceived himself as god. Of course, its not like that was known at the time.

While Karzahni managed to restabilize her lungs his incompetent skill in Matoran repair was only enough to make the stabilization partial and always under the risk of collapsing again. His repairs also resulted in her form becoming more squat, and hunched, her chest becoming fairly compacted from his attempts to fix her lungs previously 'free-floating position.Surprisingly he succeeded.
Once Karzahni learned of Gehemi’s previous job in her village he was quick to assign her a matching task as the Manas caretaker. While Gehemi did have a fairly rough start on her new 'job’, suffering through multiple bumps, mainly the numerous relapses in her lungs conditions, and even losing a leg, resulting in another spectacular fairlure of a repair by Karzahni, she eventually straightened it all out. Even managing to become the only Matoran to 'befriend’ the resident Manas. And by that it’s meant being the only Matoran they tolerated, I.e. they’d still kill her in a heartbeat if she disobeyed Karzahni, but they wouldn’t go out of their way to be cruel to her. Some were even known to actively seek her out just to force her to interact with them at times.This is also why she was given her element staff, a shot from that while she wielded it was nowhere near enough to even cause Kazrahni to spare a second in worry, but more than enough to give whatever Manas she was taking care of at the time a quick washdown.
Of course, even when no longer in her village her assigned task still gave her more periods of free-time than she enjoyed, resulting in her actively seeking out others to lend a hand to, eventually leading to her meeting, and befriending Venti, the future 'Madman of Karzahni’, leader of the Organization of Karzahni’s truth, and instigator of the escape attempt that lead to Gehemi’s demise.
Gehemi and Venti hit it off quickly, both suffering defective builds to relate with, and one isolated enough to quickly latch onto whoever showed him some inkling of actual interest in possible friendship. Gehemi met with Venti whenever ahe could, spending much of her time chatting with him and lending hand in his task where she could. During one of their talks Venti brought up the possibilty of escape, leading to later discussions of the possibilty, and eventually concluding with the development of an actual plan.

Venti’s task of vegetation clearing and tree cutting gave him easy access to the necessary wood, and other various organic materials needed for boat building, while Gehemi’s known habit of helping others no matter the task gave her easy access to the other necessary materials, her close assoctaion with the Manas gave her inside knowledge on their patrols, and her own good behaviour kept her far from suspicion. The two began building the boat whenever they could, eventually managing to create a small, crude, two person boat. From there the rest of the plan should’ve been smooth sailing, the key part finalized and all that was left was a quicm run, unfortauntely the perfect conclusion was not to be.
As they’d been preparing for their run a Mana, one of the number known to seek her out at times, had done just that, catching the two unaware and setting off an alert for it once it failed to subdue them, only managing to injure them. unfortunately Gehemi’s history with what should’ve been survivable injuries once again showed itself.

The attack had been just enough to destabilise her lungs again, an injury which if left unchecked would result in her death, and one she was forced to keep hidden from Venti to ensure at least he would escape, knowing he’d try to give up everything to ensure she lived.The two managed to reach the edge of the island before the Manas caught up, the boat ready to descend, and Venti preparing to launch. She sacrificed herself, forcibly shoving Venti from the island after giving him her element staff before using the last dredges of her energy in attempt to distract the Manas.

If there was one thing that could be considered a mercy, it was that she died before the first Mana hit her. Her systems finally shutting down from the lack of oxygen her damaged lungs (having near fully-disconnected near the end of the run) were bringing.

If there was one regret Gehemi would’ve carried had she survived, it would’ve been that her death was what drove Venti to his future madness.

Weakness’s: Besides the weakness’s Gehemi’s own Matoran form has she also suffers from highly debilitating, lung based issues.

For some odd reason Gehemi’s lungs were both improperly built, and connected during her creation. While she spent many years unknowing of the issues, and seemingly in perfect condition, her lungs were kept under permanent stress from improper connections, and, following an unfortunate accident, the subsequent decay/damage from said stress finally lead to the partial collapse of her lung systems.

While Karzahni managed to restabilize her lungs connections, he was unable to repair the damage to her lungs themselves.While this saved her from the previous threat of death the damage brought, it left her permanently weakened. A permanent, retching cough, loss of her Ga-Matoran gifted lung capacity, unable to preform strenuous tasks without great delay lest risk another disconnect and thus dependent upon Karzahni himself, and his (partial) understanding of how to repair them.


They all look great except marlon, he looks really weird, and Yami,he is ok, but a little skeletini. I love the matorans though!


Gaps for ages, but the damaged healer is nice

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Really nice seeing you post mocs again btw

Even if some of them look really simple I believe you did a good job with these.

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Ey, thanks mate! Ja, Marlon is an oddbod for a Toa, but I suppose most of that can be blamed on his mental troubles. (His already odd Matoran build certainly didn’t help any though.)
As for Yami, yeah, she came out fairly thin. Have to say I do enjoy her custom torso-esque build though. Probably going to use it again.

@controller_of_ice Ah yeah, they all came out fairly gappy, suppose thats just a sure-fire thing generally for tablescraps though. Also, ey, thanks! Gehemi was a fun build. Wasn’t trying to copy Venti, but at the same time I was attemtping to keep it at least somewhat similar.

@Tarkur Ah, apologies for that and all. I actually have a small number of Mocs I haven’t upload, and I’ve been meaning to do so for quite a while, but I keep hitting this apathy streaks where I have trouble gathering up the work ethic to finish their bios.

Also, glad to hear the Matoran hit it off nicely so far! I have to say I am glad Karzahni’s a thing, really allows for some… ‘creativity’ in Matoran design.

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Who is @BrokenAxels they haven’t said anything here

@KAI_BORG What I said wasn’t meant as something negative just haven’t heard from you in a while and I just thought it was nice seeing you being active again.

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Ey, don’t worry about it. I didn’t perceive it as neagtive in the first place, I just felt it would be nice to give an apology for going through another online die-off.

@controller_of_ice Aghh! Bloody mobile keyboard always mucking about with my typing! Sorry about that mate, somehow put the @ out to him without me noticing the mistake.

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Definitely tablescaps

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