Teridax, The Makuta of Metru Nui(Revamp/ver.Bu)

Hi, everyone! I’m Bukkey!
Thanks to wacthing for my Takanuva-MOC, and I get a gladly comment!
“Show your Makuta Teridax MOC”.
Yeah, it is honor! please let me show you my Teridax!

“You cannot destroy me, for I am Nothing.” ―Makuta Teridax

I love the original-set of Teridax, so it’s almost perfect model.
so I rebuild only legs, just respect to official variations:set and MOVIE.


He is one of the characters whose appearances differ greatly in each media.
At the Set, His appearances is just “Overlord”…a Titan of Shadows.
In MOVIE, it is “Demonic-Titan”…has a Beastly reverse-legs.

So, I built two-knee in his each legs.
His thigh has a depression, which the first shin can be stored.
And this gimmick can makes him on each style.
【Original-based Form】

Respecting to Set mode.
It can be reproduced by folding his legs as much as possible.
in this form, the ankle-joint has be separated with knees, so movable has not be obstructed.

【MOVIE Form】

Respecting to MoL-Design mode.
It can be reproduced by stretching his first knee.
off course, secound knee is free. You can pose him freely.


I used red parts to fill the space at base of his neck.

His thigh armor has can be opened to store kraata.
However, this can also be a disadvantage when posing.
So, if you insert a Red-2-Shaft here, after set the armor, it never open.

His hips can swing with double joints consisting of ball joints and pin connections.

Thank You!:heart:


This is so cool!

The legs were definitely the worst part of the original set, but your version fixes all the issues and adds more to it!

I love that he has a set mode and movie mode, and the pose-ability works wonders for making him look awesome!

Really well done!


I love what you did but I seriously think you should add a little to the arms and outer lower shoulders.