Tak210's Giant Bionicle 2015 Moc Topic

To be disappointing, none of these are giant, but one is bulky!
WARNING! Many picture ahead!

Ok so first off are my bad guys made from the many duplicates I possess.

Omen, the Ancient Prophet of Okoto!

Omen was an Okotan prophet who died when the city was overrun. Although his names has long been forgotten, his intelligence still remains intact. Makuta fused the ancient being with one of the Lord of Skull Spiders to create Omen, he is now a guardian of the city with a cunning mind and a ferocious lust for blood.

He has small decayed wings that give him the ability to hover and boost his speed to take down enemies.

Skull butcher:

sorry for the fuzzing picture
The buzz saw moves when the gear box is activated.

Skull Slasher:
With the poison barbs that are fuses to slasher's shoulders and athletic body, it can easily avoid even the fastest Toa.

Skull Thrasher:
The strong and stalky skull thrasher has huge hands, a sturdy body, and thick/ fully covering armor to put the beat down on all opponents to him.

Epic Michael Bay shot just minus explosions!!!

Skull Marauder:
He is leader of the skull warriors but lacks armor. He believes it just slows down his inevitable victory and is unnecessary. His rotting flesh and broken blue armor tells a story of the many battles he's won and an honorable death.

Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to critic!
Good guys coming soon!



but good!

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Why do you have so Many MOC Topics? sob

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Because they are different styles and my brains says not too! confounded


This looks amazing, but I'm not a fan of the Vahki tools used. 9/10

I really like this guy, but he seems to be too similar to Skull Grinder. 8/10

Eh. Seems like Gali with a skull mask. 6/10

This guy I really like! 9/10

You took away the best part of a Michael Bay shot. :cry:

The colour scheme on this guy is fantastic! 9.5/10


Plz put a spook warning next time

I like the variety each has, though some do feel like you just took an official set and added on some stuff.


Ya, I tried to kept color schemes to darker and lighter So I was limited ;-;. The blue one started off as a gali slight revamp so like its very similar.


I have been spooked

but these look pretty cool

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Alright here's some good guys, one revamp and a couple villager sized ones.

Pohatu 2015 Alternate Version(kinda revamp):

This Pohatu has power gauntlets to match the strength in his equally powerful boots. He is a thicker build with a normal chest and some mata hands so seal some gaps.

See Mata hands are good for fixing that gap!

Since Pohatu was very asymmetric, I gave give asymmetric spikes.

An ancient warrior that has been preserved through time and protects the weaker villagers on Okoto. Sentry has thick golden armor that covers him with a sacred mask made my none other then Ekimu himself.

Gallo the carver:
Gallo is a carver in gakoto that made her own mask to mimic that of the great Toa gali's. With such fine craftsmanship, it's hard to tell the difference from the real and the fake. Gallo is shunned in her villager and longs to travel to pokoto so she can see carvers like her.

Welp that's it for now! Please feel free to critic, it does help!


I like him. 9/10
Looks a little too much like Ekimu for my liking. 7/10
Gallo: She's really simple. 7.8/10

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Stop teasing me with your awesome rock. Also nice Pohatu revamp-ish thing...


The rock is love, the rock is life



make some rahi

That is such a simple yet effective way to fill in the gaps left by a gearbox- 10/10

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It looks the best with Tahu because it makes his armor look like it surrounds him more.

Yesssssss. You finally have your title.


Yeeeeeee I do


I'll be sure to try it on my Tahu then

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So many skeletons!

These are great MOCs!

Oh I forgot, Obligatory comment about lack of a single giant moc...

...I know you addressed, but I'm doing it anyway...