Tahu: Creating new Toa Powers?

You can’t get upset just because someone doesn’t see things the way you do or want to discuss things the way you want to discuss things. You shouldn’t have any presence on the internet at all if that’s the case.


Who would win?

A Toa of gravity, with a mask of accuracy?
Or a Toa of accuracy with a mask of Gravity?

Just air, but more specific.

Adventures 3: The Darkness Below would beg to differ. We see a rahkshi of weather control use its power in a tunnel underground. Actually, weather control sounds the most viable as an element.

Also: it would be interesting if tahu could put the Rahkshi power in a Toa Stone and give it to a Kraata to make a “Rahkshi Toa”


From my perspective it feels like I’m the only person who is relaxed

Mocking people is not something a lot of people do when they’re actually relaxed.


Assuming each Kanohi is equal in power to a Toa of its respective “element,” and assuming equal skill and luck, the Toa of Accuracy will actually win because Gravity is the stronger power here and he doesn’t have to use as much elemental energy.

Not quite. “Vacuum” denotes a space with no gas or fluid in it. There is no pressure in a vacuum, so the way it interacts with its surroundings will make it more or less the opposite of Air. It’ll be less versatile, but still functional.

Didn’t remember that happening, so I’ll concede that point.

Well, it’s more or less Air, Water, Ice, and Lightning (maybe some others?) all rolled up into a bundle with several restrictions to each component. It would be useful, but mostly in the sense that it’s just Lightning but better in a ■■■■-ton of ways.

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Really? Maybe not for you. Its how I deal with the presence of people taking things too hard. Helps me breeze through. This is all waay off topic tho

So people take things too seriously and you just mock them for it? Seems like a real jerk move. Moreover it does nothing besides exacerbate the issue.


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Maybe, but then we’d all be guilty of that right now whether or not I was just more direct about owning it

Ig I’ll just drop it here since we’re so off topic, before I get into an argument.

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Mask of fate?

That’s my two cents I’m leaving this topic alone.


I suppose, although I don’t believe the Calix makes you impossible to hit. Still, that’s fair enough and I guess it’s rendered obsolete by invulnerability, which just makes it so you don’t have to dodge.


Perhaps, but we only ever see it used to absorb air/release a blast of air. That’s not to say it can’t create a vacuum.

I dunno, I think based upon how we see vacuum in bionicle, a Toa of Vacuum would really… suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the reason most of these don’t work as elements is that they allow you to do something, rather than control the world around you. Elasticity, dodge, adaption, density control, etc., all affect the user in some way, rather than the world around the user. All elements (except psionics) manipulate matter or force in some way.

Actually, considering that psionics is an ‘element’, teleportation sounds viable as well. The ability to teleport yourself, other objects, or other beings sounds useful; it’s like psionics’ telekinesis, but more op and without the mind powers.

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Yeah, I think Lehvak-Kal would have been able to do more damage if it had a degree in physics…

The same is kind of true of Psionics, but they’re still useful powers. Bionicle elements don’t seem to be proper classical elements of any sort so much as specific powers. Whether they thematically make sense isn’t really important, as OP’s entire thesis rests on the assumption that this is possible in-universe, and the fact that these magic systems can intersect isn’t contingent on whether it feels right.


Its totally open to shifted to whatever preferred narrative, it was a very flimsy thesis. I just wanted to open a creative doorway for others.

For example, perhaps these powers will manifest themselves uniquely into a Toa. Say Anger manifests into a Toa of Psionics with powers of Anger, sort of just like a subtype bonus power akin to how the Inika all had electricity as a subpower

:slightly_smiling_face: Okay, since we’re not worried about the constraints of canon, we can upgrade these from one-off powers to full-fledged elements that are like forces of nature for the Toa to embody, each one extending into a range of abilities:

Toa of accuracy have the ability of pinpoint aim, both with ranged and melee weapons, as well as with basically any objects, including their own bodies, allowing them to stick impossible landings and pull off similarly-related feats of gymnastic aim. They also possess the ability of being more likely to answer questions correctly than is typically probable, (kind of like a cross between the Mask of Possibilities and a version of the Mask of Truth based on based actual truth rather than just someone’s perceptions of what is true) making them great puzzle-solvers, investigators, and at least fairly able deception recognizers (and maybe even sometimes inventors).

Matoran of accuracy, while not possessing full elemental powers, all tend to be savants, experts at one particular thing. This leads them to have among their number some of the most skilled intellectuals, musicians, athletes, and builders of all Matoran, though the singular thing they are good at varies per each individual among their number (and some are savants at things that are considered to be completely useless). The element of Accuracy is associated in the Matoran language with the prefix “Ac”, and there are legends of a hidden civilization of Ac-Matoran known as “Ac-Koro”, which is said to have a high-society way of life that possibly outshines the craftsmanship of Artakha himself.

