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This is a story written by me starring several TTV Boards members, who all signed up for being included in this topic.

Chapters will be posted when I have the time. You can read the first book here, the second book here, and the third book here.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2

The Book of Tears

Chapter 1

I don’t like to be alone.

In spite of the darkness being a respite for me, the infinite void of nothingness makes for horrible conversation. That can get to you if you let it in, if you let the solemn silence overtake what little you have. It’s a fight which is impossible to win on your own.

And what lies in the dark? What unforeseeable sights and unknowable entities hide in that harrowing gloom, that silken cloth cast across the lights of the horizon, casting an impenetrable blanket across the imagination, so stifling the wonders and woes of the silent observer? Why does the dark of a silent room and the void of an endless expanse speak such different words?

When you see the stars, the infinite nothingness proclaims the identity of an unidentifiable watcher, but benevolent in design, spying down on the unknowing observer to be a presence, a hope.

And in the dark corner, the shadow under the bed, the end of the hall, the dark at the top of the hill, lies a terrible monster, a horror beyond perception, a vile creature prying open the imagination to the worst possible terrors conceivable, and yet somehow infinitely worse than even that - the originator of nightmares, the author of trauma, the master of sleepless nights and haunting phantoms, seeping through every instance of gloom and blackness where once was illumination. This creeping one, this foul thing, watches and threatens to spring suddenly and terribly and encapsulate your heart in utter despair, bringing to fruition all that you dread and despise in one terrible moment.

For most of the world, this second character is personified as Ghid, the wicked fiend who solely bears the blame for every villainous deed ever committed; this penultimate hellion, the landlord of the underworld, waiting in every black descent of stairs and poorly-lit hallway. No other course of action or motivation could exist for the monster, so corrupted by the hollow lightless corners he crept from that his fate would be none other than the villain of the story, of every story.

I would know something about the stories there because this ominous evil, this malicious mastermind, is me. The originator of terror, The plaque plague, He Who Is Unmentioned, The Keeper of Wilhelmus, The One To Trust.


That’s how they know me now. That’s how they view me - an inefficient, stubborn, petty little man with some form of lung cancer, and an invincible pet by my side - that’s the large skeleton man in eye-searing attire standing to my left. Er, right. He insists on being called Diero, and where he got the name from I’m not quite sure - I believe that’s a saying used when someone has absolutely no idea of something.

There’s someone smaller than anyone else here, even me - the yellow-faced Cordax, nestled in that oversized purple hoodie, who is currently trying to hit me with his elbow until I notice how cleverly he hid his knife in his shoe despite how he already pointed that out during the process of hiding it. It didn’t matter; as soon as someone noticed it was there, it was over for his little hiding place.

Who else was worth mentioning… There was the girl, although she was sitting on the ground trying not to cry. Sitting down, she was just as tall as me, which is kind of sad. But that’s not what she was crying about.

And then there’s my son, Winger, who is showing every possible sign that he doesn’t want his helmet removed. It’s not my fault he looks like an edgy french robot singer; that was entirely his choice to dress up as. The jacket with the large wing emblazoned on the back doesn’t help either.

“Alright, everyone into the car.”

Diero’s eyes fluttered down towards me. I gave him no indication of anything. I knew that in one of his pockets he held a computer chip - a very important computer chip.

“I said in.” The Pakari-wearing individual growled, literally kicking Cordax through the open door. Winger shakily followed on his own accord, clearly dreading the idea of being kicked by the officer. Diero stood static for a moment, waiting to see if the officer would try kicking him, but eventually turned towards me and motioned for me to get in.

“This would be a lot easier for all of us if you’d just tell me the circumstances behind those folks you were burying in the middle of nowhere.” The officer said, his blue Pakari reflecting the fading sunlight as he gently helped the almost sobbing girl into the vehicle.

“'Fraid that’s none of your business.” Diero mused, the artificial southern drawl he sporadically utilized to make the outrageously wide-brimmed hat he worshiped like the sun not seem so horrifically out-of-place. “A fellow should be allowed to see the dead get proper burial, is all it is.”

“You’re looking rather dead yourself.” The officer eyed Diero’s skeletal figure suspiciously. “Regardless, you all know the law: There is to be no excursions beyond the border without proper authorization, by order of his majesty the illustrious-”


The entire group was silent for a moment.

“…Into the car.”

Ch 2


Ch 1

Chapter 2

“My name is Tomorrow.”

The Chronicler coiled oddly at the statement. “Yet you are not Tomorrow itself? It is just your title and nothing more?”

“Yes.” You replied, straightening up to show emphasis at the factor. “I am Tomorrow.”

“Well, Tomorrow, would you please consider my appearance for the record?” The Chronicler spoke, jotting down your every thought and statement onto the blank page of a large book.

You politely nodded and looked at the Chronicler. He was a thin, worm-like creature, which seemed to hang in the air by invisible strings, suspended from gravity by sheer force of will. Two of his four arms were dedicated to penning the current events down in a large book he held with the other pair, and the tail end of his form seemed to trail off into nothingness underneath a ragged, tattered robe.


The Chronicler looked up in surprise. “What? Is there something wrong? And if so… How do you know it to be so? You did not exist until a moment ago.”

“I just…” You responded, trying not to look directly at the Chronicler. “You unnerve me somehow. Can you… Not do that?”

