The beginning of The Chibi Self-MOCs Project!

So, lately, I’ve decided that I wanted to make other people’s Self MOCs, as a gift from me to them, for being great friends and such. I figured I would regularly post my progress on each one as to let people know what I am up to. So far, I have at least 15 Self-MOCs planned for this project, and it will take me several months to get it fully done. I hope you enjoy the ride, as I know I will.

First things first, I actually already have 3 completed. They are going to be pictured below.

Firstly, we have Ventum! So, I had to take V8 apart a while ago, and seeing as Ventum is still of importance to me, he is going to be my Chibi Mascot! Nothing amazing going on here, it’s a carbon copy of an old MOC I made a while ago, but it’s good for the first one I mae.

Next we have Nyran, the Knight. This Self-MOC belongs to @Nyran He’s a good friend of mine. This was the second one I’ve made so far, and it came out remarkably well I feel.

The last one I’ve made recently belongs to @Payinku Another good friend of mine :stuck_out_tongue: This one came out decent I feel, as I’ve based it on the older, as well as another, recent version. I kept the colors of the original, but added a silver arm from the newer variant. This came out well also.

Anyways, C&C as always, and I hope you guys are ready for this adventure as much as I am, because this is going to take me Months to finish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your time :ok_hand:


I will eagerly await the Ekorak.

But in the mean time, Ventum looks adorable.

Also they all have Kakamas.

This was on purpose, wasn’t it?


The Kakama Trio, mang.


@Ekorak Thank you!

Yes, it was on purpose. I wanted to get, as I have dubbed it (and Nyran) The Kakama Trio. It felt easiest to begin with masks I already had.

@Nyran Yeeessss, The Kakama Trio.




You can never have enough Kakama in your life.

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This is true. It looks too good.

Coolio I really like all of them :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Me likes! :smile:

Definitely make Iggs and Chro in the future.

Hm… so we’ll all be the same size?

This is great!

I was very quick to press the like button.

I’ll leave.


@Oniwah Thank you!

@Risebell I just might! I need to ask them first.

@JMP So far it’s not open commission, sorry :confused: If it ever does become open commission, yes, unless the Self-MOC is a titan, it will be the same size. Thank you for the comment!

@Shaymin123456789012345678 Thank you!


These are great! It says “Chibi” MOCs, but these guys look like Matoran! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many people on the Message Boards have a Kakama, as I myself use one…

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may I be created pwease? (when the summer wave comes around anyways, gotta have that mask of creation)

in the meantime these look adorable


ignore my statement


I’ll be your unofficial Ventum PR representative for this evening,
and I can answer that for you.[quote=“Ventum, post:13, topic:7785”]
So far it’s not open commission, sorry :confused:

btw, vent, I love this, not my moc specifically, but the entire concept, especially since you’re such a good moccist.

Maybe this will mean you’ll be more active on the boards.


Preety neat idea… (there are 3 Kakamas… Valve cannot count to 3… 3+3=6… Gabe Newell has 2 eyes… 6÷2=3… Half-Life 3 Confirmed?) Cough…

Anyways, are they going to get mini weapons? :stuck_out_tongue: (also @Payinku looks like his Matorsn Version :3)


that’s because it’s the unholy amalgamation of my G1 self-moc, my G2 self-moc, and Ventums own twisted mental image of me.

which are all matoran, since my ability to make a good toa version of myself is non-existent.


this is like a better version of slimes community mocs

i love it


I’ve been wanting to do something like this with my MOCs for a while, but I can never get around to doing it. Nice work!