Welp, per what I’ve found on the internet, it looks like the main difference is between regular lightning and chain lightning is that chain lightning attacks multiple enemies at the same time, forming a “chain” between them, if you will (like the “EDK TechVolt” from Fall of Cybertron), so… here goes nothing:

Toa of Chain Lightning have the ability to make, absorb, and control long tendrils of lightning, but have little to no control over lightning that is not this shape, given that they are specifically geared to this form of lightning and tend to find all other forms of it to too quick and/or sporadic for them (the fact that they aren’t as geared towards all other forms of lightning/electricity (being the forms that don’t flow in long lines) makes these toa tend to be more vulnerable to shocks from them than is the case for regular Toa of Lightning). However, their mastery of Chain Lightning allows them to use it as a sort of tentacle appendages that can lift and manipulate solid objects. This area of their nature is an advantage that the have over regular Toa of Lightning, as of the fact that their elemental powers can still act as physical (or would it be telekinetic?) attacks against electrically-insulated foes. This power can also be used for traversal, as the Chain Lightning tendrils can be used to lift the welder into the air (and several Toa of Chain lightning are known to combine this ability with the use of portable metallic platforms (that many of them form with their toa tools like Lhikan and Tahu did with their lavaboards) to “surf on lightning” (think like what Static Shock did with that manhole cover on season 2 of Young Justice, but then using it to pull off far more bodacious moves, riding high up in the storm clouds above)).

In the Matoran Universe, the element of Chain Lightning is often represented by the prefix “El” (an abbreviation of the English word “electricity”, and part of the Hebrew Name “El Shaddai”, one of God’s Names, thus representing power, and also the surname of Superman’s family, also representing power).

While Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Lightning are female, the ones of Chain Lightning are male. Their primary color is yellow, with their secondary colors being black (or navy) and white.
El Matoran do contain a minimal amount of elemental affinity for Chain Lightning, causing them to posses a natural talent for working with circuitry.

Toa of the element of Darkness have the ability to drain the light from an area to such an extent, it would make no difference if the beings in the target zone were blind. They also have the ability to “darken the minds” of target beings, dulling their mental faculties to an almost hypnotic suggestive state where they are easier to trick with lies, disguises, and stealth, all of which are now more convincing to the target even if they are done at a non-professional level (the duration and strength of this effect is largely dependent on how long and how hard the focus of the user is). Toa of darkness are typically in espionage or strategy roles.

The Matoran prefix for the element of darkness is “Ka” (from the Maori “kapōtanga”, meaning “blindness”; it also happens to be just one letter away from the prefix “Kra” for the element of shadow).

Ka-Matoran manifest the fragment of this power that they have in that they are skilled at deception, using it for anything from becoming street-cons to finagling their way into positions of power. Why does nobody know (or at least not care about) this, you may ask? Maybe they got the same idea for themselves that the Order of Mata Nui did for the Av-Matoran… coughahkmouwasneverapomatorancough

Toa of Elasticity have the ability to stretch and alter the shape and length of their bodies to unnatural extents, as well as to create, control, and absorb a good number of elastic substances. Among all the different types of toa, they are one that seldom can be found to posses toa tools with transportation functions, as of the fact that most of them prefer to simply use their elemental powers to travel, making slingshots to spring themselves great distances, nets to catch themselves when they land, and cables from which to swing from structure to structure or just latch onto a nearby transport and hang on for the ride.

While these elemental powers are inaccessible to Matoran of Elasticity, their element manifests in them as double-jointedness (they have a reputation for being able to get out of the tightest spots, and in lands they are not native to, can often enough use the spectacle of their talents to make easy money as escape artists).

In the Matoran Universe, the element of Elasticity is often represented by the prefix “Ru” (a meta-reference of mine to the word “rubber”).
(Do you think that when using their stretching powers, Toa of Elasticity’s chemistry transforms to become rubbery and resistant to electricity? Eh, I’ll leave that up in the air.)

Power Scream is manifested by Toa of this element in being that they can emit a scream akin to a powerful sonic blast, but the true power of their element lies in the psionic aspect of it. They are able to use this power to engrain images in the minds of their targets, (much like how Tren Krom did at his passing), and can be used to break the spirits of the targets, as well as to instill fear and/or paralysis. On the more positive side, this power can also be used as a battle cry to boost the morale/vigor of troops, inspiring them (even if they were previously losing) to press on and win the day, regardless of the sacrifices required. The psionic aspect of Power Scream is, however, not outright mind-control, as it can only mess with their emotions, but they still have the option (taken by few beings) to resist out of their free wills (albeit this power can also cause the targets’ bodies to freeze in their tracks, but again, can be resisted by the extremely strong of resolve).

The element of Power Scream is represented by the Matoran prefix “Wha” (from the Maori “whakakiki”, meaning “persuasion”)

All Toa, Turaga, and Matoran of Power Scream are female (a complement to the all-male element of Sonics).
While Wha-Matoran do not posses the elemental powers of a Toa, their element still manifests itself in them to a small degree, making them adept at methods of persuasion.

These are all already existing elements, so no bending of canon is required to have toa of these types. :wink: :+1:
(Although, making The Green a female element to pair alongside the male element of Air was a missed opportunity, in my opinion, so maybe we should have a tribe or two of them in there, as well.)

I might write down listings for more in the future, but for now, this will be all.