That Awesome Moment When

Basically the opposite of the "That Awkward Moment When..." topic, where we discuss awesome moments and stuff.

For example:
-That awesome moment when someone tells you crucial news about an assignment, and you know it's gonna affect your grade, but then you find out that your teacher only docked you down 1-2 points on that. :smiley:


that awesome moment when you find most of the new bionicle sets in one store

that was me on January first


That awesome moment when you find out you have a substitute teacher

That Awesome Moment when someone is talking about how they are better than you, know more than you, and had a better grade on a major assignment than you, but once you receive said assignment back, you have a 100, while he has a 90.

Take That NAME !


That Awesome Moment when I left.

Bruh, subs suck.

That awesome moment when you hand in an assignment late, but still get a higher score than most of the class.

Bruh, you clearly never had a sub that didn't care and let you and your friends play smash the whole period.


That awesome moment when you find that you can rebuild a MOC to suit the most recent critique every 24 hours


well it depends on what type of personality the sub has

That awesome moment where due to being very sick/holidays/school board meetings I haven't/won't have school for 10 days


The awesome moment when you...

I dunno...

I am not in the mood.

That awesome moment when you find a glass sword in your first morrowind dungeon.

That awesome moment when you start fresh in terraria and you get a Drax out of a present.

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That awesome moment when you can't wait. /s

That awesome moment when you eat Lucky Charms. nom nom nom

The awesome moment when you have lots of money and can get every g2 set plus more. I feel like a collector now with all the g1 and g2 stuff everywhere.


That awesome moment when your order comes in.

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That awesome moment when-

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