Takuma's AMA

Of anything. Just in general.

In that case, I don’t have one. Everything has its nuances and they make a world of difference to me.

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Sorry it took me so many days to respond to this but those comeback games sound awesome. That’s an unbelievable amount of assists @ the Undying game. Did you win the one with Timbersaw?

edit: lol I didn’t even see you locked this, nice. Now all the attention is on me…


Invi confirmed for abuse of Moderator powers.


This is my favorite rule in the book


Do you have Gatorade for days?

Well, I did.

Why does everyone keep talking about the darn gatorade that was more than a month ago and I ran out of gatorade last month

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I feel like opening this back up for a little bit.


Because I can.

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you gonna play the battlefront beta on thursday takuma?

What’s your opinion on the Lego Pirates line? Do you like it? Or do you feel it needs to stop coming back?

I wasn’t aware there was one. In any case, I hate to say it, but I have zero interest in the new Battlefront at this point. I’ve played the heck out of BFII, but the new one is missing a lot of things that made BFII great IMO. I don’t know how much EA has pushed their influence on the decision-making for the title, but it sure looks to me like it’s showing.

Can’t say that I’ve ever paid attention to it. The only pirate LEGO stuff I’ve ever owned was from a promo that Quaker Oatmeal did. Somewhere around the time we moved, I lost my Redbeard minifig and never found it.
As for it coming back, I can see why it’d have its place as one of LEGO’s evergreen themes. So long as it’s successful for them, they may as well make money off of it.


I agree, I think if they called the game something else and didn’t play off of our nostalgia it would be better received

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Does my avatar look like a glowing Dorito?
What’s the dumbest mask?
Do you like pizza?

Should my answer have changed since the last time you asked?

What kind?


Yes? Or no?


What’s your most expected videogame release of this/next year?

Have you ever seen a zigaloo? I heard it’s turning forty-two.