The BIONICLE Polybag and the Mask of "Creation"

So, someone gave brickset a picture of the BIONICLE Polybag, and the first thing I noticed was:

the mask of creation isn't there in the top corner, but the mask from the original display is! Does that mean that the masks aren't the same? Is the mask that we haven't seen since the original leaks actually the Mask of Time? Only time will tell...

Special thanks to @Scarilian for the photo!


I doubt it's the mask of time.

Personally, I'm hoping that it's the MoUP, but that is unlikely as well.


Oh wow. If this poly picture is indeed final, things just got a lot more interesting...


I think that this is just preliminary artwork for the polybag. In fact, the mask we get might be a Gold/Trans-Orange Mask of Fire similar to the ones included with the Skull Gang.


That would be nice.


No, this is final, this photo was taken by a consumer who actually has the Polybag.


Well then, this is...interesting.


This is very interesting. Perhaps this mask will be in-story at some future time?


I'm pretty sure it's just an error


With a reboot like this I hope it isn't. I just don't want LEGO screwing it up.

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Language sir!

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-From the Bionicle 2015 DIscussion topic.

I still maintain that it is prototype.


screwing it up is not against the rules to say. at least as far as i know its not .-.

Fairly sure it was something else before it was edited Green. wink

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oh my bad :stuck_out_tongue:


any ways on topic I actually have a theory on what the mask of time may look like that I am going to post soon but if it is the mask of time I find it very odd that in the animations that they would hide the exact design of the G1 half in every episode if it has nothing to do with this iteration.

We should know for sure very soon as to whether the mask is just a prelim. On the back of the bag should have the date the bag was printed, if the date is recent then the mask is likely intentionally their. If the date is old, then it was probably a prelim that got passed onto the bag when they still planned for it to be a mask.

As for the Vahi resemblance, I do see the resemblance in the lower half of the mask. Specifically the circular mouth and the triangular area near the nose and the side of the mouth.

Either way, part of me cant see this mask being an early prelim for the Mask Of Creation, given we have seen concept art of the Mask Of Creation and it never seemed to be anything like this mask. This mask seems pretty finalised to the extent where it was printed on a bag and used as a display on pretty much finalised sets. Having this mask scrapped and replaced with an entirely different detailed mask seems unlikely to me. So going with the theory it is actually going to turn out to be the Mask Of Time.

-coughs- I was the one who linked it on Brickset stuck_out_tongue
Though for some odd reason they credited someone else despite my comment being in the comments with the link :L

You can see a full gallery of image here
Gallery is someone else's btw, just linked it to Brickset


Since you pointed it out, I really can see what your saying about the Vahi fitting in the mask. This is an intriguing idea indeed.

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So far, we aren't getting dual-injected versions of the masks of Fire and Water. Maybe the final polybag will contain one of these instead of the pure trans-orange MoF?