The Bionicle G3 Official Story Bible

I don't know if it's just your wording, but you make it sound like G1 and G2 are completely different themes. Both are still Bionicle, thus the TTV G3 project is simply a reboot of Bionicle as a whole. There's no reason to label it as following one generation over the other.

Even if it has more elements from one generation over the other, that does not mean they are taking their story in a certain direction. If the Bionicle franchise is a forked road of G1 and G2, then G3 is a third path that TTV is freshly carving between them.


2001 had three comics, and MNOG. MNOG wasn't the primary story, it was the only story.

Define "flashy and vibrant" then. Because they were certainly colorful, arguable more than G2, which used a lot of silver.

G1 had masks of power
G2 had masks of power
G3 has masks of power

If you're point is that G2 and G3 have reused and new masks of power, then yeah... because G1 didn't have anything TO draw from.

Not yet, no, but considering how much they like MNOG, they very well might.

The Shadow Matoran do not count, because they weren't people who willingly chose to follow Makuta, they had their minds corrupted.

A story is what it shows, not what it tells. You remember seeing the building tension between the several Metru leading up to the war? You remember how cool it was to see the Matoran fighting against each other, weaponizing the various Rahi, fighting with their limited elemental powers? You remember seeing the horror of the war leaders, trapped in the archives, with the Rahi set loose upon them? No? That's because no story ever portrayed those events. The Mutran Chronicles briefly mentions it, and that's it.

Y'know, fair point, I'll give you that. I'm so used to thinking of Teridax as just another Makuta, but his portrayal was very deity-esque in the early days.

Frozen in time, I mean.


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Transformers didn't sell because of the riveting, intrepid story. Neither did Power Rangers. It sold because it was a toy line with a multimedia attraction to the product. Bottom line, anything LEGO did for Bionicle was to get money, and sell products. MNOG was just another way to do so, and for the most part, the events that transpired in it have been canned.

There's a way to be colourful and yet have a more realistic approach on how you do things. And silver is also a colour, a shiny one at that, which saw a great deal of use alongside gold, two colours that don't scream "realistic setting".

It did - Maori culture, deity legends, and Maori vocabulary, to the point where the Maori people decided to sue LEGO for the marketing of their day-to-day life, in their eyes. Only thing here, Brickonicle is drawing from G1 and ending up with G2. G1 drew from the real world and created what it is.

My point is, they're not creating MNOG as the main point of their enterprise.


Yet it mentions it. I highly doubt the TTV Cast is going to give us a full war documentary on the ethnics of fighting Matoran on different sides of an island, and at best it might get a few podcast episodes about it. Maybe why it didn't get so much attention in the original story, yet had to be explained for story significance, is because podcasts didn't really exist much at the time, or because LEGO was trying to sell sets at the time.

To be fair, he didn't really become 'another Makuta' until 2008.

I would actually argue that they did sell because of the extremely popular television shows they had. So in a sense, yes, the story did provide a reason behind that line's success.

Bionicle did lean on that culture for words and some inspiration, but in your previous posts (and what I think @Willess12 is addressing) you mentioned specifically masks of power and the variety of those powers - obviously, things that were not part of Maori culture, but something that Bionicle came up with.

The podcasts aren't a part of the deliverable story. The podcast is taking place in a hypothetical scenario where we were given the opportunity to reboot Bionicle - that's the premise of the show. It's a look into the "writers room", not the actual show you would be getting. Obviously enough, we cannot actually make the toyline, television show, commercials and video games that would have been a part of the real release - but we are talking in depth about them.

In short, the Civil War would be a very important and pivotal part of the storyline in Year Two, and that storyline and television show season would go through "the ethics of fighting Matoran on different sides of an island" - maybe not at the level of a war documentary, but in the same way that The Last Airbender touched upon it.


....Well, okay, Vican did volunteer for the Shadow Matoran Expirement, but he wasn't volunteering to completely serve the Makuta, as we see after his light is restored. I guess he's kind of a grey area in terms of this debate.

I was going to make a point here, But Jon said what I was going to say. Basically, though, it boils down to: G3 will show a Civil War in the story. G1 never did.

Okay, I think I now get what you're saying here. G3 isn't really doing it's own thing, creating it's own identity, so much as drawing from G1 and G2.

