The Book of Dreams

I never thought there would be a day that Ghid appeared sane


but it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that implies you have


You probably shouldn’t read my older posts then :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rukah I have actually eaten them.








clearly I’ve missed a lot in my absence



man I’m been waiting for you to show back up. The story’s been finished and you’ve got so much to catch up on - but totally sign up for the next one first!


So is this Axelford?


No that’s Vile Cephalopod I think

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This guy is Axelford


The description of the character you cited perfectly matches the character who appears in chapter five.

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It’s funny how whenever I want to practice character design, I always seem to come back to the Book of ____ series.

This time, a somewhat book-accurate Ghid. Instead of fully abandoning it, I decided to try to make Ghid’s disastrous character description from the book actually work.


It’s impossible to tell if the lad here actually has extra eyes, but I like the solution to the description of wire-like fingers by stuffing his hands full of fingers. Also somewhat concerning is how his shoulders and waist are the same diameter when his arms and legs are so spindly, which may have been a conscience choice on your part or perhaps not.

Also his right foot seems to go too far forward to the point where the heel wouldn’t actually connect.

Overall, unique take on the-


It’d be interesting to see one of the hardcore theorists comb through all descriptions of books to decipher his true appearance, since that’ll be changing in the fourth book.

uh I mean what noooooo it’s very consistent


Ooh spoilers

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Yeah, they’re there, although really small because of how I structured the face.

That’s intentional. By distorting the proportions I wanted to emphasise how decidedly inhuman the character is.
I think that his limbs (at least arms) have been described as incredibly long and spindly, right?

Our right or his right? They’re both so terrible that I can’t tell which one is drawn more incorrectly.


That’s one thing that, while I don’t mean to bring offense to your tremendous artwork thus far, I haven’t been able to understand in terms of a design choice.

Ghid was originally created with the G2 Akaku, despite me having been a Bionicle fan since 2003 and prior self-mocs that utilized the original Akaku design. Ever since his initial conceptualization, however, I’ve gone back and forth from portraying him as having an extremely Akaku-like face and a more organic, noseless, alien-esqe head which has influenced a lot of other Ghid artwork. Still grounded in human anatomy, but always bizarre enough that any alteration could theoretically still be possible.

Then I ran into a significant problem: Ghid has two giant extra eyeballs on the side of his head. Temporarily there was a design for Ghid that simply had them floating on the right side of his head, and they could even act as drones to search about and let Ghid see things from a great distance, but this design was a bit silly and didn’t stay around for very long.

Ever since that point I’ve tried to, in theory, with anatomical concepts that can’t physically exist, somewhat rationalize the anatomical makeup of Ghid’s skull to attempt to comprehend the fusion of extra looky orbs enough so it doesn’t keep me up at night, but - and circling back now, I promise - your design choice for this iteration and the mads mikkelsen Ghid is to just draw a normal skull, overlay it with Ghid-ish features, and then tack two extra eyes on over the cheekbone and orbital socket of the right eye. It’s not a bad design by any means, but I’ve never understood it.

Ja. I was just uncertain if it was intentional or not.

His. The left one is posed correct and good, but the right one is too far forwards in terms of how it lines up with the bone of the leg.

yknow for someone who can’t draw good anatomy at all I sure do seem overly knowledgeable on the subject; is this making me look hypocritical?


so I’m going to skim through this topic for anything else related to me because my attention span is limited

I love this phrase

if you think he’s edgy know, you should have seen him in 2014

I haven’t expanded on his G1 story in years because I’m not sure how to fix the mistakes I made then

(also I will take “breathing filter of sorts”, but if you wanted to know, he took a fire punch to the jaw that dislocated something and now he can’t wear Kanohi anymore. The conduit mask mitigates the fatigue that Toa feel without a Kanohi.)

you got the Hawkflight seal of approval on that MOC just by virtue of making a black and silver self-MOC remotely cool

this is actually quite in character and I might start using it and figure out why

