Takuma's AMA

I am as capable of the ridiculous as I am insight and advice. Take your pick; it's called ask me anything for a reason.

Or don't. See if I care.

Filthy casuals.


What does human taste like?


Who's Takuma?


Is the Rock Raiders series dead? I was really enjoying that.

Also, what kind of music do you listen to?


According to an American Idol audition I once saw, "a little bit like bacon".

Apparantly it isn't as original as I thought when I penned it. There's a racecar drive by the name of Takuma Sato. When I joined BZPower there were two other members that went by "Takuma" and "Takuma: Toa of the Wind"

I also later learned that it's an anagram of "Makuta".

Take your pick I guess.


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Realistically? It's my understanding that they can chuck 136 cubic centimeters of wood.


do you think you'll adopt/make an rpg set after TGSR was abandoned?

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oh mighty and wise Takuma

what should I do during my Spring Break?


Yo, Takuma. What's your opinion on the rest of the TTV cast?

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What's your opinion on Eljay in particular?

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How many times have you been fired by Var? stuck_out_tongue

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What do you think of Viper?


How are you so amazing?


Have you gotten a green light for Bird Friday?

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How do I make friends?

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Will your rpg be public?

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who's your favorite protector?

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Rock Raiders is on an indefinite hiatus. Kanohi Zatth and I became really busy with school and our schedules just didn't line up anymore. While I'm sure we'll definitely pick it up again someday, I can't imagine it'll be before summer. However, at that point I should imagine I'll have better software and maybe even hardware, upping the quality.

I'm going to sound totally hipster for saying this, but pretty much nothing that's mainstream. I used to be all country all the time, but modern country -- "bro country" -- isn't about anything but booze, trucks, and girls in unnecessarily tight jeans or swimwear. Forget that. I do still l like listening to some of Brad Paisley's stuff though.

Mostly I listen to game soundtracks -- Skyrim, Frozen Synapse, and anything done by Hyperduck are favorites --, (Sound of the) Aviators, and lately I've actually been enjoying the Ninjago music by The Fold quite a bit.

I have no idea what "TGSR" is. Terrible Grammar Soviet Regime?

Well I've been working on the website (there'll be a blurb about that in the next episode of TTV) and cramming to finish the RPG rules.

You? I'd say practice an instrument that you've always wanted to learn or find some neat board/card games to play with friends. I recommend Balderdash or Smash Up!

Varderan: Decent enough fellow, I suppose. He certainly puts a lot of hours and effort into this whole jam so he's got my respect for his dedication.

Mesonak: Despite how abrasive he's been lately (:P) I really like his style. He seems a bit more level-headed than some of the others, though not to say he's always in the right when we're . . . "debating".

Eljay: Kid's a screwball. I don't know whether to give him a high-five or a punch some days. Overall he's generally a pretty swell guy. I saw his face once though and my eyes are still burning.

Kahi: He's the reason people hate teenagers. I can't say that I don't see some similarities between the two of us, though that may not be evident during a recording session. We both try to take logical approaches to subjects often enough and play devil's advocate.

Venom: I envy this guy's MOC and music skills. He can be a bit . . . difficult for me to listen to some days though.

Viper: She's pretty schway. I find that we're often on the same wavelength on several subjects and her personality reminds me of myself in certain ways. I've always thought British accents were neat too. I can't help but feel we could be real pals if we lived in the vicinity of each other.

Exxtrooper: Guy's crazy. Reminds me of my crazy side. We can both go on super-tangent-chains like crazy at the drop of a hat. I appreciate a person like that who can keep up with me.

If he were bread, he'd be whole wheat. Coarse, not very flavorful, and nobody I know likes it very much.

I dunno. Once? Twice? 9 times out of 10 I quit.

I want to know what brand of flour she uses for her soups.


On a more serious note, I don't see myself as being "amazing" and I'm not sure how I ever got the following I did. I just try my best to have a good time with others. I enjoy my life the most when I'm helping others enjoy theirs.

I want to say it's coming up relatively soon here...

Kill your enemies, tear them apart, fuse the choiciest bodies parts together, and bring them to life ala Frankenstein. Just give them a cool name and a pineapple when they come to life.

I'll be posting the rulebook both here and on BZPower.

That's a tough one. I like the Fire Protector's body, but his arms and tools are wat. Earth protector has a cool, stocky build with the shooter as his chest. Jungle Protector has that awesome crossbow. If I had to pick? Probably Earth.


The Great Spirit Robot