Tahu: Creating new Toa Powers?

Inspired by Golden Armor Usage by The_Blue_Panda and
What is Your Favorite, Non-Canon Mask power by Kanohi_Cantri.

If Tahu decided to go Turaga, would he be able to create at least 43 new Toa? A Toa of Fire plus a Toa for each captured rahkshi power? That would be super interesting because it would create brand new Toa types… this is non-canon of course but theoretically, I don’t think it would be impossible.

We’ve already seen in a serial that Takanuva-the only other unique Toa in canon, was able to create at least one new Toa of Light: Toa Tanma in “The Kingdom”. I think this shows some evidence that Tahu may be able to create brand new Toa typings for the rahkshi powers he acquired.

Of course this will never be canon but its fun to think about! Definitely feel free to use this head-canon justification to create some new Toa types. I think I will be dabbling for sure! If you want to create a new rahkshi power type Toa feel free to post it here!
What new Toa would you like to see? Some of these powers definitely could appear to be corrupt for a Toa. I wonder if it could lead to possibly corrupt Toa. :thinking:

Rahkshi Powers:

  • Accuracy
  • Adaptation
  • Anger
  • Chain Lightning
  • Chameleon
  • Confusion
  • Cyclone
  • Darkness
  • Density Control
  • Disintegration
  • Dodge
  • Elasticity(Hoseryx confirmed?)
  • Lightning
  • Fear
  • Fire Resistance
  • Gravity
  • Heat Vision
  • Hunger
  • IceResistance
  • Illusion
  • Insect Control
  • Invulnerability
  • Laser Vision
  • Magnetism
  • Mind Reading
  • Molecular Disruption
  • Plantlife
  • Plasma
  • Poison
  • Power Scream
  • Quick Healing
  • Rahi Control
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shattering
  • Silence
  • Sleep
  • Slowness
  • Sonics
  • Stasis Field
  • Teleportation
  • Vacuum
  • Weather Control

Idk, but a lot of those could probably be replicated with preexisting elements - I don’t think it’d be that much of a stretch to say Toa of Sonics could create areas of silence, for example, and there are tons of others.


The idea is interesting to think about, however I think your logic behind it is slightly flawed: Tanma became Toa of Light because he was an Av-Matoran, not because Takanuva chose to do so.
Likewise Tahu couldn’t just decide to make one of the Kraata powers into a new element + he doesn’t have enough Toa power to make 43 Toa, anyway.
But if you suspend logic within canon, then we can have this discussion.


Yeah I wasn’t trying to imply that every single power would be brand new, some of them are quite literally already Toa powers.

Oh yeah I was hoping I had made it clear that this was in the spirit of fun. I won’t argue you on the Tanma point. Although perhaps we could consider element attunement? Which rahkshi power would have the most synchrony with which existing matoran typing we have. I don’t think it’d be a stretch for a Ko-Matoran to be able to mingle with ice resistance. A Bo-Matoran for rahi-control? Its all a stretch and all non-canon as I originally stated but this is for fun.

However we can’t be SURE how much Toa power Tahu actually possesses. He’s the strongest Toa whose ever existed in our timeline at this point. He had enough power to destroy tens of thousands of Rahkshi and absorb their energy. He could have massive energy reserves now, at least comparatively to a regular Toa.

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Don’t worry, of course I understand it is for fun, and I don’t mean to spoil it :+1:

It’s just that you implied it could have worked even inside canon rules, that I disagreed with.

You are correct about Tahu being the strongest Toa, but when it comes to Toa power specifically he just has an average charge of a single Toa (the initial charge given to him during his creation).
In fact the only Toa who has more Toa power than this initial 100% is Tuyet, thanks to Nui stone.

But if we ignore this, then sure, let’s have fun with it!
I would like to see a Toa of Dodge :grinning: For some reason I imagine him/her in yellow armor.


I’m actually not so sure Tahu just had a regular amount of power anymore. Its quoted as “ Together with his allies, Tahu managed to complete the Golden Armor, and donned it. He unleashed the power of the armor, which destroyed the Kraata of the attacking Rahkshi, and sent energy surging back into his own body.”
Back INTO his own body. I think it may be that the golden armor gave him a pseudo Nui stone effect for gaining rahkshi power like Toa power. But yeah, we’ve never seen rahkshi power transferred. But when its within his own body perhaps they manifest as Toa energy? Otherwise thats a lot of would be nefarious energies inside of Tahu and for a Toa with a history of corruption, he doesn’t appear to have any now. Thats definitely a stretch part of it and it would need clarification for sure.