I continue to stress how much I love this description

you’re going to have to explain that one

he’s always been an Inika build or taller

which, by definition, does not make it a bare metru head, and that’s not withstanding the hood

when six Turaga combine, it’s a Turaga Nui
if the next Jethryn is revealed to be a Cat Nui it’s all your fault

I don’t know if I can take any more all of these backstories sound more interesting than the one I wrote for the character in high school

this narrator must have been Amish in a past life

I actually go by my middle name (“Steven”), by virtue of people (mostly older folks) consistently forgetting my first name and coming out with sounds-likes. This is gold.

well, it was Jetera in my G2 story

have you ever read my critiques? Those are very far down the list also he doesn’t know what Hero Factory is because I haven’t worked my version of RaptorTalon into the story

this doesn’t fit Jethryn’s character but maybe it should

stop inspiring me

to be fair, he didn’t know

fun fact - there was a version of Jethryn that never progressed past the legs

I posted a teaser picture of him (from the pre-TTV days), but I did attach a top half… of another MOC who used a custom mask built around a Metru head

I guess when they separated, his legs were jealous of his torso for not getting as many comments over the years about how bad they were.

I thought he was already in half

and thus this character inherited Jethryn’s edgy backstory

why did I have to write this character when I was sixteen

could be one’s Jethryn and one’s Jetera. Could be one’s the Jethryn V4 that I posted and one’s the Jethryn V4 that never progressed past the legs. Could be one’s the secret identity I thought Jethryn might have at one point.

there’s something about this sentence I don’t like

there’s something about this sentence I also don’t like

but there’s nothing about this sentence I don’t like.

do you have Discord?

at least the most modern version of Jethryn isn’t as bulky as he was in 2014


wild ride

on the lack of any other good characterization for Jethryn out there aside from a few D&D oneshots where I’ve adapted the character and also considering Jetera a separate character this is the best and I might actually want to make a new version of him now

also you can use Jetera in the next one if you want Jethryn to stay dead


I used to be a trashbag figure like you

The why is because there was a little man underneath you

You really need to reread things man Jethryn’s character design is vaguely interesting in this

that was referring to Tott, the main character of the book. There were theories going around that he was actually a cat as he was one of two people not initially identified as boards members (the other one being Fifty).

look man how else was I supposed to very blatantly point out the silver figure’s identity when I don’t know how to write properly ugh smh

I can see you’ve been touched by the butt wings

ooc that, you cretins, I dare you

uhhhhh fourth

so he could get ripped in half twice and converted into soup in current year

Man you really need to reread things

I’m glad you’re picking up on all my sources of inspiration but you really gotta dedicate more time to tormenting yourself with my literary scares

he never responded to my friend request :cry:

ohohhhoohohhohohohhooahahaahahaaahaah we’ll see

I might, but I doubt his friends will

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don’t tempt me

Also I’m a knife in this book

I made this design choice because I’m not very comfortable with drawing decidedly inhuman faces.

This is… exactly what my thought process was when I was drawing Mads Ghidkelsen and Anime Ghid.

I was quite dissatisfied with both designs, so I decided to fix the eye problem in this new one.
I considered a few options:

  1. To add the extra eyes to the side of the head like you usually do
  2. To stuff all three eyes in one eyesocket
  3. To turn the right side of Ghid’s face into a horrendous lovecraftian mess with no reliance on anatomy

Option one was too silly for the vibe I was going for and options two and three were legitimately too creepy and disturbing, so I went with a kinda boring, but actually appropriate design.

Although the three eyes in one eyesocket idea is slowly growing on me. Maybe I’ll try to make it work when I start drawing the other book covers (covers for books two, three and maybe four confirmed!)

That’s rough buddy!

I thought that my SelfMOC whose special ability literally tears him apart from the inside every time he tries to use it was edgy… clearly, I knew nothing about real edginess

You don’t wanna know…

You mean “it’s all your achievement”?

Heeeeey that’s such a fun coincidence!

Ghid tell him it was intentional

Unfortunately for everyone including myself, yes.

It’s because you tried to convince me to support your spicy FNAF fanfics