The Best LEGO Main Villains of the 2010s

So the new decade’s over half way done with.

And so I was wondering, of the past…6 or so years, which of Lego’s story based themes have presented the best main antagonists?

I feel that Ninjago’s Overlord as the Golden Master, and Chima’s Sir Fangar of the Hunters are the best villains we’ve gotten out of the 2010s so far.

I feel like I could also make a strong case for Nadakhan as well, but since his tenure isn’t even properly started yet, I felt I should exclude him from my thought process for now.

I’d love to see what you guys believe are the best lead villains that Lego’s presented us with this decade.


I gotta agree on the overlord.
He was one of the best if not the best villain of ninjago. Sure I liked Garmadon too, but in the end he got redemption and I actually like him more as a hero now. However the overlord is pure evil, and I love him for that.

And my other personal favorite villain has to be LoSS
Well… To be fair I haven’t kept up with many other themes, but from what I can tell Makuta and Umarak seem promising, but not yet worthy of being called the best villains.

EDIT: I also really liked Skales and Pythor, even though Skales became a “good guy” later I still love his character. And Pythor, I really liked all of his actions, and when I found out he survived I was so happy! I don’t know how much trouble he has caused since last time I had the chance to watch ninjago in a regular basis he shrinked haha…


Skull Slicer.
Don’t question my entirely questionable judgement.


I’ve always felt that Sensei Garmadon>Lord Garmadon

I chose The Overlord as the Golden Master in particular because everything about him that year just screamed “Shattered Glass”

from how his foot soldiers were evil Zane clones, to how he used Lloyd’s very power from last year

it was just a good time.

Sir Fangar is unique in that his appearance marks a drastic tonal change in Chima. Before him, everything was fairly lighthearted, no consequences, and our heroes won more often than not.

But Sir Fangar was different. When he and his army arose from the Gorge of Eternal Depth, his forces utterly slaughtered the united alliance of all 8 Chima Tribes. Able to stop their lasers with nothing but willpower, and in turn able to freeze their foes immediately.

That’s the thing, though. Makuta has yet to even appear beyond making his big powerful mask, and then laying low.

And Umarak’s story hasn’t even officially been released yet for the most part.

I wouldn’t, but uh

I was more so speaking of the years’ big bads.

Slicer was working under Grinder.


To be honest, I like the Lich. I love how he is hidden in every single episode and-frankly-he’s terrifying, being able to easily manipulate Finn like that.

Oh wait, we were talking about Lego villains? Then…uh…I guess I like the Overlord. That or Kulta.

Kulta? Hmm, I personally think he was uninteresting in the animations and books. His set form is no better.

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In all honesty, I really liked Von Nebula conceptually and set-wise, and they had a whole huge set up for him to come back in 2012. I just wished he had stuck around more…


Technically Teridax qualifies, since G1 ended in 2010


Him. 8D


Copout answer, good sir

Copout answer

he didn’t even get a set in 2010

I feel like the character at least needs a set in this decade to qualify.


I haven’t seen all of Ninjago, but I’m quite fond of how Garmadon was presented in the original mini-series. Whoever voiced him imbued him with a real sense of quiet, sophisticated menace.

For Hero Factory, I think Witch Doctor and Von Nebula are really cool in concept, even if the execution was mediocre. Meltdown and Core Hunter remain my personal favorites for purely subjective reasons.

I also have high hopes for Umarak the Hunter; if nothing else I think he’s a great villain in terms of visual design.


Well, one of the Stars was a Rahkshi, which was created from his essence… :wink:

But srsly, I haven’t followed any lines closely enough since Bionicle ended to have any legitimate input.


That would be mah boi Mark Oliver

He has even more exp voicing Lego villains now, as he portrays the Book Of Monsters in Nexo Knights.


He had stubby arms, and no elbows. That’s all I’m going to say.


Man, I can’t believe we’re halfway through the decade already.

I thought the overlord was a pretty interesting villain, something about him felt strangely appealing. I also thought Von Nebula had an interesting premise and the idea of him returning in 2012 made for what would have been a potentially interesting story (until 2014 totally threw this out the window).


Oh. So they are.

that’s what i get for not actually looking at the set first



Skeletor Kulta from bionicle 2015

I don’t know anyone else.

Too much kulta in here…
I get why people like him but…the best?

that’s a tell, right there.

a tell that some people have absolutely 0 investment in anything system.


I think Overlord was a pretty neat bad guy.

Haven’t gotten into Chima too much so I wouldn’t know about that.

Nexo Knight’s Jestro and Book of Monsters annoy me.

So really the only noticeable villain to me was Overlord.


Ninjago: Master Chen, Pythor, Morro, Golden Master

Bionicle: Umarak, Skull Spiders

Chima: Scorm