The Brotherhood of Makuta: Karangu

Name: Karangu
Assigned region: none
Mask: Kanohi Avsa, Mask of Hunger
Status: Unknown (presumed dead)

While most Makuta were known for the Rahi they brought into being, Crytoss was most known for being a ruthless tester of Rahi. Makuta like Chirox or Mutran would think of the deadliest Rahi possible, create it, and send it to fight Karangu. If it survived more than a minute with him, it was deemed a menace and unleashed upon the world.

Miserix saw that Karangu had a talent for intimidation and deception, so he usually sent him to hunt down the evil doers of the universe along with Teridax. During the battle that crushed the Barraki's rebellion, Karangu exterminated one of Mantax's legions and convinced another to defect. However it was also this ruthlessness that kept him from gaining a region of his own to protect. Instead, Teridax employed him to gather information about the nature of the Matoran universe. A task which usually involved intimidating old Turaga. Karangu relished every minute of it. From time to time Teridax would send him to spy upon other Makuta, disguised as a Matoran. Here his talents for deception shined.

When Teridax rebelled against Miserix, Karangu joined his master at once, not out of loyalty, but because Teridax offered him exactly what he wanted: destruction. For most of the time between this and the Great Cataclysm, Karangu developed his powers and researched the ancient artifacts of the Matoran Universe. Teridax had promised that he would lead an assault upon the Southern Islands after Mata Nui was cast into his slumber. When that time came, the brotherhood received a request for help from the shattered fragments of the Scardon Empire, the former rulers of the Southern Islands, to aid them in rebuilding their nation. With Teridax out of the picture for the time being (he was currently trapped in a Toa seal) Icarax sent Karangu to investigate the Scardon's plight and to take advantage of the situation as he saw fit. Hiring a Dark Hunter to accompany him, the Makuta set off for what he thought would be an easy task. He was never heard from again...

The MOC itself is a rather simple titan.

The wings in this position give him a devilish aesthetic, if I do say so myself.

This is my contribution to the Brotherhood of Makuta project which @Gilahu started. Please support this good work :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: The name has been changed so that it no longer sounds like two English words jammed together. Lehari, head of the RSG (and one of three I know capable of holding a conversation in Matoran) has given the name Karangu as it means “The Final Barrier”.


Those wings are... no.
Needs more red at the top.
Those feet are hideous.

7/10, kinda messy

Yeah, wings have never been my strongest suit.

Preposterous! He needs more red on the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

But they keep him steady.

It's too late! Filming has already started and I can change nothing!

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Those wings are fantastic, needs less red on the top, and those feet are fantastic.

10/7, not messy.

To those who don't know: I like to make a hobby of opposing opinions.


ugh, that torso...

no offence intended but that looks lazy and bad.

the upper leg looks pretty alright. I would, assuming you're able to, swap the blue for green, it will be less, spider-kuta-y.

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moc rating is a 69.420/10

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This is literally my first titan, so hopefully my building has improved. So I agree with this.

It's too late! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, let's see:

  • he looks like G1, even with the CCBS parts and that is a thing I appreciate
  • interesting use of the Exo Force robots as hands
  • legs look solid and up to the task of supporting him
  • the feet could do with shorter toes, but I can live with what you did here
  • in my opinion the wings look rather awkward, folded like this, also the attachment to the torso could probably be done better
  • while the colour scheme is spread well on the legs, I think the upper body has too much black, I think especially the arms could have been done in a different colour, to make the upper torso fit better in, you would probably need to do a custom one

But overall he doesn't look too bad, and I really like the story. If anything, that justifies him as an legitimate entry to the Brotherhood Project.

(I'm beginning to feel, that the Avsa is becoming the new favorite mask for Makuta - there are already three MOCs using it (though once it is the noble one, if I remember correctly) and I know of two more MOCs that will probably use it ... interesting)

Anyways, thanks for participating! I'll link this MOC on the list.


Well, this is also my only actual Makuta mask from 2008, not counting Bitil's head :stuck_out_tongue:

He looks pretty good, but his feet are tiny.

The funny thing here is I probably had mine built before an other user, but I have't found a good place to take photos...