A TTV Boards Story F-F-F-FOURQUEL?!: Signups [CLOSED!! Story has Concluded!!!]

No Ghid, no.

Ghid, stop.

You don’t have the time for this just stop Ghid please don’t do this to yourself GHID NO PLEASE YOU CAN’T DO THIS SOMEBODY STOP HIM

Book of Ramblings
Book of Logic
Book of Dreams

The story for Book of Dreams is now finished - it just has to be written down in the final few chapters. Before I finish it, however, I want to ask what kind of a story you’d like to see out of the fourth one - if I should do what’s worked so far, or try something new?

As with the third signups, Anyone can join, but before you do so there are some rules I have to list first:

  • I can disregard the attempts of any user who may desire to join for whatever reason I prefer, without the necessity to explain why
  • Under no circumstances will someone be forced to participate or end up drafted in
  • If you want in, you must list your gender, and you also have the option to provide any extra info which you would like for me to use as the basis for representing you (I also sometimes use profile pictures at the time of signing up for how I portray users)
  • There will be a significant number of character deaths in this book, so do not be surprised if your character is one which gets killed off
  • Since my FNAF kickstarter bombed I’m now running the unofficial Scott Cawthon dating sim blogspot, let me know if you want to help write spicy dialogue
  • PLEASE give me honest critique for this as it is primarily a writing exercise and I greatly appreciate the feedback

The time to join is Two Weeks from the creation of this post. Have fun!

Member List

@Ghid - Appears in Chapter 1
@NOTaHFfan - Appears in Chapter 2
@N01InParticular - Appears in Chapter
@Krelikan - Appears in Chapter 1
@Monopoly - Appears in ARMAGHIDDON Chapter 6
@Senit - Appears in ARMAGHIDDON Chapter 29
@Cordax - Appears in Chapter 1
@GoodGuy2006 - Appears in ArmaGhiddon Chapter 11
@Sonus - Appears in Chapter 2
@Rukah - Appears in Chapter 3
@Heyzorks - Appears in Chapter 7
@Winger - Appears in Chapter 1
@Traykar - Appears in ArmaGhiddon Chapter 14
@TheMOCingbird - Appears in Chapter 7
@Willess12 - Appears in Chapter 13
@Eilrach - Appears in Chapter 3
@DuneToa - Appears in ARMAGHIDDON Chapter 29
@wild_toa - Appears in ArmaGhiddon Chapter 7
@Racie02 - Appears in Chapter 1
@Pakari - Appears in Chapter 7
@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister - Appears in Chapter 9
@Atobe_Brick - Appears in ArmaGhiddon Chapter 15
@Diero - Appears in Chapter 1
@TheCobaltCorsair - Appears in Chapter 2
@Hawkflight - Appears in Chapter 14
@Axelford - Appears in Chapter 14

Edit: The signups are now closed. The story will begin soon.
Edit Edit: (real)
Edit Edit Edit: THE STORY IS COMPLETE!! Thank you all so very much for participating!


ALSO, making this a separate post to keep things somewhat organized, there are four users I would greatly appreciate deciding to return to this series - @Cordax, @Diero, @Monopoly, @NOTaHFfan. Of course, everyone from the past books is highly encouraged to return, but writing any direct sequel without the presence of any of these four gents is going to make things difficult. It’s still up to you, though; if you’d rather not I understand.

Anyway, what else… Oh yeah, I am completely insane for doing this a fourth time, but we’ve got a new influx of users since the last signups, so hopefully more new faces will be given the opportunity to appear.
Totally up to you, of course, @reader!


No way…

I’m in, Emperor

You already know everything you need to know about me


i would like to offer up my likeness for this righteous endeavor, my emperor.

Still male, sleep-deprived, and broke .

If i don’t die a horrible death, i will be very disappointed as it would end the streak i’m currently on and i’m only one point away from getting a free smoothie.

If it fits into the setting, i think it would be pretty cool if i was a hologram a.i of some sorts, but in the end it’s up to you on how you portray me.


New faces? Who cares, sign me up. Before I give any new details for my character, I still need to finish BoD.

Alright, pages have been turned, and eyes have become sore, BoD is no more. As much as I like to be in cube purgatory, getting to see myself rebuilt might be a nice change of pace. Otherwise, I think however you perceive me is how I should be written.


hmm yes very good

I am always ready to do things of questionable legality


Meesa in.

my gender is the same as before


seeing as my likeness on my pfp has already been used, i offer either my self moc, nekidax, or gunk

(also mi gender hasn’t changed and won’t change)


I’ll join. If I’m not already dead, that is.


ooh ooh lemme in
I’m male, and the only requirement I have for my appearance is that you must make me be associated with lewa swords in some way.

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i am a male cringe boi
that’s all one really can say about me

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I’m in, if it isn’t too much of a “oh gosh no why am I forced to find a way to put Winger in this again” moment. If you wanna use depressed raincoat for appearance, that’s fine, I trust your judgement either way.


Might as well throw this funny undead dog man into the meat grinder as well.

Though I expect my application to be denied.

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for my favorite son? always.

also my only son so the competition isn’t exactly fierce but eh


ooh you’ve added heyzorks
this book’ll be fun to read

I’m not really sure what I’ll do with him given that nothing of his personal character can be taken too seriously, but I’ll figure something out

if I can make a man into a car axle I can work with edgy peewee herman


that’s probably what you should make the most of

I know you are, but what am i?

I think this proves my point


I think I died in the first one, but hey, worst case scenario I die again

Count me in.
TheMOCingbird is a guy, and I’ll leave the rest of his character in the totally safe and secure hands of the author.