Macallan the overlord (update)

Born and raised on planet monterrion 5 where Macallan lives with his older brother and sister who are twins with their parents and where all happy which is not the case with Macallan which his parents a not aware of this.
When Macallan’s mother and father go out they put his older brother and sister in charge of the house and are assigned with some chores but they force Macallan to do it instead and if he does not agree they will put the blame on him for what they do and will take the Glory on what he did for them and Macallan get nothing out of it Macallan hated this severely since this would happen frequently when his parents go out all the time when it’s late.
But Macallan did have a shine of light come through his depression and was his pet dog named sizzle which he is put though suffering as well by his older siblings of what they do to them.
After when Macallan became a teenager thing will start to get much much worse for him a few days after he found out that sizzle his pet had to be put to sleep since he had cancer in his lounges and this was the breaking point for Macallan and finally had enough of the mistreatment by his siblings and his parents are completely unaware of this so one night sneak out of his bedroom window and run like the wind to get out of that horrible place and he never saw them again.
Macallan wandered endlessly to find somewhere completely safe from his horrible siblings tired and hungry since he hasn’t eaten for weeks and fell beside of the road and fell unconscious he thought was the end of himself.
But surprisingly someone noticed poor little Macallan on the side of the road and told the convoy to Holt Commander wonder why they stop and he noticed the poor little Young Macallan as well and agreed to bring him to the military base.
Macallan woke up in the infirmary wonder where he was and luckily someone come in and it’s the Commander and asked him are you okay young one and Macallan responded saying I’m fine but a bit starving because I have nothing to eat for weeks the commander was surprised that young Macallan was In a very bad state and decides to bring Macallan into the mess hole which the Commander said to Macallan you have anything like young one and Macallan was extremely happy to have something to eat after weeks of starving the Commander was very surprised by Macallan had eaten half of the food in the mess hole.
The Commander wandered what’s the deal was with young Macallan and so he explained everything on what happened and when the Commander found this out on what Macallan told him he was very inraged of what his older siblings had done to him and his parents were completely incompetent they were and how they handle this mistreatment of young Macallan.
The Commander ask Macallan if he like to join the army and have the Commander as his adopted father Macallan immediately said yes and join the army to train as a royal Soldier of peace justice and for a better future to leave the past behind him parliamentary.
After 20 years Macallan has become a great and honourable Soldier and served respect on the Battlefield no matter how his opponent is.
Macallan had everything he ever wanted but thing will get bad much later.
Macallan started feeling unwell so he went to see his doctor for the examinations and found out Macallan has come down with extreme rear disease that he will approximately die on his next birthday when it hits him at midnight Macallan thought it was all lost
but luckily a unknown wise old man who’s call the profit and told him that there is a legendary master Shadows within an ancient tomb that will give the user eternal life until he can find a cure for his deadly disease.
Macallan manage to found the ancient tomb hidden within the monterra jungle it was rough and going to the mask of shadows but he eventually found it and he put it on and started to transform into a horrific state of himself and become into a darumaka demon and as well unknown forsaken and forbidden powers that what’s known to man of all powers and like.
Macallan’s design takes from the ninjago character lord garmadon from the ninjago TV series of the first session hence why he has four arms and the multi different weapons especially the design from when the overlord possessed garmadon and transformed in his body when the overlord did that it creep the heck out of me
If anyone can let me know where I can post the instructions for him on the message boards it would be greatly appreciated and I be thankful for it internally :sparkling_heart:

The original Macallan Macallan the overlord

Macallan’s theme song


Wouldn’t they be triplets instead of twins?

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Oh about that Macallan is 6 years younger the his brother and sister
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I fix the issue of this :ok_hand:

This moc looks very shadowy. I like the backstory, nice job

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ooo very cool!

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nice chair


Very interesting triple-jointed elbow setup. I’m not entirely sure if it works, but it seems to look good in most poses.

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Interesting, however the first gold guy looks like a Brutaka reskin.

Yep the shadowy appearance was something I was really after for Macallan I appreciate you like the backstory thanks buddy it’s means the world @Rukah I really mean it :hugs:

Thanks @Eilrach the thorne was something i needed as well for Macallan since his the ruler of his dark Empire I appreciate you like it

Well depending on how strong and stable the socket connection is for the smallest ccbs joints as long it has it’s strength in it then the back arms will not be a big issue :ok_hand:

Ah yes indeed @The_Blue_Panda he is indeed
I mentioned this before with some else on Talanrakniss’s post on why this is the case and I have gone over this before I will not repeat myself Since it would be comes down stale and repetitive quite quickly :+1: