The Adventures, Warriors of the Realms: MOC Contest

Since @Shadower isnt a master I am now holding this contest


Okay, I'll probably build bastion, nature.

I'll take Kholgur, then.

I'll probably build xecris

Ill take chaos, please!

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skycraft chose it first :confused:

Ah, crap. May i have shadow, then?

Dude. Multiple people can do the same one. It's a contest.

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right, right, forgot about that


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May I do chaos?

I see everyone wants to make Chaos uh?

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Only 1 I have an idea for

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Im gonna stick with shadow since less people are doing it.

I'll join. I'll probably go for time and nature.

@Shadower (should've @ed you when I first posted this) I'm thinking I might want in, but, idk which realm I want to build for. While I get the general idea of each realm (like nature = green, brown and other nature like colors) I don't know what type of world they're in. Are these realms big on civilization? Are they worn down like post apocalyptic? Are there developing, tribal, ancient empire, medieval, renaissance, or steam punk themes in them. I want to be able to build to the style of your universe.

Depending on the theme, I have a few interests:

If Eriin is a realm that can easily be described as an immortal kingdom or empire (like if you envision Asgard as pictured in the avengers with massive gates in front of it and its guardian that looks like a heroic knight of some kind standing firmly in front of the city in a "none shall pass" kind of way) that's something I'm down for, otherwise, I'd likely still do it, but I'd have to think about it.

Is Invidaal a place people go when they die, or is it a place full of the power of death or something?

Also while I said I get the colors of the realms, I may as well double check.
Chaos: red and black
Light: white and gold
Nature: green and brown
Shadow: black
Death: purple and black
Protection: silver and other? (Don't really know)
Time: gold and other?

Anyway, what would be great is if you could give a brief little paragraph or so description of each realm, and what its style is, and maybe another on the universe overall.

I'll build Aestra.


LDD allowed?

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mmm, maybe.

I would like to join this contest. Can I make a gatekeeper? I love making guards.
Can you tell me more about this gatekeeper? I don't exactly know the RP story.

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@Shadower is the one that can answer your questions, send him a PM or just wait for him to answer

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