The Chronicler shamefully looked away. “I had no idea this form was… Unappealing. Much less revolting. But I am afraid I have no control over how I appear, Tomorrow. It is decided for me.”

“What does tomorrow have to do with tod- Oh. Wait.” You stopped, realizing the obvious.

“Yes, I suspected conversation would be difficult.” The Chronicler rubbed what might be considered a chin. “May I call you Tom?”

“No.” You sharply responded. “My name is Tomorrow.”

“Understood.” The Chronicler said. There was an uncomfortably long silence. "Well, I should probably explain how my presence here operates. I am your Chronicler. I keep up to date on all events; I record everything that has occurred. If something happens, I write it down. Every thought or action. Nothing is left out. Try thinking of something.”

So you thought for a moment. There was a struggle in your mind - you were incredibly certain that there had been something before all of this. But what could it have been? No indicator, no hint or suggestion that anything had ever been. As far as you knew, you really had come into existence only a moment ago.

Then this sense - this nagging thought that something had once been - must simply be a notion constructed to-

“I remember something.” You said against your better judgement and reason. Surely reinforcing that concept was a foolish endeavor. He would inquire, and how would you answer?

“What specifically?” The Chronicler responded.

You rubbed the base of one palm into your brow. “Never mind, I can’t- I can’t think of anything. My mind is a total mess. I keep thinking I remember things and then I go completely blank over and over. It’s incredibly annoying.”

The Chronicler mused silently for a moment, his odd head tilting back and forth curiously. “Perhaps it would help for you to list off things that you are decidedly certain of. Facts, places, things, people… Things you know for certain do exist and do not rely on a possibly faulty memory.”

So you thought for a moment. Things, what things… Your eyes involuntarily closed and thoughts filled your head, thoughts about mountain peaks and clipper ships, frozen wastes and grass-covered fields, ominous forests and contraptions of steel, the starry night sky and the warmth of the sun.

The sun…

Your eyes flew back open and your mouth grew into a snarl of disappointment, but it dropped into undisguised amazement at the sight which now lay before your pupils. Green hills sloped and curved across a massive meadow, leading to a dark forest surrounding the base of a mountain taller than it was wide. Atop the peak sat a full-rigged clipper ship, bow pointed directly at the sky, suspended in place by ice and snow. The sun proclaimed the blue sky far above.

“WHAT.” You retorted to this series of events. “How did- I don’t- WHAT-”

“This is your story, mister Tomorrow.” The Chronicler chuckled. “Now shall we get started?”

Ch 3




I’m fairly certain this computer chip is of a particular importance.

@Rukah theorize the contents


Don’t leave @NOTaHFfan out of the fun


So, the main party possesses the computer chip with the Book of Logic simulation on it, while the secondary party are in the chip in a second (or third? we don’t know how many times the program has run) version of the simulation?

Or maybe Tomorrow and Chronicler are Lesnichiy and OraNui, and it’ll wrap back around to Book of Logic, since Cronk didn’t actually sign up.


Reading the first chapter like an essay made it infinitely better and frankly I’m terrified because of it.



That’s a very interesting theory ya got there.

I cannot confirm or deny it, however.



It has begun.

Hey look it’s me.

at this point there’s not much info so at this point I can’t really make a good theory

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the ultimate BoD theorist could’ve had something by now


good thing I’m not him

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This was the last time tears were mentioned in the series, so maybe this is important.

Also, dual story.


I have the first theory of the book:

Ghid and Tott are the same being that was split in half some time ago. Ghid is the body and Tott is the spirit. The mindless husk of Ghid takes the form of the dreamer Ghids while Tott is without an organic body. Ghid still houses all of the power, but The One To Trust has the knowledge. The dual nature of the book coincides with the dual nature of Ghid/Tott.


I have a few theories and predictions. But I must finish comprehending chemistry before I share them.

Until then…

I want all of the brownie points for guessing/inspiring this title :sunglasses:


I would’ve preferred it be called the Book of Nightmares but we don’t always get what we want.

Also Solar_Pannel’s theory about the computer chip is very plausible.


I’m so proud of you son.


If you want the brownie points, you gotta cite the instance, man



I cannot confirm or deny allegations of um


don’t read into this


Book of Tears indeed.

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I hope I get Master back relatively soon.


Aright, time for my duty

Everyone’s favorite cat is back

Having “that’s” here like this makes it seem like it’s still referring to Tott. A semicolon/comma (like shown) would make it a bit clearer to read.

While I generally appreciate Tott’s nonchalant, flippant method of storytelling, this one does feel like he’s just saying the same thing twice. Might be a bit subjective, but I feel it pertinent to point out

Doesn’t Cordax have a yellow helmet? Or is the Evo mask actually his face?

Wait nevermind I just read his description from BoR, it’s betallic skin.

No mention of his hoodie, though?

This sentence feels a bit incomplete the way it’s worded now; combined with its length, I had to read it twice because I felt like I missed something.

Now for some theorixing

who has a blue Pakari? A quick check of the signups… is inconclusive. Senit has had a blue Huna, a blue Kakama, and currently a blue Rau(?). Heyzorks has an orange Pakari, but Blue is one of his main colors. Pakari has a, um, Pakari, but it was described as black in the first book. I have a Mask-that-is-referred-to-as-a-Pakari, but it would be a stretch to call it blue.

Unless it is black and just looks blue because it’s reflecting the sunlight.


There’s always a bigger fish