The Battle of Bunny Beach

This is my entry for @Jack’s 18 x 18 contest.

It’s a little battle scene of the black bunnies invading the Red Bunny Gang’s hidden beachside base to try to take back their crystallized carrot, because reasons n’ such.

Here is the black bunnies’ cube mech:

And the Red Bunny Gang’s shtuff:

The main line bunnies for both sides:

All the bunnies together:

So what do you think? Is it complete trash or forgettable junk?


Call of Duty, Bunny warfare.


They look incredibly fluffy…

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They’re so smol I love it!

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I love the design of the rabbits; they make such a smart use of few pierces. The mech, too, is well designed.

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I want to see how this battle ends.

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Such interesting parts usage here; the bunnies are a brilliant exercise in making something recognizable with the minimum number of pieces, and the mech’s angled design is something I haven’t seen done before. Great job!


Holy crap, this is hilarious.

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They’re so adorable!

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This looks pretty good, and the robots are so cute.

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Tough choices Plural.

Actually, I really like it. It feels really fleshed out in a minimal amount of space. Actually, the minimal space makes it feel more actiony.

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