The BNK Moc Topic

No the comma is there to add suspense

Should i actually make that

I would like to see the back shot of the MOCs.

Huh, the colors are…well…I hate to say it…but it looks bad, the build is okay, a little gappy in the legs, but just fix the colors…

@Payinku speaks my mind.

Raptor talon which one

Here he is the eliminator of kings, the murderer of toa IBK Emperor of Karsahni

Wielding his blade

Firing his absorbsion crossbow

Victory over his fallen enemy

IBK was created a long time ago as your run of the mill takea shark. He lived in mahri nui for a while until the toa mahri destroyed both foya and mahri nui. When that happened the mutagen in the pit spread like wildfire and he was hit by some. The result for him was an inteligence way beyond what he used to have, limbs and a shorter mouth, enhanced fighting skills, and the ability to absorb dead enemies to enhance himself. Many years later he launched a one man attack against xia which 2 toa teams, the toa nuva and the toa hyloriclus in which furion who later became a turaga was the only survivior. The toa nuva and most of the toa hyloriclus were absorbed by him gining him his overly colorful color scheme.

The one at the top of the topic.

You’ve just double posted.

Double posting is fine if it’s an update to creative content.


Ok thanks raptor talon

Please feel free to crit on my self moc