The Brickonicle Soundtrack by DarkMaestro [Music]

After finishing some pieces for my college’s choir, I kinda had no idea what to do next. And it hit me recently that there was huge inspirational motive right in front of my face.
So! I present my take on the Brickonicle Soundtrack!
Now I originally wanted to post the main theme first, but I’m having some difficultly with some of my sound libraries so it will probably go up next week. But for now, I present this;

“The Island in Suspended Time” is an ambience piece for the island’s frozen state. It’s unsettling and ominous, which I think really would capture this eerie setting. I took inspiration from the Toa Mata commercials; they always had this mysterious presence to them that I loved.
The download link for this will probably be available in a day or two, once I get my copyright stuff done. And if you want to use it in a video or something, please ask for permission and give proper credit in the description.
Enjoy! And keep watch of this topic, I’ll be posting all the other pieces here!

UPDATE: The piece is now available for free download on my SoundCloud!


this is actually pritty good.

nice job DarkMaestro.

AMAZING! :ok_hand: /10

Impressive. Nice work @DarkMaestro

That was cool.

I could also see this working for some Brotherhood of Makuta hideout scenes. Especially since that’s where the island freezing stems from.

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Can we use that for aproject later?

Wow everyone’s beating me to the punch with this one.
This is really sweat, love the atmosphere. I’m trying to hastily put something together to try and share at some point too. Best of luck, really looking forward to your theme.

Wow. I love music and soundtracks, and I would have never thought someone would make one for Brickonicle. This is fantastic!

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Give this man a cookie! This is great stuff!


I love the atmosphere this creates. It really coincides well with all the legends and anomalies surrounding the island, particularly the Cult of Makuta.


Woot! Great job, we needed sumthin’ like this!

it’s really good but. in MY own opinion i think it needs voices like whispering and like maybe some opera.

It’d be super ambitious but I could imagine some sort of Ayreon/Avantasia/Soulspell style Rock Opera for the story of G3.

While I am going to bring in more rock elements later on (more in the style of Mick Gordon’s Killer Instinct Soundtrack), a rock opera is waayyy out of my league, especially since I’m doing this without a budget; I’d have to hire singers/ session bands and rent out a studio and yeahh… too expensive for overall nonprofit :sweat:.
If I did like one or two songs in the style, maybe. But even then, I’m not a huge fan of using lyrical songs for this soundtrack (with exception of some chants with short verses).


This is amazing. You have earned a spot in the Holhii Kolhii awards!


So… turns out the solutions to my technical problems are a little more complex than I first thought. And cost money. And unfortunately I’m literally about to depart to Iceland for a week so I won’t be able to fix it until I get back.
But, I did promise I’d post the main theme this week, so I used what sounds I could and tried to quickly make something presentable.

There’s some weird mixing errors, and some sounds are not the greatest, but at least you’ll get the general idea of what the final product will entail.
Or try to?
-DarkMaestro :disappointed:


I do like how the original Bionicle theme is implemented. Don’t be so down on yourself! This shows great potential!

You should try taking parts of that song, maybe at a faster tempo, to make an opening narration theme. Something to be played behind an “In the time, before time” narration. I actually came up with a possible narration for G3, and it would be interesting to hear something in the background to get an idea of a good way to time the reading.

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Hello hello! I’m currently awaiting technical stuff to arrive so I can finish off the main theme. But in the meantime, with the recent podcasts being all about the Toa’s characterizations and backstory, I think it’s time to give a shot at the main six!
So here’s the deal; I have the general idea of what I’m going to do with each Toa theme, but I’m not sure who to start with. So! I’ll leave it up to ya’ll to decide who’s theme I should tackle first!

  • Warrior (Tahu’s Theme: Orchestral/Rock)
  • Ísprinsinn (Kopaka’s Theme: Nordic/Metal)
  • In Temperance & Tempest (Gali’s Theme: New Age/EDM)
  • Kaitiaki (Onua’s Theme: Tribal/Art Rock)
  • Sky Monkey (Lewa’s Theme: Oriental/Electronic)
  • Stone=Gold (Pohatu’s Theme: Electronic Swing OR Hip-hop/Rap)

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I’ll do them all eventually, but still…
Pick wisely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want to hear that nordic metal ;D

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