The Brickonicle Soundtrack by DarkMaestro [Music]

An Update; :unamused:

So... I might have overestimated how much I would be able to complete before January. As of right now, I am severely behind my personal deadline, with barely a third of the tracks in the completed state. I want to start releasing stuff, but I'd also prefer to release it as a finished volume of works.
So here's what I'm thinking:
I could either aim to finish the whole volume and release it all together, but it would be a much later due date.
Release the volume in two parts; Part Akamai (Which includes Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu's theme, along with a remastering of The Legends Reborn) and Part Wairuha (Which would include Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa's theme, along with the Rahkshi theme).
Akamai would hopefully be released in January, while Wairuha would have to be decided later on.
I know it appears that not much work has been completed, but I'm trying to really make this as professional quality as I'm able to. So, I apologize if it's been quiet in this topic.

Anyway, let me know how you'd prefer it to be released, or anything else. Thanks.


Well quality is nearly always better than speed! I'm looking forward to it!

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I am completely cool with you releasing the music in parts. Looking forward to it.

Experimenting with some synthesizers in Absynth and created this.

The Forest of the Gukko, or Bingzak's theme.

Also as another update; I give up on trying to release this as a collection. I'll release pieces when they're done. With that said, Tahu's and Onua's themes are almost done.
So stay tuned.


I would want to be best friends with anyone who has that as their theme!

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Well, now I know what song I'm learning for ocarina next.

This sounds like it would fit as a forest level for a videogame.


This is dope.

Well, this is pretty friggin cool. Just found this while browsing around all this old stuff, and I’m wondering if you’re still working on this or not.

Unfortunately no; I was working on Onua and Tahu’s theme for a while last fall and had been mixing the projects in my school’s recording studio (even got a live singer on it). I actually used them for one of my my audio finals, but before I could get the finished project, winter break came and closed off the studio, and when we came back I found out the school wiped the recording studio’s hard drive, so all the projects on that computer were gone. That, TTV cancelling Brainstorm, and me now working on my own album; I just don’t have the time or motivation anymore to work on this.
But hey; thanks for liking it!


Oh man! That sounds like a total breaker right there, I can definitely see why going on after that would be a slog. Shame though, you had some really cool ideas which would’ve been awesome to see, I share a lot of your sentiment on how a Bionicle soundtrack should sound. JtO is still probably the closest to get it right, but even then…

Ah well, no point stressing on maybes :stuck_out_tongue: