Tahu: Creating new Toa Powers?

You are incorrect. Lhikan was able to create all 6 of the Toa Metru using his Toa energy alone to charge Toa stones. It would appear that Tahu now has vast amounts of energy. It would be foolish to assume that Tahu can only create one Toa.

This logic is why Lhikan even made the Metru. It was advantageous number wise. Thats the point, figured it was pretty simple.

You keep bagging on accuracy so I’ll give some advantages. “ Could strike the smallest target at a great distance or in any environment or condition.”
Give them a zamor launcher or a skyblaster and having them NEVER miss would be quite advantageous. Throwing tools as well. Or even items they pick up like rocks in the environment. What does a Toa of stone, earth, water, etc do without those present? A Toa of accuracy can always have his power present.

Do you have Toa of gravity since theres a mask for it? Because some of what you keep arguing is not stuff thats up for interpretation and you’re really not going to get anything out of it just saying it to me

That’s not what I meant. Tahu selects one Matoran to make one Toa, no matter what. He can make a strong one or a weak one. Why make a weak one?

Other Toa can make their elements out of nothing and can use their powers in many different ways. A Toa of Accuracy is only good at doing one thing which only trumps a true element in very specific conditions.

Toa of Gravity canonically exist. Not sure what your point is. It’s not up for interpretation that X or Y is already canon, or whether a given power is universally useless or strong or extremely niche. Whether that makes sense is subjective, but whether it’s practical is not.

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So basically you just don’t want to enjoy this forum so frankly I really don’t see your purpose here. This form was made just for the purpose of fun and if you’re just gonna try to knock it down and there’s not really a point of having you here

I mean, you proposed a concept, I’m trying to see through to its logical ramifications. Whether Rahkshi-powered Toa are worth making is the next sensible question to ask after whether these Toa can be made at all. If I am destroying your fun by following up on what you’ve posed, then you’re allowing me to do so.

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Sure bud. You came in not to contribute but only attempt to dismantle. If you want to try and win something thats not a competition then you are more than welcome to try and continue

I didn’t, and if you go back to my original post, all I really said at the end was:

When faced with a choice between making a Toa and a stronger Toa, why opt for the former? I consented that it’s probably feasible, but not worth the trouble when there are other options. Assume ill of me all you like, but all I’m doing is following up with the next logical question to ask, which is: would this be done at all?

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To you, no it doesn’t appear to be. Doesn’t seem like anything else really matters if you don’t believe it. This post wasn’t made to debate as it was made to spitball some fun

I didn’t come here to debate either. You posed a question, and I posted my thoughts on what would be worth Tahu’s time in this scenario. And I never said that none of these Rahkshi powers would be viable Toa powers, so please don’t strawman me there. We can talk about Rahkshi powers for Toa all day long, but an important part of that discussion is how those Rahkshi-Toa would stack up against the “real” elements.

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Because its fun

random point, this isn’t a video game or systemized RPG or whatever, where whoever has the highest amount of skill or power wins. It’s a book, where the heroes must sometimes lose to build drama.

Yes. So there is no point in creating non-canon villain characters for fun either because they’d lose to the real heroes. Ya’ll need to lighten up and take this less seriously

I don’t see the correlation between canon heroes and non-canon/fanfic villains.

edit: unless you’re including the canon heroes in your fanfic.

I believe you

Either you just contradicted yourself or I’m misunderstanding you. I think it’s the latter don’t get mad :laughing:

I’m not mad, I’m just bored of trying to justify something that wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously, but rather as just spitballing fun. I never wanted this to have to get indepth as that sidelines the whole very loose concept it was based on

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I see what you’re saying and I feel you.

And to that I say this:

This is not the best community to start discussions about hypothetical canon if you don’t want to get super in depth.


And maybe it’s fun to ask what would make the most sense given the accepted parameters. Maybe the fine details are the entire reason worldbuilding and theorycrafting are fun to start with.

If we took this seriously, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. This is about magical androids slinging lasers at each other for ■■■■’s sake.

Nobody is asking you to do that. What did you even think this thread would be? “Oh yeah, that might be kinda cool I guess” and nothing else? That’s not discussion, just mass affirmation. Like Solar said, this community is built around a complicated universe with lots of details, some of which are very divisive. This isn’t the best board if you don’t want to talk about details.

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Yes you are so right, please talk more

Why the sudden hostility, man? I’ve done nothing to try and shut you down, and the least I could ask of you is to not talk down to me.

@Jathru_Cranli ■■■■■■, why did you delete that? It looked like it was gonna be interesting.


I’m still writing it and posted it prematurely by mistake.

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