The Brotherhood of Makuta--Icarax

Name: Icarax
Assigned Region: Karzahni
Mask: Kanohi Ayitaka, the Mask of Scavenging; Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadow
Status: Deceased


From the moment of his creation, Icarax was more of a warrior than a creator. Though he made Rahi like the rest of his dutiful brethren, his black heart was always most pleased in battle—fortunately for him, he excelled at it, though it was often at the expense of his victims, who often had their entire livelihoods destroyed for provoking his wrath…in addition to their bodies. Icarax was the last to side with Teridax when he challenged Miserix’s power on Destral…some say it was because he hated Teridax’s penchant for politics and scheming, others that he was simply arrogant enough to know that the new leader of the Brotherhood would not dare to harm him, even if he should side with him last. He and Gorast were assigned the task of executing those Makuta who had sided with their former leader, a task Icarax had no difficulty undertaking.

Perhaps Icarax’s most notable action was his brief rebellion against Teridax in the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm. Dissatisfied with his leader’s command, the Makuta of Karzahni gathered a force of Manas Crabs and laid siege to the Northern Continent. Teridax confronted him, and when Icarax challenged the Makuta of Metru-Nui to a fight, Teridax obliged him. The battle raged for hours, with Icarax hammering away at Teridax with all he had. At first, the rebellious Makuta foresaw an easy victory, but as the battle raged, he began to tire, while Teridax simply took his blows again and again. When Icarax was nearly exhausted, Teridax made his move. Using his power of Rahi Control, he turned Icarax’s Manas against him, surrounding the rebel with his own legion. Teridax wasted little time, using every power at his command to utterly humiliate his opponent. Yet even in his rage, the leader of the Brotherhood saw Icarax’s value, sparing his life—albeit with the threat of his power hanging over Icarax’s head like a sword from that day on.

Among Icarax’s other accomplishments were the retrieval of both Teridax’s lost Kraahkan—which he took to wearing—and the Staff of Artakha, the temporary defeat of the Toa Nuva, the death of Botar, and the corruption of Toa Takanuva via a Shadow Leech. However, the greatest of warriors often meet the most ignoble ends, and for Icarax, this was sadly true. In Karda Nui, he was not only devolved from Antidermis to organic matter by Toa Ignika, but was the leader of a failed attempt to end Teridax’s Plan. After battling Gorast, Icarax was killed when—while attempting to teleport—she used her Kanohi Felnas to disrupt his power. His atoms were scattered across the universe, with parts of his body teleporting to various locations. Ironically, had Icarax succeeded in ending Teridax’s Plan, Gorast and the other Makuta would have survived, as Teridax betrayed them in order to remove his potential rivals, subjecting them all to horrific deaths in the energy storms that heralded Mata Nui’s reawakening.


Icarax, like all Makuta, rarely limited himself to one weapon, but of his vast armory, his favored tools were a set of Rotating Shadow Blades, which could also act as a shield, a Twin-Bladed Sword, and two arm-mounted claws, which could retract and expand their prongs.

Icarax’s primary Mask was the Kanohi Ayitaka, the Mask of Scavenging, which could draw life energy from the bodies of recently-slain beings—a perfect power for Icarax. After recovering the Kanohi Kraahkan, Icarax took to using it, and was wearing it when he died, scattering its atoms along with his own.



Front (wings folded)

Back (wings folded)

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

A Discovery...

Meet the NEW leader of the Brotherhood!

Leaving the Past Behind


With this MOC, I wanted to make something a little less “monstrous” than Miserix. Icarax is a warrior, so that would naturally make you think “bulky,” but I decided to go for a more “fast and agile” approach—after all, his Karda Nui form wasn’t that bulky. If you will notice, he does incorporate a gearbox, although it is a little hampered by the wing placement, but not enough to stop it from working.

I tried to keep the color-scheme consistent, adding the gunmetal to match the Rotating Blades, because I wanted to make those larger than their actual set form, which I felt was a little wimpy.

The feet aren’t exactly the best, I know, but I’m not very ingenious with feet. Other than that, I’m generally happy with how this turned out.

Hope you all enjoy! If not, someone else will want to talk to you!!!


This is a pretty good blend of BIONICLE and CCBS, no complaints except for his forearms.


Love the look of this, definitely has the physique I'd expect for a warrior.

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i really like those wings :o

this is amazing.

Great legs.
The rest of the moc is okay, but the legs sell it.

I personally think, he looks even better than Miserix, nice job!

  • very good job at revamping his 2008 weaponry
  • good distribution of the colour scheme
  • he looks good with both masks
  • wings look nice when unfolded, but I imagine they look a little bit strange from the side when folded
  • legs look good when he just stands upright, but something buggs me about his ankles when he is posed (perhaps because they're so long or because they can rotate)
  • the claws on his arms seem a bit useless as weapons to me, but they look good there, so ...

Overall a very nice MOC. Thanks for participating again in the Brotherhood Project!

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You should add more details on the wings rather than tacking on the same piece three times

Thanks for all your feedback, guys! Icarax approves!

This is really good, Icarax is my favourite Makuta, and I really like that you use the Mask of Scavenging for him, I check that Icarax use that mask but I don't remember it being said in the books, which it a bit odd about that. But this is great, well done

Looks great. Very reminiscent to the original set.

I'm liking this! The digitigrade legs work very well, adn I like his weapons and his wings!

My only complaints are the chest plate on his back looks odd as back armor, maybe pick another add-on for that, and the shin section of the legs needs work, and changed to black, The gunmetal Skull armor doesn't work for me there, and it looks pretty thin. Also, the claws look a little gappy from the front, and I can't tell for sure but the arms look a little long. Otherwise,he looks great!

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my main issue is with the upper arm gappyness, but i like the legs a lot

actually, the entire arms are iffy

Good colors, perhaps they could've been distributed better but it works well enough. The Technic and CCBS parts blend very well, and I like your recreation of his original weapons. The wings are simple, but in the spirit of the original, and they look great despite their simplicity. Also, I'm a huge fan of digitigrade legs, so points there. The talons on the back of his feet are kinda weird, and admittedly the arm build could be more solid.

Overall, this is a very good MOC! He looks cool, has good parts usage, and nice colors (though once again, distribution could use a look at). I like it, a worthy part of the BoM project, and I hope I get to see more from you in the future!

Also, my submission to this project links to Icarax story-wise, as he's one of my favorite Makuta. You've done one of my favorite Makuta a great honor with this recreation.

My only criticism is that at least one pair of wings should be dark red. Otherwise, perfect.

Hmm...I can see what you mean. But I don't think those wing pieces come in dark red, and the Antroz wings would break the flow, IMO.

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Pictures are missing :anguished:

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I can’t see any of the images