The Brickonicle Soundtrack by DarkMaestro [Music]

Fresno's stuff actually is pretty cool; I can really see some elements playing into the soundtrack (and i definitely need to find more of their work, I'm digging these songs )
I already have set references and palettes for the Toa themes, so I don't really need anymore material. Now it's just the matter of cranking them out. But thanks anyways :grin:
Btw in case anyone didn't see my edit to the Legends Reborn post, I've pushed the aimed release date of Vol. 1 from October to around the end of the year; I'm working on another album that's intended for profit, so that takes some priority over this.


I am really excited for Kopaka's theme.


I'm gonna pop in and add an inspiration aswell.

It is the ending soundtrack for the Survivor. Though some may not like the show, this soundtrack used at the very end of each season is great inspiration for some minor song, or even a part of the ending one.
I could see it being used as a tribal music during a scene in one of the villages, similar to how it was in Le-Koro in MNOG.

Yeah something like this could work for a music cue or something; though not for a dedicated track on Vol. 1. If TTV ever decides on doing something with G3 (like an animation) then I'll actually do something like this if needed.

By the way, question for everyone;

I've been considering adapting this topic into a sort of "behind the scenes" thing. For example, I could post sheet music for certain themes if anyone wanted to learn them; or now that I've reached the next level in my audio major, I can have some videos of the recording processes in the college's studio, etc. Meanwhile, I'll dedicate a new topic to the finished volumes. That way people don't have to dig through the discussions and brainstorming to get to the music.
Would anyone be interested in that sort of stuff? Let me know.


I'd like to see the sheet music. I'm not a music major, but I can play piano and clarinet, with some minor dabbling/self learning of ocarina, harmonica, and sax.


I know they won’t be using it, but reading that narration along to Gravity Hurts is a guilty pleasure of mine.

It's probably the trumpets, but is anyone else getting a Punch-Out vibe from this?
Great piece, definitely sounds like an OP!

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I’ll be honest, the OP sounds more Final Fantasy than Bionicle. It’s kind of a leap between that and the Legends Reborn theme. Especially with the very liberal use of that one little phrase from the ending theme. I’m not saying that you use all the little phrases from the original, just...I’d say maybe scale back the difference from G1 & G2, just a little bit.

@Trande Admittedly it was just a demo just to see what people thought of it; based off of previous feedback I scrapped it as being the definitive OP. But yeah I agree, I was kinda spamming my version of the G1 theme.
That being said, the Legends Reborn piece is actually the outlier compared to the rest of the Vol. 1 tracks. There's much more rock/ electronic elements in the rest of the themes compared to that one.

Well, that’s interesting. Based off of the podcast, I was under the impression that the cast wanted 100% tribal stuff, which didn’t exactly sit well with me. Are you kinda aiming for this kind of music:

@DarkMaestro I don't know if you have seen my topic. But i though that instead of a normal tv show intro, the soundtrack for the intro is actually a song (in a style like the Dovahkiin song from Skyrim):

I already said that using specific snippets from the G1 soundtrack (or in his words, spamming it, which he kinda was) sounded kinda repetitive, but there is one part around 2:59 where that same phrase is actually repeated in a way that works. @DarkMaestro wrote something that kinda sounds like it could be a chase scene or something. That is my favorite part of that track.

@Trande It's more in the lines of the Killer Instinct OST by Mick Gordon, sprinkled with more tribal/drumming elements.

@DarkHenrik As much as I adore the theme from Skyrim, I don't think it could be pulled off like that in 30 seconds. And what language would it even be sung in? Skyrim had the dragon-tongue, but there's not really an equivalent in G3.
Telling an entire story through song isn't easy in such limited amount of time. The plan seems to be that there's a narration before the opening theme; so at least maybe the feel of the Skyrim theme could be there, just not with a whole story.

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the hole idea for this song intro, came from this video:

i never though to have the song be sung in a different language, only in english.

The song is meant to be like those song of old that were used in telling stories before writting things down was a thing. Plus the song is not just meant to be for the intro, but a song that also exist in universe. Like a song that is sung at special occations and which has an important meaning for the Matorans on the island.

basicly it's a ballad.

Ah I see. It's possible for the legends passed down through songs. (Well, I think so at least; no idea if the cast cares or not)
But my point still stands; it won't work for a 30 sec intro. And if prologue narration is definitely going to happen beforehand, it's almost redundant.

Have you ever considered the soundtrack for the Jak trilogy?

Actually yes! Little spoilers here, but some of the influence for Tahu's theme is actually the Klaww theme from Jak 1, mainly the bassline and the synth brass.

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That is so cool to hear! Next to Bionicle, Jak and Daxter is the other amazing tribal-technology mash-up of the early 2000’s.

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This is really good, I can imagine the Toa looking around to see everything frozen...

Has anyone pointed out the Horizon Zero Dawn saundtrack yet?

It seems to be very much in line with the "hype" mood they want, along with mixing tribal, electronic and orchestral.

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