A Toa of dodge would be cool! If we were going with them being sub-type Toa I wonder what they’d fall under? Air? I imagine a mask that’d go well with that being the Kakama. :grin:

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can tahu even control the captured rahkshi powers on his own or are they contained within the golden armor?

Oh boy, I’d hate to be the Matoran that became the Toa of Ice Resistance.


Hooo boy…this is gonna be a long one.

That’s just the Sanok and wouldn’t come with proper elemental powers.

Extremely vague. If it’s what I think it is, there’s already a Kanohi for this.

I think this falls under Psionics.


Just the Huna.

Again: Psionics.

Just Air, but more restricted.

What is this? Just Shadow with fewer powers? Hell naw.

Extremely niche. Could be devastating in conjunction with the right Kanohi, but there’s too many unspecified details. Does it raise a target’s mass, too?

This is effectively what the Jutlin does, just a different chemical reaction.

On par with a Kanohi power, but I don’t believe there’s a mask for that yet. Not quite Toa-worthy.

Niche, but Mr. Fantastic is a bad-■■■, so there’s that. It could be useful, although it’d work better as a mask power.

Wait, how is this different from Chain Lightning? Also, already an element.

Smells like Psionics.

We have Tahu at home.

Is an element.

Used effectively by certain characters, but too niche to work as an element.

Contrary to the name, I don’t think this is just the Avsa. It can let the user steal another being’s powers, which can be powerful if you can make physical contact.

Have Kopaka at home, we do.


This one might be on par with Toa power if you can create your own living insects. Otherwise, it’s useless without any around.

Sounds like the Hau except better. Paired with a Pakari or Kakama, it’d be devastating.

Wouldn’t be different from Heat Vision in practice.

Is an element.

Not only is this Psionics, but also the Suletu.

Not even sure what this would be.

Come on, Greg.

Might be good, depending on what specific poisons are available to the user.

Just Sonics, but worse.

Wait, we already have Invulnerability. What gives?

Same problem as Insect Control. Would actually be better than it in most situations if you can make Rahi out of thin air.

Krahka, but in Toa form. That’s busted.

See Disintegration.

Shelek gang Shelek gang Shelek gang

Don’t think there’s a mask for this. Would be nuts if it’s not already in Psionics.

A backwards Kakama. Makes more sense to make a mask for it.


Vague, but could be useful depending on the details.

There’s like 2 masks for this already.

Could be useful. Lehvak-Kal certainly used it well.

Not helpful indoors, and a Toa of Water and Air can do this together to an extent.

Conclusion: an overwhelming majority of these wouldn’t be worth the effort.


I don’t know about that. Having the strength and agility alone is already better than just being a matoran. And maybe some of these powers manifest differently into a Toa. Perhaps we say some of them like Anger just turn straight into a toa of Psionics.
And saying that theres a mask power for it doesn’t discredit it, as some masks that we already have already have stronger actual elemental power equivalents as well.

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Matoran are also one of the weakest species. That’s not a high standard. Just having one specialized power doesn’t bring a given Toa to the same power level as the other elements, and that’s the main problem here. Why create Toa of Accuracy at all?

There is no precedent for this, so it’s more logical to assume these powers apply the same to Toa.

Here’s the problem: why create a Toa of Accuracy when that power is accomplished with the Sanok? There’s no need; you’ll just create a Toa who’s weaker than another Toa with a stronger element and a Sanok. That’s a waste of Toa power when he could just create a proper Toa.

In that same vein, it’s dumb to create a mask for an elemental power if it can’t amplify corresponding Toa power.

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So I think that you also aren’t realizing that this isn’t a hey try to prove me wrong thing. This is a non-canon for fun. It doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. I’m not proposing it be canon or be 100% pure logic. But personally if I were a matoran I’d rather be a Toa of accuracy rather than nothing at all.

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In terms of whether it’s possible, in theory it could be. The GA absorbs the power of Rahkshi killed, so if you could extract that power from it (if anyone would know how, I bet Artakha would), you could put it in an artifact such as the Mask of Light and use that to make new Toa. However, it’s usually not worth it because…

…that’s not the dichotomy you’ve got when Tahu says “Hey, I can make you a Toa.” If a Toa can have one Rahkshi power, then he can also have any Rahkshi power. Ergo, a Toa of Accuracy would be a terrible choice when several better powers are on the table, some of which are already proper, powerful elements.

Not if Hewkii needs to keep the Coliseum From crumbling and there aren’t any Toa of Gravity present, given that they’re extremely rare.:point_up::slightly_smiling_face:

Question: by “amplify corresponding Toa power”, are you referring to a situation such as the anti-canon instance of a Toa of Gravity having stronger gravity powers by wearing a Mask of Gravity? Or are you referring to complementary elemental mask powers, such as a Toa of Air wearing a Mask of Water in order be able to summon storms out of thin air without needing to do team up move with a Toa of Water in order to make it happen?

Also, having a mask a mask of the same power as his element could allow a Toa to still use his elemental powers after his elemental energies were drained without having to wait for a recharge. If Vakama, post-Morbuzakh but pre-2,005, gets lost in a dark cavern without a lightstone or starts to be frozen solid by an enemy, I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate having a mask of fire handy.:slightly_smiling_face:

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While there are cases in which these Kanohi would be useful, they diminish the entire point of having innate elemental powers for Toa. Then again, I’m not sure if Gravity really makes sense as an element to begin with, so the Garai might be excused on those grounds and all Ba-Matoran shunned for being born.


But until that point, if it is even reached, that mask is dead weight when it could otherwise be something that doesn’t depend on elemental energy. A Toa of Earth could bring along a Hau and not have to spend so much energy playing defense, reserving more for his attacks.



Your grievances seem to be more against all of Bionicle as a whole.
Whats even the point of rahkshi having these powers? You say these powers are useless and yet rahkshi have overpowered Toa using these powers before. Some of these powers don’t resemble elements but gravity, psionics, and sonics aren’t “elements” either and yet they are classified as Toa elements.
There are MANY Toa in the story who do not have mask powers that correlate to their powers.
Why should the Kanohi Garai exist when gravity is already an elemental Toa?
Your arguments really just apply to Bionicle fundamentally so it doesn’t really feel useful

I mean, the Rahkshi power list is terrible as it is, but that just exacerbates the problem with making Toa with Rahkshi powers.

I didn’t say they’re universally useless, but when you stack them against existing Toa elements and ways these powers can already be used in-universe, they don’t work as dedicated Toa powers.

That’s only because Bionicle never defines the word “element” in its own context. A chemical element is defined by the number of protons in an atom; the classical elements in Western tradition are fire, water, earth, and air (and sometimes aether). Bionicle never settled on a definition, which just hurts the magic system at large.

Not sure what you mean here. Like, Vakama wearing a Huna? Yeah, where’s the problem with that? If elements and Kanohi remain sovereign magic systems, there’s not much of a problem. However…

…this is a valid question, which shouldn’t be the case. Why SHOULD it exist, short of the GBs being idiots? Because, let’s face it, they were a few notes short of a full chord, if you know what I mean.

I really think you’re missing my point. COULD Tahu theoretically use the GA to make a Toa of Accuracy? Maybe. WOULD he? Probably not, since there’s no reason to dedicate Accuracy as a Toa power when it’s already available as a Kanohi power, so Toa already have access to it.

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Well isn’t invisibility an extension of light? Pretty useless for the Huna to exist when there could be light Toa.

Well what if you want the power but don’t have a Toa of gravity on hand? Is versatility a bad thing?

I think you’re missing that numbers are advantageous. And some of these powers are most definitely worse than some others in certain instances. Ice is bad when fighting a fire Toa. And why have gravity as a Toa power when it exists as a mask power? Your points seem to work against themselves

Possibly, but the Huna also opens up this specialized power, which isn’t a full element, to other Toa, though this runs into the same problem as the Garai. A better example is the Volitak, which also makes the user silent.

It also means that there’s a particular mask that’s useless to a Toa of one specific element. And, again, this is terrible from the perspective of magic system design because it adds a point of overlap between the two where there doesn’t have to be. Why have both powers in the first place? Why not just make it a mask power if it needs to be available to all Toa? Why make it a mask if you want it to be specific to certain Toa?

I have no idea what your point is here. One Toa of Accuracy isn’t worth 2 of any of the other elements available in this situation. Tahu makes one new Toa no matter what. Why waste that to make a Toa of a niche, weak element?

Not really. A Toa of Ice can use his element to put out his opponent’s fire, while the Toa of Fire can melt all the ice so it can’t be used offensively. These elements cancel each other out.

In no case can Accuracy, by itself, match a Toa element.

Yes! Why? That shouldn’t be a thing!

How? Either making a new Toa of X element is worth it in the face of opportunity cost, or it is not.

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