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Rukah, of course.


the spanish skeleton is me mk2

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you realize that " El Cadáver Tonto" translates to “The Dumb Corpse”, right?

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i am dumb and most people here wish i was a corpse

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So, you need that metal and Sonus to create a Dreamer, correct?

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Aww man I wanted to use the Bowie one… For a filthy weeb I have a pretty good taste in music, don’t I?

This fffire is out of control We're going to burn this city Burn this city (well, the sun isn’t made of fire, but eh that’s close enough)

What. Those aren’t the Ghid Dreamers from the moon?

Must be a typo. Do you mean “from/before BoD”, “from before BoD” or “from before (look in BoD)”?

If it’s the first or third, then yes, there were Ghid-controlled Dreamers in the cider factory that Diero sent to the moon; if it’s the second, then maybe, the concept of Dreamer didn’t exist before BoD, but N01 in BoR might have been a Dreamer

Right… I forgor
This might be an important plot point, now that I think about it.

I have this theory that the knife is actually a really important object, because it is a Rukah, and Ghidsus in the flashback had a silver sliver also named Rukah (it’s crazy to think about the fact that we’ve reached a point where such sentences make full sense. Truly a moment of all time) and obviously one user cannot represent two separate things in these books, unless the user in question is the writer. So, they must be the same thing. Although a knife made of silver sounds really dumb, you can’t do the stabby-stabby without it bending or breaking

Maybe I’ve been the foolish corpse all along because the answer has been under my nose this entire time in the book signups topic, since March of 2022.
I feel so ashamed of myself

This 100% confirms my theory about AI being N01

El Cadáver Tonto Is Traykar, which confirms my theory that he isn’t @GoodGuy2006

Funny? Yes, El Cadáver Tonto is a bit of a clown if you ask me;
Undead? This one’s pretty self-explanatory :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:;
Man? Well, yes;
Dog? That’s where the problems begin, because that’s something that our friend El Cadáver Tonto definitely isn’t.

Maybe he will somehow get to steal Renner’s helmet or maybe his bone structure will get restructured at some point to make him fit the description better

that’s the best youtuber in the world for ya
It’s no good to morb alone, it’s way more fun when someone morbs with you


A TTV Message Boards story: Marriage Edition (BoM) when?

@Rukah please confirm or confirm. Denial is not acceptable

Sonus, nuclear explosion, powerful furnace, Wario… basically anything that’s hot enough


Ah. So I can use my toaster now?

When @Ghid decides to write Victorian fiction.

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probably once Ghid has optimized the Stable Marriage Problem for the people involved in Bo_.


I actually don’t like most of david bowie’s stuff that one is just a strange exception

If I didn't care more than words can say


I mean from before (in this book) or in BoD (the book of dreams).

:pensive: we live in a susiety :ocean:

I want to comment on this but I caaaaaaaaaan’t

There’s more coming bro but the groundwork’s already laid, it’s just not as obvious as some other things were

Do not read if you are not someone

yeah I’m kinda surprised he didn’t remember requesting that. there’ll be a big reveal of it later on, so for the people who actually read this, shhh :wink:

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that no he isn’t.

He’s also not Goodguy, because that would allow Goodguy to not read the book to find it and at this point watching half the book’s cast come out and bombard him with reasons to read it is extremely entertaining



It’s very difficult for me to compete with Wario.


Actually, same. Besides Starman I only kinda like Space Oddity and Let’s Dance… just kinda. Also, Under Pressure, but that doesn’t count because it’s a Queen song that just happens to have Bowie in it.

Ironically, I like him as an actor a lot more. He was great as Tesla in Nolan’s Prestige… Nolan movies were actually good back then

Wow I’m getting really carried away, so I guess-

I see the crystal raindrops fall And the beauty of it all Is when the sun comes shining through

I don’t remember any Ghid/non-Ghid Dreamer instances from before in this book, but there was an entire army of non-Ghid ones in BoD, controlled by G-man himself. It must be them, right?

Okay, I’m gonna use the deductive method, Sherlock Holmes style

The users that haven’t made an appearance in the book are: Monopoly, Senit, GG, Heyzorks, Traycar, Dune, Wild, ToaNoah and Atobe.

