The Bionicle G3 Official Story Bible

I am pretty new to this, I wasn't aware of the idea of Korgot being a father, but i do still like the idea of him having the recurring theme of Hunger for his backstory, ousting the leader of the revolution I think could still be a big factor in his character

Side note, maybe Ahkmou’s infected Koli balls could make a comeback by using them to infect players with sickness to rig monetary bets on matches in his favor?

EDIT: My ideas for Pouks have been moved to a new Pitch topic, and I intend to do the same for the others once I flesh them out more. Here is the link

My thought for Pouks is that he was the prior merchant king that Ahkmou overthrew. His power is illusions (or mirages with the desert theme) for the G3 story, so I guess you could tie it to his past by saying something like the life he knew (the power, the control, etc.) was all an illusion, broken by another matoran with their own power. So his new goal is to twist the illusions of other peoples' lives.

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Hmm... What if Bomonga had a hunger for knowledge, or a hunger for revenge, rather than for strength?

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maybe instead of strength, his hunger for knowledge leads into a desire for immortality, initially out of a more altruistic desire to help people. Perhaps taking the ideas from what I had in mind for Nuparu, maybe he was a military scientist way back in the day before the Tiro military decided to downsize. Then he applied his technologies to devices made for more constructive purposes (Think of him as a John G. Trump of this verse.) At some point, his age was starting show and Norik or one of his underlings offered him a proposition that could prolong his life. Bomonga, desperate to learn more and invent new ways to help people with this time, is all too happy to agree. Eventually, he is transformed into Vorahk and gains the ability to drain the life of other living things and extend his own(think the Shinigami from Death Note), overtime either out of guilt, madness or a combination of the two he develops a Jekyll-Hyde split personality. Changing between Bomonga the affable, eccentric scientist, and the brutish, bloodthirsty Vorahk, he becomes somewhat of a mad scientist to the Brotherhood, creating all sorts of weapons and strange life forms incorporating characteristics of the G1 Makuta, specifically Mutran or Chirox.

Perhaps pre mutation he could also incorporate characteristics of Mavrah and his hunger for knowledge just takes a more sinister turn from the get go, making several breakthroughs, but often doing so with little regard for the safety of others, much less himself. overtime, he gradually devolves into a mad scientist who kidnaps and performs strange experiments on animals and even other matoran, before he is caught by the authorities, sentenced to death, then spirited away by the Brotherhood before his final execution...maybe that last one got a little too morbid...


that's actually what my backstory for Bomonga/Vorahk is about.

Vorahk: A thirst for knowledge motivates Vorahk. This desire, however, ended up costing him a hard worked place as the next in line for leading the temple of Earth, as he in a moment of impatient tried to attack Whenua. After they banished him from the temple, Vorahk was taken in by the Brotherhood who promised him that Makuta, once resurrected, would grant him all the knowledge he desired.

here is my topic with my other Rahkshi Backstories.


So I am reading it right now, but the chapters from Birth of Rahkshi to Unlocking the Masks of Power are empty. Why?

Basically because the cast is lazy. Please don't ban me, you guys have said it yourselves!

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I would assume that it's because they're still nailing down the story beats, but wished to give us an outline regardless.

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They've said that the story bible was never meant to come out yet. It was just for the Patreons, but the link got leaked on here and everyone started seeing it. So they just decided to officially put it out there now.

And they haven't really delved too much deeper into those sections since then, so there wouldn't really be much to add at this time.

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OK, so, I just finished to read it, and I think it is very cool. Of course, I would like to know when the other chapters are finished.

ok I noticed there was nothing on Onua and Pohatu's backstory what's up with that?



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Well, until they are finished (which may be never), Onua was originally named Korgot, a scholar with a family. That's really all you need to know.

For Nilkhou (Did I spell that right?), he was basically a Kolhii star (there was an idea for Ahkmou to be like his manager or personal trainer or something, not sure how canon that is now), and... Nope, that's it.

As I recall from when they canonized my Pouks pitch, he and Nilkuu actually have a mutual enemy in Ahkmou. I figured since the Merchant Kings are basically mob bosses, maybe they'd rig Koli matches to win bets by either tampering with equipment, bribing referees, bribing players or even threatening them if they don't take a dive.

Perhaps Nilkuu was actually doing really well for himself and got up to some really important match that Ahkmou forced him to throw?

I could see Ahkmou maybe threatening Nilkuu’s family if he has one that he might’ve been trying to support with the winnings from Koli matches. Of the three Merchant Kings, Ahkmou strikes me as the one who would probably be the most ruthless.


I love this! I now want to go back and listen to all of the podcast episodes I missed that talk about Brickonicle.

Except now Brainstorm is dead. :cry:

Does that mean that the show is not currently being made or that Brickonicle brainstorming has stopped?

TTV has announced that they're not doing the show Brainstorm anymore. We don't know what this means for Brickonicle yet.

they said it's still in the air.

and given the fact that people have been so creative and made so much for Brickonicle, i don't think they want to pull the plug on it anytime soon.


So, does Gali tell really bad puns? (Because clearly this is one of the most important questions I can ask XD )

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