Jon argues the point above here better than I probably could, so I'm not going to repeat what he just said, but I will add this: some details, like HukiXMaku, have been retconned, but the Majority of the Story in MNOG is still canon.

Gold, maybe. Silver though, is a very Metallic colour, a colour that makes it look like our heroes are made of metal (which they sorta are, if they're biomechanical). It certainly isn't a vibrant color, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue...

Yes, as a Kiwi myself, the legends of BIONICLE are distinct from Maori legends.

That being said, I proudly claim the fame of living near places such as "Tahu Crescent", "Whenuapai", and entire areas called "Onewa" and "Pakiri".

As if anything in G1 did.

This is really good. Just one question. Why is Takua the ruler of TaKarda?

Karda Nui had Av-Matoran, and Takua was an Av-Matoran who lived as a Ta-Matoran. So who better to lead the fire city that uses the light name?

But they also use Takua in the first episode script as a child from the village that gets attacked, so his name here is probably just old and never got replaced.

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yeah that was my point. But your explanation is nice. And it could resolve the whole take debate.

Takua never struck me as the leader type; I feel like Kirop would make a better leader of Ta-Karda as he lead Karda Nui in the Dark Times

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Yeah, but the problem with that is that Kirop would most likely be a Tiroan... I suppose this could always change.

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Yeah pretty much this.


So a couple of questions around the civil war:

Is it definitely Ihu Vs Mangai as the main opposing powers of the war?

And which sides are the other regions on if they are participating?

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I don't want to sound rude by answering for the TTV, but yes, it is. It's written in the story bible even.

I'd love to know that as well, can we get an answer in the next Brainstorm?

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I was reading the story bible and the bit with the reptilian things confused me as to the state of the war, I do really want to know about the sides of the other regions like Kanae (totally not for some sort of stealthy bird like thing).

The whole area has been destabilizing, but yes, Ihu vs Mangai are the two sides formed.

While we haven't figured it out yet, it would probably align closely with the sides in the G1 Civil War. I'd have to look at the geography again, though.

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Ok, according to the civil war lore from G1, that puts the Regions of Ice, Stone and Air against the Regions of Earth, Fire and Water?

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Let me just say this story bible is AMAZING! I read about the Rahkshi bits, and I love the idea of the Rahkshi being the G3 versions of the Rahaga, but evil. It gave me a couple brief ideas about Bomonga after reading about Tiro.

Perhaps Bomonga could be the estranged older brother of Korgot, and the second son of Whenua, who in this continuity is a revered scholar of Tiro. Bomonga was once on the track to become either a respected scientist or scholar before he decided he wasn't content with that and joined the revolution among the younger population of Tiro, usurping the position of leader from Onepu.

Bomonga never got on well with Whenua, but he tolerated his uncle Nuparu, a former scientist for the Tiro Military who applied technologies created for more constructive purposes such as agriculture or medicine for more militaristic purposes (his most famous invention being the Boxor mecha tanks) . He frequently belittled Korgot for his lack of control over an element. At some point he joined the Brotherhood of Makuta and mutated into the brutish Vorahk.

Pouks was orphaned at a young age. His father was a Motaran named Kodan who was once a right hand to the previous Merchant King of the Forest Gate, and a likely candidate for succession. Had it not been for the intervention of Ahkmou, who either manipulated the circumstances leading to Kodan's death, or had a hand in killing him in a more direct manner. Whatever the case, the life Pouks had known shattered beneath him. Gone was the affluence, replaced with a fight for survival. He wasn't going to work under the other merchant kings, who no doubt would've wanted his head on their mantles. Working in the mines? Forget it. He instead went through various nomadic tribes, but the stories always ended with him homeless, whether the tribe was destroyed by natural disaster or roving bands of mercenaries. At some point he was persuaded to become a mercenary for the Brotherhood of Makuta, with the promise that he could shatter the groups that did the same to his life. By transforming himself into the terrible Panrahk, he intends to do just that.

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Unfortunately, Bomonga has already been suggested as Korgot's son, and then rejected to keep too many villains from being related to too many heroes.

However, Pouks' story is quite interesting. I would not be surprised it this gets talked about on the next podcast.

Glad to see another G3-er (I'm just gonna roll with it), assuming you're new to the whole thing!