The Brickonicle Soundtrack by DarkMaestro [Music]

I think Onua's Theme should also have monastic vocals, if that's possible with your software.

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Though admittedly, with the things I have planned for the rest of the album, its more of a suite rather than the "main theme"...

But I digress :relieved:

Bloody Heck that took longer than it should have :astonished: But now I got a much more powerful computer, so hopefully it'll go much smoother in the future.

So ladies and gentlemen, here is the final track list for Volume 1, which I aim to be completed by late October/Early November (I have another album in the works, so it's moved to probably around the end of the year);

  1. The Legends Reborn (Main Theme)
  2. The Island in Suspended Time
  3. Warrior (Tahu's Theme)
  4. Ísprinsinn (Kopaka's Theme)
  5. In Temperance and Tempest (Gali's Theme)
  6. Kaitiaki (Onua's Theme)
  7. Sky Monkey (Lewa's Theme)
  8. Stone = Gold (Pohatu's Theme)
  9. Beastal (Rahkshi Theme)
  10. Awaken

And as always;
Stay Tuned.
- DarkMaestro


Anyone else imagine the camera swooping through the different regions of Artakha, only for it to suddenly zoom out and show the entire island with the title appearing across the screen, only for the title to then disappear as the camera begins to slowly zoom in and fade to the first scene?

Because I did.


You have quite a range of skills @DarkMaestro.
I like The Legends Reborn music but it makes me feel more calm and relaxed than excited and intrigued. I personally think it sounds like closure and would fit perfectly as Awaken. I think a main theme should be more upbeat and exciting to grow anticipation.
I am no musician and know very little about making music but I thought I would share my thoughts.


@Bokarda Well I'm glad it was able create a vivid scene for you! :smiley:

@RAKRONDEWL Flattered. :grin:
I thought the middle section of the piece was exciting enough, but I get what you mean. I think I have to re-label this as the "orchestral suite" or something, and then make another piece for the main/intro theme. Awaken is actually Makuta's revival theme, and it's supposed to leave the audience on a cliff-hanger/ feeling tense.
Thoughts and criticisms are always welcome!


I think I've found a piece of music that might help influence "Awaken." It's "The Ancient Sith Theme" from Star Wars. This version is extended for the Knights of the Old Republic games, but I think it would fit perfectly with Makuta.


Hmm... I can definitely see some parts of it working for Awaken, especially the first minute or so. Thanks!


I was thinking that Awaken referred to the island and the Matoran unfreezing but it being a more litoral awakening, makes much more sense. Thank you for the clarification.

Regarding the main theme, I was thinking it might be something more like one of these g2 themes.
g2 webisodes theme
g2 jto toa theme
g2 game theme

I agree, it does fit Makuta pretty well.


You know what; I hadn't actually thought of writing a theme for the island unfreezing, so I'll probably just make Awaken have two parts. It'll be something like Pirates of the Carribean's Underwater March at 2:45, where it has the "heroic theme" that switches into the intense march.

The JTO theme sounds interesting; I'll see what works.

BTW just a question for everyone; I've been thinking about possibilities for the opening theme song. Right now I'm debating whether is should be like a Western cartoon with an (at most) 30sec theme, or something like an anime OP, where it's around a minute and is part of a larger song. Also, thinking something in the style of Attack on Titan Season 2's OP.
Any suggestions?


It should be a 30 second intro, but that 30 seconds should be part of a larger song (like in anime OP). A concise opening with an awesome full-length version. Best of both worlds :slight_smile:


Yeah, since this would be based from a western cartoon perspective, then 30 seconds would be the way to go. (even though I prefer the 1 to 1.5 minute ones done by anime)


Alrighty, 30 seconds it is then!
Also a note; shows like the original Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack had 30sec narrative prologues before the opening came in; it would be cool to have something like that for Brickonicle.
@UltimateMustacheX , you mentioned in an earlier post that you had some sort of possible narration?


Dang, this music is awesome. I want more.

However, like @RAKRONDEWL said, I feel it would be better if it weren't so orchestral and more exciting and vibrant.


Yes, I came up with something similar to the "In the time, before time" narration. However, it may have to change a bit, since I heard the cast say that the Elemental Gods were made after the Matoran. I remember it being before them, and the narration reflected that.

But if it is to be included in a 30 sec. opening, it won't work. It's way too long (more like Vakama's narration length). I can try to crunch it down to better fit a 30 sec. intro.


Could you post this on YT please?


So here's something I cranked out for a possible opening theme.

If I could get some opinions and thoughts from the "directors" of the "show" @IllustriousVar @Jon (and whomever else) , that'll be very helpful.

@UltimateMustacheX If you are able to crunch down the narration to 30sec, that'll be cool. Depending on what the narration is, the underscoring should reflect it.

@Idhren Don't worry, I'll post it soon; just trying to find an image that works for the video that I don't need to get permission to use.


I think I got it. It's probably closer to 45 seconds, if read in Mask of Light's grandiose style. Something I thought would be good is to have the full thing play for the first episode, as a way to introduce the story. Then the shorter version plays for the rest of the episodes as a refresher. I'll list the full thing here. Parts in bold are the short version. (Note: the last part is something Kahi came up with way back.)

In a time long past,
The Great Beings created the Island of Artakha.
These brothers made it a prosperous land,
Filled with many beasts, and sustained by great elemental energies.
Such energies required balance,
So the brothers created guardians to protect it.
The Elemental Gods.

One brother wanted more, and a new species was born.
The Matoran.
This was a fragile race,
But in exchange for fortitude, they were given something more.
This caused a rift between the brothers,
Beginning a battle that shook the Island to its very core.

The Gods saw this destruction and looked to regain balance.
They rebelled against the brothers,
Sealing them away with manifestations of their elemental might.
The Island was at peace once more, and the Matoran thrived.
Stories spread among this young race.
Legends of the victory against the brothers.
And legends of the elemental manifestations, known as the Toa.

When times are dark, and all hope seems lost.
Those who call upon the spirits of the elements,
if they be worthy,
Shall bear the power of the toa.


I personally think it is too upbeat/exciting like an action/battle scene now and has lost the mysterious vibe. I could possibly see this as the main hero theme but not the opening theme.

Thor? Oh Toa, got it. :laughing:
Everything else in the narration sounds really good.


i think the opening theme should have something like the tunes from JtO.

i mean we can all agree that while the writing and the look of it was not the best, but the music made for the show was pritty good and some what fit the Bionicle tone in it's own way:

@UltimateMustacheX find the toa theme to fit the most with the intro narration you posted.


I would like to contribute with some inspiration for your soundtrack's development, presenting a band called Fresno. Their style might suit the BIONICLE theme nicely, as the main theme or Tahu's theme.

By the way, these songs are in Portuguese, so I don't know if it might bother you...

I would also take this chance to invite you guys if there's other songs that could be fitting inspiration for the rest of the Toa. What do you think?

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