Takuma's AMA

what is your favorite seasoning for human flesh?

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my friend said they could possibly be whips, but I'm with you, I have no clue how to use those things

also what is your honest opinion on the transformer movies? I personally dislike them to say the least

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I do eventually intend to add Spherus Magna stuff to the mix once I've got the core rules going. In what order I'll be adding additional content will depend on whether or not there are any specific requests, to be sure.

Wintering or Autumning.

He stole the cranks off of a couple jack-in-the-boxes and set them on fire. Poor kids.

My exposure to the Transformers franchise is very minimal. Never watched any of the shows, what I saw of the first two movies I didn't like because I thought they were kind of trashy, but Fall of Cybertron was an AMAZING game.


and that is why you are my favorite :smile_cat:

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you say this as I am using a piano app on my computer to experiment with some things



I'm my favorite too.

Fun Fact: Back when we had an oooooold Macintosh computer we had a software program that helped us learn to play piano. We had an electronic keyboard that plugged into the computer using MIDI cables and this special box-thing. I was pretty decent at it, but my heart wasn't in it so much. Right now I'm trying to learn the ocarina and NOT because I'm a LoZ fan. So far, I can play a short segment of a couple Bionicle tunes. Namely, the end of the MOL credits music and The Old Fusa Path.


How's Dota been


omg just check my dotabuff u scrub

I've actually played very little up until the start of Spring Break this week. I got in a few games of Random Draft and Single Draft.

My Slardar game had a Tinker player that ended the game 0 and 12 with Soul Ring, Bottle, BoT, and most of a Dagon. The BoT was the last thing he got.

My Alchemist game had a Veno that pushed lane from the get go and ended with Aquilla, Treads, and Shadow Blade. We also had two people who . . . well, let's just say communication is hard when you speak a certain non-English language.

After that I had an Undying game where I broke my record for Most Assists (went 8/10/54). We were getting crushed by early push but we managed to last long enough where the entire enemy team melted if we got into a team-fight. It was a hard-fought and satisfying win. Undying remains my favorite hero.

This morning I had a Timbersaw game. We lost two sets of racks and one of our Tier Fours. Enemy Ursa got four or five Roshshans while we got none. My Oracle lane mate insisted on pushing the lane. Nobody bought wards except me about 20-30 minutes in. Our Sniper kept getting bursted by Bounty Hunter with a Dagon. Enemy Wraith King built a Battlefury, Satanic, and had a Hyper Stone. Enemy Shadow Shaman built a Refresher and kept going for super-push.

I wiped the floor with them. New record for Most Hero Damage (36,246).

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What are your preferred methods of doing so?

Pointing out their inferiority and logical fallacies until their heads implode.

Or making them listen to Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, or Nikki Minaj.


What are your top 10 disappointing games of 2014?

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You're sick dude!

...I like you.



how do you takuma every day


My video game spending went down this year as I continue to be more choosey about what I drop my money on. That said, I can't say I've really bought any games I was disappointed in. Unless we want to count games I didn't buy or play?

Actually, looking through my purchase history almost none of the games I bought are even from 2014. The ones that I did are mostly indie titles that I really enjoy. So, none?

I mean, I guess I was originally disappointed that Destiny wasn't coming to PC, but then from everything I heard it really didn't live up to the hype so I don't care anymore. I'm not a Halo fan, but I'm still disappointed that they're still not coming to PC.

Is that sick as in sick or sick as in siiiiiiiick, bro?

Copious hours of studying deodorant philosophy to sharpen the mind, twelve sets of crunch-pushes to stay in shape, and I always greet people with a smile and a copy of "Teaching Gophers to Skydive for Dummies".


Takuma, you just got even cooler in my book


Sick as in
...well both could work
...so I guess both


Sorry about that, I usually try to cooler in only my books. I just love coolering books though. The best coolers to use are the ones with weird names.



Before firearms were invented, who do you think the strongest warrior is? Example: samurai, viking, knight. Example of non eligible warrior: pirate, confederate, anyone modern.


Is it really bowl?