Team Horrins

Born and raised named Pharon arouin on planet ballade as a orphan not knowing who his parents are and being bullied for his weird looks by the kids in the orphanage since Pharon would never pay attention to who bullies him at a young age he had a very strong mind when It comes to annoyance from others he can neutralise the annoying sounds as he befriend a female darklen by the name of Direda who he normally spent of his time with her.
After a number of years Pharon grew too adult age and left the orphanage so Pharon search for a higher place to be achieved of greatness that he seeks.
Pharon joined Macallan’s dark enterprise and quickly risen through the ranks as a high Commander to join Macallan as one of his top price protecting guardian soldiers and got to meet the quintons of Delta who Pharon befriend and trust worthy bond similar to a brother on brother bond connection.
Macallan will normally send Pharon on a particular mission to deal with a idolising threatening issue to the dark enterprise and so Pharon will eliminate them permanently and this will cause a major problem for Pharon later on.
After a few years of working and serving for Macallan they have become quite close to one another and Macallan has become a little worried for Pharon since Macallan has seen something terrible happening to Pharon in the future and Pharon brush it of without and reinsurance Macallan’s fath in him and sends to do the final mission for Macallan to take out one last permanent threat to the dark enterprise and warned him to be careful and Pharon said I will be my friend and that was one of the last time he saw Macallan.
When Pharon was about to complete his mission but out of nowhere Tarkaven appeared to avenge for his beloved sister and his failure of his brethren to protected them Pharon was indeed shocked to his heart and being staggered of how massive he is.
With no hesitation from Tarkaven attacked Pharon had to act quickly to fight since he had no weapon on him so Pharon had no choice but to run from Tarkaven and chase to a cliff with a very high impact and dangerous fall that can kill anyone no matter how fast or slow they fall down.
Pharon decided to jump off the cliff to escape from Tarkaven this did not work all to well Tarkaven made Pharon fall by a severely powerful earthquake rupture so fell to his doom he before this was the end and somehow he was warped to a unknown location and asleep inside a healing pod and was their for long while and waited for someone to let him out.
Born and raised on planet ballade with her parents and was mostly at home with her grandmother since her parents were had workers in the military her mother as a medical doctor and her father was a high respectful peacekeeping general on their home planet but things will get much worse for young Direda.
When she was coming home from a school field trip she found out her parents have past away from a bombarding attack on the base answer find out her grandmother and was in intensive caring for a disease so she had no choice but to live in the orphanage and was very nervous to go in but she put on a brave face and went in the orphanage and found out that a poor kid was being bullied for his weird looks and decided to tell them back of and leave him be.
But the bullies ignored Direda and warned them and they ignored her again and decided to kick them where it hurts and so she kick them in the crotch finally agreed to back off from him.
Direda ask are you okay to him and he responded saying yes I am OK but thank you and said you must be new here and Direda went Yep that’s right and I’m Direda by the way and he said I’m Pharon nice to meet you Direda and Direda said oh thank you and mind if I join you and Pharon responded I don’t see why not and had they spent most of their time in the orphanage and she like it quite a lot but a bit too much.
After time in the orphanage and learned that Pharon was old enough to leave the orphanage and started to lose some fath in herself and confidence.
After she was old enough to leave the orphanage as well she started her professions as a legendary treasure hunter for rare and valuable items to give them researchers for a reasonable price for how special the item is and was well known for this great service.
Someone told Direda there was a special treasure that was owned by a person called Iveito tamen harven who is a well known scientists and renowned researcher for is great Discoveries in achievement for the granter good of people In the universe and went on the dangerous treasure hunt she found one of Dr Harven’s secret laboratory and entered a secret pin code and was shocked and surprised to find out her old deer friend Pharon was in a healing pod capsule and immediately to release him out of that pod since she doesn’t know how long he’s been in their.
Once he was out of the pod he jumped out towards Direda saving her from a dangerous war bot by the name of HB03-Odariss he managed to stop the fighting between the two ask what the deal is with them both.
So Odariss explained he was trapped in the room by the orders of Dr Harven and was severely inrange by this and Pharon explained he has lost his memory completely and so Direda decided to group up with the two as a team and find out was is going on with Dr Harven.
manufactured HB03-Odariss was one of Dr Harven’s best H-bot series and was ordered to protect a unknown healing pod capsule and was quite a bit annoyed by this and was getting anxious about this by every second of these silly order and decided go to shut down mode until something has happened.
After a couple of years being stuck in here he was activated to a intruder encounter so he mistaken and saw the intruder and started gun blazing and engaged Pharon but was interrupted by Direda and they both claimed down from the heated fight.
Direda ask what was the case was with so Odariss explained that he was ordered to protect what was inside the pod not knowing who it was in there and when Pharon explained that he can remember anything about himself or anyone he once knew and Odariss was surprised about this so Direda decided to bring them together Odariss was getting ready to fight Pharon but Direda brought one of their hands together and put one of her hands on top and formed the Trio Team Horrins.
Pharon’s first Inspiration design comes from Ancient Egyptian God Anubis for the Jackal design.
Pharon’s second inspiration comes from @shadowgear6335’s Necrospherian mocs to make him a undead Jackel lifeform
Odariss’s Inspiration come from the sonic the hedgehog franchise character E102-Omega which Odariss’s story is borrowed from Omega I hope the similar story doesn’t ruin he character and style :wink:





Overall, all three mocs look nice but it’s really hard to read all that lore without any punctuation.


looks very good!

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