Takanuva, The Toa of Light(Revamp/ver.Bu)

Nice to meet you, I’m Bukkey.
At first, I must apologize.
I am japanese, so my English has be poor.
but I traslated and read guidlines myself, and try to keep them mind.
I look forward to working with you, friends!

OK, I move on to the main subject!
I build a Takanuva-revamp MOC.
its concept is… “Full-action and respect to Originals”. I hope you like this!

“You were always diffirent…” ―Jaller

Toa Takanuva - “version.Bu” is here!
I already upload this MOC at Instagram, and Mr. Faber liked to it!
It is so honor!

The Staff of Light is movable.

I respected the official-variations of his appearance: Set, Game, and Movie version.
Therefore, his height is almost the same as the original set.

and his arm-armor has can be roll, so to change the nuances of its appearance.(Mr. Faber gave me like at this!)

(Comparison with original parts)

Thank you! :smile:


Well, this is certainly a surprise!

This is one of the few MOCs I’ve seen where the simplicity of the design works in the MOC’s favor rather than against it. The Bohrok teeth in the elbow joint to continue the flow of the lower arm is reminiscent of MOCs from long ago, and I’m super happy to see its application here.

The torso build is a little messy from the back (any blue pin is a sad pin) but the neck is creatively attached and the overall clunkiness of the designs pays off in terms of how this figure looks from the front. This is really an excellent design, definitely one of the best Takanuva redesigns I’ve seen.

…And that Makuta’s pretty spiffy, too. Maybe we can see a topic for him in the near future? :wink:


Thank you Ghid!
Yeah, you’re right. the back has Reflections.
it is so hard getting movables and no-changes his size, I abandoned that point a little.
but you liked front, it is so glad to me!
Thank you too to makuta! I will create a topic about him! :heart:

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Firstly, welcome to the boards! I would say you completed your goal of macing him posable and accurate, while also looking great. Awesome job.

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I love it, I want to make bionicle just like this


I love this Takanuva revamp. The usage of parts is very unique, and I also love how you kept it to scale with the original Toa Nuva. :slight_smile: I’d love to see you do a similar take on the Toa Metru, if possible.

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Really good work! I love how true to the original he looks, while having so much new poseability!

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Incredible work! Probably the coolest moc of the golden boy i’ve seen yet.

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This is my new favorite version of Takanuva!

You did an amazing job with this, and also with Makuta!

Welcome, and I hope to see more of your MOCs!

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This is a really excellent MOC! The added poseability while maintaining the original scale and aesthetic is awesome. You’ve done a good job marrying G2 parts to a G1 character. I think the only critique I have is on the back: it looks a little jumbled and I don’t really like the round piece standing in for the original gear. I’m not sure if you could cover up the torso structure without making it too wide back-to-front, but replacing the “gear” with a real gear would definitely improve it.

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thank you, MooCowsRock!
Yeah, I want to really use original-gear, but this part is his neck’s bone. so I used the most similar and connective part.
but a good creation has be borned from agony always, and your point-out has make me better!
thankyou again!:heart:

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You may be able to find a gear with the connective holes you need, like part 3648. I’m not sure any gears would be quite the size you need, though. I hadn’t realized the stand-in for the gear here served a structural purpose, that makes it cooler. It’s hardly much of an aesthetic problem anyway. Again, good work!

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i love this, the build is quite impressive

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thankyou again, for comment and a good information about gear part! :heart::heart:

Thank you Pakari!
I uproaded my Teridax now! If you have a time, please check it!

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Now I’m ready to take a look behind that mask.

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