-we can cross out GG and Traycar right away, obviously
-Monopoly, Wild and Atobe, because they all already have roles and characters can’t switch them
-Zork, because I already have a theory about him

We’re left with three options: Senit, Dune and ToaNoah. I’ll exclude Senit and Dune because the character description doesn’t match their self-MOCs, pfps or personalities whatsoever, so we’re only left with ToaNoah, which seems pretty plausible because this user is mostly a mystery to me. They were mostly active before I disgraced this site with my presence, so I don’t know much about their personality. I haven’t been able to find their self-MOC, so I’ve only got the pfp and requests from the signup topic to rely on…
Uhh… Ehlek head, lightning powers, green… the Dreamer has green eyes, so he might have green lightning instead of Diero’s blue flames. He’s also a corpse, which might be a reference to the user’s account being kinda :skull:

I can make some connections, but they’re really wonky, but I’m out of all other options, so…

I think it’s safe to say that the good old days are back, ain’t they? I hope I didn’t just jinx it :crossed_fingers:

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no I accepted Ghid’s discord friend request I have to run

Don’t worry about it. It’s very difficult for anyone to compete with Wario

So, I just realised a funny thing: we’ve got theories, we’ve got fanart (both drawings and music), we’ve got fanfics (mostly produced by cordax and a secret person I’m not allowed to talk about), we’ve kind of got an adaptation (Wild’s docs), we’ve even (unfortunately) got shipping now (Rukah x Rukah, thanks Racie)… the Bo_ series pretty much has a fully functioning fandom now!
The only things missing from the set are a fan-made wiki and a convention of some kind.

Also, I’ve been wondering if there are any people outside of the Message Boards that know about these books


Bo_ fan meetup night at BFVA this year?


I'm not the imposter, It's all in your head

Well, yea-

What’s the color of Ghid’s eyes again?

ghid is online

I can think of no man better
but that is also terrifying


i actually showed an old friend of mine the part of the first one with me in it once


There are about ten songs with this line. Which one is this a reference to?

The sun may rise in the east, at least it’s settled in a final location


Oo0hhHHhhh I get it now. The colour of a dreamer’s eyes corresponds with the colour of the master’s eyes


My theory… it was perfect


Even more terrifying than the fact that you know who and what I’m talking about

Someone shall carry around a phone with me in it


If I go there, I’ll do that.


Brickfair Virginia 2023 (colourised)

Alternatively titled: we do a little conference calling

Also yes I’m lazy so I forgot a bunch of people and left a bunch of mistakes in there :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s… it’s perfect
I especially love the fact that the flip-phone shows 3:00 AM. Perfect touch

I see Eilrach, Atobe, Monopoly, Eljay, Wekua(?), Rukah, Ghid, Cordax and…


Racie that you?


Ghid seems to be posting the next chapter.


Ch 5

Chapter 6

Renner ripped out the small portion he had traced his finger into, unsure of whether or not something so illegible could count as a written message. He turned towards the ongoing fight, hoping to find some opportunity to pass the message along.

The little Ghid suddenly slammed into the wall next to him, his oval head scratched and dented from more than one impact. In spite of himself, and his decision to despise the creature, Renner reached out involuntarily to offer support, the little Ghid denying it with a swipe of his circular hand before staggering forward and collapsing on the carpet.

Diero was quite embroiled in a clubbing match with the numerous Ghids, with the only one posing any kind of resistance to his efforts being Krana Za number 7894, due to his mechanical nature. His robotic head which housed his actual form had the ability to rocket forwards in a jabbing motion, which Diero quickly learned housed enough force to knock him across the room. To ensure this didn’t occur again, he shoved Ghidrius the Endless into the tiny machine before jumping in front of the armed Ghid to prevent the bullets he presently fired from his revolvers from striking his boss.

The gunman did not yield, unloading his firearms into the face of Diero with as much bravery as could be mustered in such a scenario, the bullets deflecting or flattening off the angular surface of the deadsperado’s dome. With his teeth clenched, Diero gripped McGick by the shoulders and shoved his face into the fellow’s head, caving in his skull and destroying all his visible features before letting his limp form collapse on the ground.

He then made the horrible mistake of standing above him and menacingly staring for dramatic effect, allowing the surprisingly fast Krana Za number 7894 to whack him from behind. Diero tried to get up off his back, but the repeatedly pounding assault of Krana Za number 7894’s mechanical skull beat him into the carpet, breaking the marble beneath it and squishing him into the newly-formed hole his arched back had produced when mashed against it.

“Would someone please tell me what is going on?” The little Ghid, struggling back up to his feet, interjected into the violent happenstance while Ghidrius waved away the inquisitive Tarnish, who eyed the corpse of McGick with a hungry air. “This is by far the worst get-together I’ve ever been to in my whole life. Well aside from the housewarming I attempted a couple years back.”

“I do not suppose people were executed during that escapade?” Ghidrius the Endless inquired, not sure whatsoever what a housewarming was.

“yNO. No.” The little Ghid wrapped his arms around himself and stared into the carpet.

“I think I’ve had enough fun lying about.” Renner said, standing up and brushing the dust off his armor. “Now if you gentlemen don’t mind-”

It seemed a reasonable assumption to make that the party did mind, as Ghidrius brought his massive blade down hard on Renner’s smaller form. But that was hardly more than a hindrance, as his new armor was powered by the logic of a world where anything is possible. As Ghidrius’ steel met Renner’s shoulder, the metal thinned in other areas to strengthen the section where the blow had landed, and gave Renner the opportunity to kick the keeper of Wilhelmus right in his helmeted face.

