Tak's Acient Stone Guardian

This is a moc that I make simply by wanting to use 2015 cheats on the 2016 body. I think it turned out pretty good and it’s gotten a ton better since I first made it.

It has two forms: armored, and unarmored; as well as having three weapons: two curved cleavers and one long sword.

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/4/146e7b2df811030dd55b9f41e2ad328ccc8ab351.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”

The armor is simple to put on and is make relatively simple as well. The loin armor is a boomerang and the side shirts are the HF shield/wing pieces. The feet are the HF 1.0 feet but slightly modified(look at the picture with the foot to see how, it’s pretty straight forward and I’m not the first to use this).Please feel free to critic and such.


He looks great!

The Loincloth is probably my favorite thing in the MOC. :smile:

Resembles Pohatu just a tad much, but I like the design of the arms and the skirt armor looks really cool.


Ya I wish I could change that. But alas, the mask colors are so limited per element. I may change the neon green to trans light blue when I get a gali duplicate though.


Looks really nice!

The loincloth/skirt thing is well done, but something about those boomerang pieces feels off…

But I still love how it looks!

The loin cloth is really clever. Also, if you have the Creature of Stone (or any Creature really), can you show a Unity pic?

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Sure I can do that.

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I really love this one. Setlike but unique. I’m really getting that ancient world vibe from this guy/gal :slight_smile:

The gunmetal thingareenies are a nice touch. Nice work on her.

is she a man or

I love this. It’s subtly feminine, the armor looks great and gives a samurai vibe, and the colors are balanced as well as beautiful. The connections of the skirt could be improved but otherwise this is fantastic.


I really like the variety of equipment. That and the simple style make for a winning combination!

Currently it’s what ever you want it to be. I can’t decide on which, I’ve done some sketches that make it more masculine, but the build could be either or. I think I’ll leave it ambiguous for now.

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I think the issue is that Pohatu’s 2016 mask looks very feminine, particularly with the way the eyes are shaped. If you used the 2015 mask, it would probably give off a much more masculine vibe. Bulking up the shoulders slightly would help, too.

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with an awesome looking female samurai warrior.


Ya the pohatu 2015 mask just doesn’t fit right or blend with the other pieces.

Here ya go:

United with ketar.



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Man that actually looks cool. I may have to make this, to give myself enough reasons to get Ketar.

Looks awesome!

This is really cool! Takadox’s blades work really well here, and I like the shoulders. :smile:

I must say, this is a really awesome MOC. I love the heavy armored look and how you pulled it off. The usage of the Jeterang and HF shield pieces for the skirt armor.

Although he looks like a revamped Pohatu, I think it looks really good regardless.