The Azulvian

Very little is known about The Azulvian, as it has only been sighted a handful of times on a distant moon in the outskirts of space. All attempts to communicate with it have failed since it's language is currently unknown. Other key things are also unknown at this time: Is it male or female? Is it the only one of its kind, or perhaps the emissary of a race of blue avian beings with designs on invading the galaxy at any moment? Is it capable of interstellar travel with its own wings, or does it require a vessel of some kind? Is it good or evil? These questions, and many more, are yet to be answered.

The name is an amalgamation of "azul" (blue in Spanish) and "avian" (which means bird-like).


Sweet moc, Really like the wings.

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I love this guy's look; never seen anything like it before

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Thanks! I made him back in November for the reddit MOC contest. Unfortunately I didn't get a single vote. :confused: That's alright though. There were some really good ones that month.

That's a pretty cool head design!


This is my exact reaction to seeing this thing.

This is one of the most groovy looking MOC's I have seen on the boards man.


I really like that electric staff he has. Just so fitting.

I must say, that bird has a very nice head.. :grin:

That's an awesome compliment! Thanks brother. This board has been great at welcoming new posters like me.

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Dude that's the only reason I have stay around as long as I have.

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The skull fur add on piece looks out of place, but other than that....nothing is wrong. Those wings are sweet, love the head and colours, adore the weapon and idolise those perfectly designed bird legs.

Overall: 9.5/10 :thumbsup: great job

This is my 2nd favourite MOC done by you :smile:

@BlackboltJohnson you're welcome

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Awesome feedback. Thanks dude.

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Looks really great

I like the clever wordplay on the name. Also, his color scheme, design, and aesthetic are impressive. :grinning:

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Looks awesome!

That head is nice


Nice MOC! I like the wings.

Nice work.

I love the MOC but the name is really bothering me azul avian? Listen I'm all up for using different languages for the names of MOCs I do it with maori and latin, but that name just feels so uninspired, but regardless I think the MOC looks fantastic!

Teach me your ways, o master, that I might make heads like yours.