The Big Bad Wolf

Here he is, the big bad wolf. Some of you may recognize this creation from my early days on mocpages. This moc was originally posted way back in September of 2012 but I never posted it here for some reason. Whatever, I figure this moc is good enough to post on the Boards too.

So this moc came about after seeing the works of lego master Retinence. I was fascinated with all of the fancy textures, complex shapes, and specialized parts and tricks he used and this moc is meant to imitate his style. Looking back it looks cluttered and messy and the tail is very weak but it was good enough to get blogged. My personal favorite part of the moc is how the entire torso is structured around a long ccbs thigh bone. But what are your opinions of this moc? Is it too needlessly complex? Do you have a favorite part? Feel free to share.


The helmet piece works so well as a nose.

In attempt at going for complexity, I will agree that the texturing is a little cluttered in areas and the shape of the tail is odd. However the head design does have many creative elements, i.e. the helmet used as a nose, and overall has a lot of personality.

Wolves aren’t bad creatures; they’re heavily misunderstood. Still a great MOC, though; I’d love to see a breakdown!

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Thanks, unfortunately I dismantled this moc years ago and I don’t remember how exactly the torso goes, but I do remember distinctly using this piece as the core of the moc and plugging in lots of small system plates into the holes.

I understood the piece you were referring to; I have it in black, orange, and dark bluish gray. I’m slightly disappointed that you can’t quite remember how it went, but I understand: You’ve slept a lot since then.

The tail looks too gappy, and it’s kinda cluttered. But other than that it’s good.

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Well, I don’t know about sleeping but I’ve improved my technique a lot and I have a much more varied collection now than I did then.

I’d like to see a rebuild, then!