“Druid,” Ghidrius spat, backpedaling slightly while Renner rubbed his shoulder. “I had hoped your kind had died out after the blaze consumed the twisted forest.”

“I’m no druid, but that doesn’t make me easy to kill.” Renner dropped into a ready stance. “Now, I’d like to talk to my Dreamer.”

“In your dreams!” The little Ghid snarled, having silently recovered from the beating Diero had caused him and kicking Renner in the ankle. The metal refused to budge, however, from the comparatively tiny attack, and Renner never bothered to acknowledge his undersized foe as the three formidable Ghids suddenly rushed their collective target.

Ducking another swing from Ghidrius, Renner buckled his armor over itself to withstand the impact of Krana Za umber 7894’s round noggin as it began its repeated assault, Tarnish holding back and looking for a good opportunity to intervene. Seeing Renner in position, Ghidrius lifted his sword high and swung it directly down, unable to stop himself when he saw Renner grab the repeatedly attacking cranium of his opponent and fall backwards, allowing the sword to cleave directly through his mechanical neck.

“You brakas!” Krana Za number 7894 hissed, the mechanical body standing motionlessly after being separated from its host. Renner grabbed the housing compartment of his opponent by the severed neck and continued approaching Diero, anticipating the further assault from Ghidrius and hopping over the blade that swept at his knees.

Now enraged, the large swordsghid switched his blade to one hand and spun it at Renner in repeated dramatic swirls, but Renner was too limber and the blade too slow to ever expect the pair to collide. The silvery stooge, growing weary of his repeated athletic endeavors to outmaneuver the edge of Ghidrius the Endless, finally smashed Krana Za number 7894’s still-speaking mechanical skull into the colossus’ wrists, peeling the sword from his grasp and, with the armor on his body suddenly bulking up his joints, spun it about and cleaved the head of the king’s keeper from his ancient body.

Tarnish, having held back too long, quietly slunk away in shame and slipped down into a heat vent in the floor, his whole form slowly oozing into the compartments beneath. The room was quiet for only a brief moment as the sound of vomiting broke into the stillness of the chamber. It was the little Ghid, who had finished tossing his cookies in an ornate waste bin, and now sat clutching his stomach on the floor near the security closet. Forgetting his task for a moment, and ignoring the repeated throat-clearing and loudly annoyed sighs of Diero, Renner approached, the miniature iteration of the fiendish monster unable to find the strength to make any kind of retreat.

“It’s just you, then?”

The noise came from the metal housing of Krana Za number 7894, which prompted Renner to raise it to his height and glare into the empty sockets of the organic creature within. “Volume didn’t persuade us to abandon our existence and rush over here because of some confectionery goods, did you?”

“What, then?” Renner gritted his teeth.

“A great evil.” Krana Za number 7894 chuckled. “He warned us of an impending doom which threatened the entire universe - and, by extension, ours as well. We have arrived and waited for his appearing, knowing what we must do to combat this great evil which he spoke of… Could it be you?”

Infuriated by this seemingly post-mortem machination of Ghid’s, Renner growled and clutched the mechanical neck of Krana Za number 7894 even harder. “Listen to me! The only great and terrible evil in this world is Volume! He’s killed hundreds of people, made everyone in the world fight each other for countless years, and even tried to kill his own son! He’s an irredeemable monster, and he’s already dead!

Krana Za number 7894 grew a very dangerous expression. “I was about to pin you as being some foolish rock-headed imbecile who stumbled on a source of unique power and decided to go on a naming day parade about it, but perhaps I was wrong to believe your innocence would be so straight-forward. How do you know Volume is dead?”

“Because,” Renner’s throat reverberated his growl, even as a rumbling started echoing through the building. “I’m the one who killed-”

There was a loud splintering noise as someone jumped through one of the large windows in the room and immediately hir the dirt. Renner had turned to look when his armor instinctively bulked up the front of his body by an immense amount, and an ear-shattering roar erupted through the air, baking the whole room in immense heat and light. The metal trays coated with crumbs sagged and dripped under the blast, and even Renner’s incredible armor warmed considerably during the flash. It lasted only a second, but the air buzzed with the heat when it was through.

Turning back, Renner saw he had dropped Krana Za number 7894 during his surprise, and the protection of not being window-height had saved him, althoughh the smell of burnt rubber still seemed to emanate from his housing. The little Ghid was clutching his eyes in pain and rubbing his skin over and over, looking up in horror at his metallic master whenever he could manage it.

Renner looked back at the figure on the floor, who slowly stood and wiped away the melted glass from around his puffy shoulders and round, glowing blue head.

“Sun’s gone.”

Ch 7