The All-Purpose Fictional World for Bionicle Fans and Characters to Co-Exist AKA the Rise-Verse

I like to think of this as the mediclorians of the Bionicle Fandom, because this idea of mine will try to explain away how Bionicles could ever exist on earth among us normally.

Basically my idea for the back story of how this world would come into being is as follows:
“In the year 200 BC, the great spirit robot would crash into Earth and lay still due to Teridax’s virus. 2215 years later, humans and the Bio-mechanical creatures that emerged from the Great Spirit Robot have come to live along side each other over the course of time. Because of their arrival on Earth, the culture and population are drastically different from the earth we know today- Humans wear Kanohi(Eljay for example), Matoran and Turaga hold jobs as teachers and PhD’s in things. Skakdi, Zyglak and all manor of Rahi roam the less populated places of earth, Toa serve as the international defense force for the world and work to keep the peace.”

I actually plan to use this fictional world as a setting in my future project, but I don’t knooooooooooow- Maybe you’ll think this is a silly idea. That’s why I’m making this topic so you may feed me with feedback.


Wouldn’t that be awesome? And they could build a Metru Nui somewhere in the ocean as the sort of “Bionicle Capital” of the world.

My theory is that Bionicle predates History on earth (the time before time). And that billions of years later, in Lego City, some minifigs at a construction site uncover a Hau. Transformers-esque movie plot ensues.


If you’re gonna tie this into the ***** ****** ****** ******, how does that explain some people, like Beef, Konalouch, and I, for example?

Ah… Cosplaying.

And Ruby?

I like this. Seems like TTV INFINITY, but in a different way that seems more interesting now… Keep going, Risebell!

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It’s a tie!

what about the existence of slimes

is there an answer for that

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I fixed that

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nope i fixed it more

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Thanks, Slime!

one day slime
we will
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one day…

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slime was made when we put some powder and water together and stuffed it in a fridge
wait thats jello
we made some kind of slime like structure that landed on a human being
it did nothing but this guy could never wash it off, and worst of all he had a suit on

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he then donned a white matatu on his head, claiming to be a hero of old

also he was a politician and stuff

How are potatoes liek me born?

You see, the Deny-it Train leaves a trail of evil stuff behind it. One time, the evil stuff landed on 8 potatoes, and gave them life. The potatoes got on the Deny-it Train, and shrunk a Noble Hau on the front of it. The potatoes were fused together by Nyran to create Pot8o. Pot8o then put on the Hau.

I dont like you anymore
except for things I dont like