The Brotherhood of Makuta - Jarnat

Name: Jarnat
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Denkai, Great Mask of Heat
Status: Dead


From the beginning it was clear, that Jarnat wasn't very good at being a Makuta. He lacked the patience to even create the most simple Rahi, approached diplomatics rather with fists and claws than words and his missions almost never ended without a minor disaster - a dead team of Toa here, a flattened village there.

It was no coincidence, that after the Matoran civil war in Metru Nui, when Miserix charged several Makuta with having an eye on the regions of the Matoran Universe, Jarnat wasn't one of them.
Being one of the best fighters among the Makuta, Jarnat thought himself deceived. Even more so, when his missions increasingly became guarding or delivering ones, rather than tracking down and exterminating enemys of Mata Nui or the Brotherhood.

So when Teridax declared his plan, Jarnat didn't hesistate to join him, in hopes of a future more befitting his skills.
But already Teridax' first orders dimmed his hopes. Instead of Jarnat, Gorast and Icarax were sent to dispose of Miserix' supporters (While Jarnat would have been able to do the task, Teridax wasn't interested in a ruckus throughout the whole Matoran Universe, which would doubtlessly have followed with Jarnat. After all, he liked to meet his oponnents face to face and tended to protract fights unnecessarily. Gorast and Icarax were simply more ... efficient.)
On top of that, Jarnat still wasn't assigned a region and his missions stayed the same as well. (Teridax was no fool and tried to keep Jarnat away from the important places and persons.)
However, on one of these missions, Jarnat discovered a mysterious island - Artakha. It had to be Artakha - where else were there such supreme craftsmanship and skilled Matoran? Even Jarnat knew, what value the information about Artakha's location had. He just wasn't sure how to use it and kept quiet.

After Kojol attacked Artakha and stole the Mask of Light, Artakha asked the Order of Mata Nui to erase all knowledge about his realm. Having felt Jarnat's short presence on the island, he too became a target.

Some time later Jarnat was assassinated on one of his missions by Tobduk.


Jarnat carried the spear of absorption, which could absorb elemental energys, store them, and let them loose again, if Jarnat wished so. However, the spear had limited capacity. In addition to the spear, Jarnat was equipped with sharp protosteel claws.
His mask is the Kanohi Denkai, the Great Mask of Heat, that allowed him turn up the temperature of his surroundings to a point were even rock began to melt.
Like all Makuta, Jarnat wore a near indestructible suit of protosteel armor, that contained his essence.


In addition to the 42 powers Kraata powers and the abilities to create Kraata and absorb enemys into his own substance, like all Makuta, Jarnat possessed great physical strength. It was on the latter one as well as his weaponry and combat skills, that he relied the most.

Ok, this is - by far - my favorite MOC so far. I feel like he just fits perfectly into G1. As a MOC he has gone a long way, too. Jarnat started out as an Antroz revamp, but went astray pretty soon - and I'm happy about that.
I completed the first version of him (pic following) about a year ago and he was my entry for the golden mask contest in 2014.
He is still my only MOC with actual custom hands (the other ones are all copied from somewhere (mostly Hydraxon)) and they do a pretty good job at resembling the Onua Mata claws he had at the beginning. I also really like his "mask" and chestplate.

That said, here's the first Makuta for the Brotherhood project! You want to join the project? Have a look here!


That is REALLY COOL! I like the head design.

Mask reminds of 2.0 breeze helmet. But yah this is great after reading through the story a bit I forgot I was on the boards and thought I was on biosector

This is rather cool, could you try taking a photo with something for scale, just to give a better sense of scale...



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I don't think, I will take an extra photo just for scale, but he is about as tall/a bit taller than Tahu 2015.

Thanks all, that you like him!

He kinda looks like a satanic batman (imo)- very cool

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I got to admit this is great.
Interesting head.