Talanrakniss the true assassin of death

(Bio)Talanrakniss was one a humble and sinister ruler of the dark legion assassins evolved with death murder theft assassination bribery excursions and the most well know largest criminal organisation with earning high profit and professional work with high respect Until Macallan arrived.
Macallan offered his group to have a full on alliance between Talanrakniss the dark legion assassins and Macallan’s dark enterprise forces but unfortunately talanrakniss down right rudely disrespect Macallan’s offer and responded Macallan: YOU! HAVE MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE YOU SIMPLETON! And ordered his enterprise obliterated the assassins facility right in front of him and lounge at Macallan.
But Macallan grap him by his head and dragged him to his thrown and made him watch the destruction of his assassins legion until it was reduced to nothing but ashes dust and rubble then Macallan eventually rip his head of completely and thought was gone of this world but Macallan was incredibly wrong about this.
Once Macallan’s forces liberated all the resources that they can find within the rubble and left but didn’t know there was one thing left behind and it was a zellagen brain slug which can devourer any type of brain it desires and therefore had eaten Talanrakniss’s barin and transformed and reanimated the neck connection back on and once alive again with all of his memories intact perfectly and seek revengeance on Macallan for what he has done.
(Powers and weapons)
The zellagen brain slug now infused with his head completely until he dies and now has the power of super speed entirely instead of his stealth tactics because his intelligence has been lowered severely arrange for strength and is now not very bright person to be around being extremely easy to tick of and will always get in a fight nowadays
Talanrakniss weapons are marlieka scythiss which increases his speed expediently by 500% separately use that he activates them once unsheathed the power unleashed once sheathed is dropped down back to normal when both used at once increased to 1000% in total the only weakness he has is only the 8 madness orbs depending on the user can turn thoughts into power and say madness control to freeze time and space completely and do a easy attack on there opponent

Talanrakniss’s theme song https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fB77JrfhY78


but like
his build is basically just Brutaka with some mods


Neat, he looks pretty good. I like the gold armor

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Yeah!.. I tried to build a different torso but nothing came that was better the bruaka design after all if you can’t beat them join them but I appreciate you notice that Mr @Heyzorks

Thank you @Rukah that was the main idea was the gold to give him a Paladin armour design like from ekimu the mask maker from g2


ooo very cool
kinda looks like Makuta Brutaka ya know?